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The Yo-Yo Life of a Tech Entrepreneur – A Cautionary Tale

Both Sides of the Table

Except that after the acquisition required that I commute more than an hour each way from Palo Alto to San Francisco. Good luck.

Qualcomm Backs Biometrics Sensor Firm


San Diego-based Qualcomm Ventures , the venture capital arm of Qualcomm, is continuing to back biometric fingerprint sensor maker Validity in its latest funding round. Qualcomm has been an investor in Validity since before 2006. Validity is based in San Jose.

DexCom Names COO, CTO


San Diego-based DexCom , a developer of continuous glucose monitoring systems, said today that it has named Steven R. Pacelli has been Chief Administrative Officer of the firm since December of 2008, and has been at the firm since April 2006. Pacelli as its Chief Operating Officer, and Jorge Valdes as Chief Technology Officer.


Enterprise Partners Portfolio Firm Heads Towards IPO


One of the portfolio firms of San Diego venture capital firm Enterprise Partners is heading towards an IPO, according to a S-1 filing Friday. Enterprise has been an investor in Complete Genomics since 2006, when it was a Series A investor in the firm.

Interview with Quinn Curtis, BrightCloud


Quinn Curtis: We were around since 2005, we were incorporated and funded in 2006. How big was the team in San Diego? Thanks!

Interview with Curtis Staker and William Goldbach, Confident Technologies


We spoke with Curtis, along with William Goldbach , Executive Vice President at the firm, about the company. Let's start with the products.

This Week in VC with Farb Nivi, Founder of Grockit

Both Sides of the Table

Founded in 2009 in San Francisco by David Soloff (ex-Lead Architect of Rapt, which was sold to MSFT in 2008). Farb talks about how he did that. 

Interview with Marc Averitt and Sharon Stevenson, Okapi Ventures


We actually went and calculated our returns, and lo and behold, according to Cambridge and Associates, we're in the top decile for the 2006 vintage of venture funds. We're starting to see some very innovative product ideas out of places like Caltech, USC, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, and the like. Nice chatting with you today!

Decoding the Secret of iPhone Game Popularity, With William Volk, Playscreen


William is in San Diego, and is a longtime gaming vet, having been at Activision in the days of The Manhole and Myst. That's the truth.

Interview with Jim Carol,


However, in 2006, my own son got cancer, and I was thrown into the sad state of affairs that goes into that. It has just exploded. Thanks!

63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

SoCal Delicious

Otis Chandler  built Goodreads in 2006 because he believed in social networking and wanted to see what his friends were reading. San Francisco.

Lindzon Gets Exit At Lifelock


Prolific San Diego angel investor Howard Lindzon , who runs StockTwits , has scored a big exit at one of his portfolio companies, LifeLock , after the firm had its IPO this morning. Lindzon said it was an early angel investor in the company, and made his investment in 2006 at "well under a $10M valuation". READ MORE>>.

Interview with Cliff Boro, KidZui


Our best known and first product was the KidZui browser, which we started as a paid service, went freemium, and went entirely free in October of 2010.

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