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CarsDirect Targets Former Chrysler, GM Dealers


El Segundo-based CarsDirect , the online automotive shopping and information site owned by Internet Brands, said Thursday that the firm will offer free online used car inventory listings to the unfortunate Chrysler and General Motors franchise dealers who were recently terminated by those auto brands. READ MORE>>.

Interview with Greg Brogger, SharesPost


We co-founded Zag together, and I was the COO of CarsDirect. Yesterday, Santa Monica-based SharesPost ( launched a new service of particular interest to the venture capital and high tech startup market, a new, online service which facilitates the buying and selling of private company stock. Explain how your service works?

SharesPost Launches Private Equity Marketplace


SharesPost was founded by Greg Brogger; the firm is one of the companies incubated by Scott Painter and his BrightHouse incubator; Painter is the former CEO of CarsDirect, currently founder at Zag, and has been quietly helping to fundraise and incubate a number of local startups through BrightHouse. READ MORE>>.

Zag: "Strongest Sales So far This Year"


Painter was previously CEO of CarsDirect, and is now involved with such firms as TrueCar and SharesPost. READ MORE>>.

Interview with Jose daVeiga, KlickSports


started as a tester, but in six months, I had risen to assistant project manager at CarsDirect. What's the idea behind Klicksports? Thanks!

Want to Start a Technology Company in LA?

Both Sides of the Table

Scott Painter , founder of CarsDirect has created two new generation LA startups (Zag and TrueCar, both backed by GRP Partners). Los Angeles.