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San Diego’s KnuEdge, Stealthy Since 2005, Unveils Neural Tech


KnuEdge says its software makes the security of human voice-based biometrics possible in noisy, real-world environments.

How to Avoid a Common Product Mistake Many Teams Make

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I’ve been involved with technology product design in one form or another for nearly 25 years and seen one mistake consistently repeated.

Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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So I ask you – if you’re being reactive to somebody else’s emails are you really being as productive in your company as you could be?

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Synthetic Genomics Creates Host Organism Optimized for Bio Industry


Privately held Synthetic Genomics was founded in 2005 by the human genome pioneer J. coli as a host organism. Scientists have used E.

Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

Tech Zulu Event has provided a platform since 2005 for indie producers, distributors and advertisers to provide viewers with this kind of content.

FamilyFinds Launches DailyFinds Email


Matt Coffin sold his last firm,, to Experian back in 2005 for over $330M. READ MORE>>.

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How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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So when Sam Rosen came to me with the idea of disrupting storage with a product that is priced cheaper than existing incumbents and he could build a product that is a better service I was intrigued. The metrics were good but we wondered how much better they would be when we expanded our product. Market Size. Market Structure.

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7 Keys to Using Your Network to Test Your Product

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The testing process should be a win-win for developer and tester alike.  “Hey, can you test our product?” Thorough. Existent.

After 20 years: Updating the Berkus Method of valuation


Well, it had to happen.  But a lot of time has passed since then. Today, for me, that hurdle number is $20 million. The Method should allow for this.

Steve Blank Discusses The Origin And Future Of The Lean Startup Movement


He is credited with pioneering the Lean Startup Movement in 2005 via the publication of his bestselling, Four Steps To The Epiphany.

When Should You Allow Exclusivity in Deals?

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Before weighing in on the subject I would point out one thing that should be obvious to many of you – the iPhone was originally launched in 2007 in an exclusive partnership with AT&T and this was vital to both Apple and AT&T and was a hard negotiation throughout 2005 and 2006. Excite, MSN and eventually Google. ” 3.

TZ Presents 2013 Startup Forecast

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TechZulu is excited to invite you to the 2013 Startup and Entrepreneurial Forecast taking place on Thursday Jan. 24 7pm at  The ROC  in Santa Monica.

Riding Moonshot, FDA Will Revamp Its Cancer Practice. To What End?


But to what end? The goals of the FDA’s new Oncology Center of Excellence remain vague, as does its structure.

Why Taking Some Risks in the Sales Process Can Improve Results

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In this post I advocate taking a harder stand on where your product or solution differentiates in the market – even if it means you lose some deals as a result. There was a meme that started going around LPs around 2005 that “I’m not sure LA is really its own venture market” and some LPs actually believed that.

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3D Printing Redux: How Idealab's New Matter Wants To Bring 3D To The Masses


How far from shipping product are you? Since then, we''ve been very busy staffing up the company, finishing our product, and getting it into production, and also have raised a Series A funding. At this point, we''re in the process of bringing our factory online in Asia, and expect to be shipping product over this summer.

How Open Should a Startup CEO be with Staff?

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We funded one in 2005 and lost a lot of money. How can you show “traction” on a product that just launched? CEO transparency. It

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MindTouch Picks Up $12M For Customer Self Service Software


MindTouch, which was founded by Steve Bjorg and Aaron Fulkerson back in 2005, said the funding will go to increase its integration with software such as Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle, and grow its marketing, business development, sales, and engineering teams. The funding came from PeakSpan Capital, along with SK Ventures and SAP SE.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Still Love Microsoft

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We’ve all become so used to having Microsoft in our lives that we’ve started to take their products and services for granted. came out in 1985.

Interview: Isaac Garcia of Central Desktop


Central Desktop was founded in 2005 to provide an easy-to-use, SaaS collaboration solution to the SMB market. For exact quotes, watch the video.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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first met Ethan in 2005. I was preparing to move back to the US from London after 11 years abroad. And we wanted a head of global marketing.

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Snapchat Sued Over Electronic Messaging Patents


Snap Inc), and cites a number of patents which were granted to Vaporstream in July of 2005 for Vaporstream's secure messaging products. Venice, California-based Snap, Inc. , the parent company of Snapchat , has been sued in a patent infringement suit, by a company called Vaporstream. READ MORE>>.

How Addroid Is Hoping To Solve The Ad Industry's Flash Problem, with Matt Cooper


Matt Cooper: It was a classic, scratch-your-own-itch product. started a company, Neoganda, in the digital advertising area in 2005.


Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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Platform cloud players like provide compute resources so that third parties can build applications that integrate with its core product.

StoryBots And The Future of Learning,With Gregg Spiridellis, JibJab


Our product is called Starring You, which lets oyu put yourself into any video we create. So, we launched JibJab eCards. Thanks! READ MORE>>.

TVSync’s Open API Uses Video and Audio Recognition Across All Four Screens

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TVSync’s parent company Voible , has provided fingerprint protection technology to most major movie studios and TV networks since 2005.

Interview with Steve Jillings, TeleSign


They started in January of 2005. One was for our PhoneID product, which is extremely important to us. It's been unbelievable.

3-D Image Firm Gets Flattened

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Imaging3’s then-bright promise was based on one product – a medical scanner that was supposed to create 3-D images of the human body. Its argument to the FDA was that several existing similar products by competitors were classified that way, but the FDA didn’t buy the reasoning. Blog News Product/TechnologyBy   ALFRED LEE.

Veteran LA law firm opens a Silicon Beach office and launches a pro-bono “Precelerator”

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Products. Follow PandoDaily: Search. Main menu. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Deals. People. Culture. PandoList. Events.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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raised money as an entrepreneur, like you, in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005 for two different companies. Raising money is hard. Call high.

Morphlabs Raises $5M


Manhattan Beach-based Morphlabs , the developer of cloud computing products headed by Winston Damarillo, announced this morning that it has raised $5M in a Series C funding round. Morphlabs develops products used to manage the deployment of cloud-based infrastructure. READ MORE>>. morphlabs venture capital cloud computing appliance

Gene Dolgoff's 3D Vision: Using Crowdfunding To Turn the World 3D


Because we want to get into production, marketing, and sales, right now we're listing on Tell us about your project? Thanks!

Flipagram: Using Photos And Music To Create A Viral Machine, with Farhad Mohit


Farhad Mohit: As you know, Bizrate spawned Shopzilla, which took us from 2000 to 2005. One, is you need to simplify the product.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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And Wikipedia is deflationary meaning it takes the costs of production to almost zero. Let me explain. Storage. million in our A round.

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Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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And thats not even counting MySpace, which Rupert Murdoch famously paid $580 million for in 2005. Be extra productive. What makes L.A.

StoryBots And The Future of Learning,With Gregg Spiradellis, JibJab


Our product is called Starring You, which lets oyu put yourself into any video we create. So, we launched JibJab eCards. Thanks! READ MORE>>.

Ten Tech Entrepreneurs Who Are Putting LA on the Map

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Products. Coffin sold in 2005 for 300 million and took that money into the Los Angeles startup sector. Main menu. Deals.

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Want to know why charging $12 / year converts higher than $9.99?

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Your goal is to increase the top end of the funnel (more people using the free product) and increase the rate of conversion to paid.

REACH | Disruptive Technologies Impacting the Future of Gaming [Live]

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Scot has 15+ years experience developing product integration and interactive campaigns for major sports, entertainment and consumer brands.

How Frequency Wants To Bring You Internet Video, with Blair Harrison


We have a browser-based product, and an iPad app that's gotten an enormous amount of critical acclaim and user adoption. What is Frequency?

Google Cleaning Out Their Closets

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The giant search engine is set to end less used products or combining a number of them into more resourceful ones.