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Broadcom Wins Emulex Patent Lawsuit


Emulex had not issued any statements about the patent suit as of early this morning. READ MORE>>.

How to Deal with Skeletons in your Closet

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company has just filed suit against you for product patent infringement (obviously more serious).

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Nomadix, HP Settle Patent Suit


Agoura Hills-based Nomadix said today that it has settled a patent infringement case it had filed against HP , covering the Nomadix patent portfolio. According to Nomadix, the settlement includes a license to HP for key portions of its patent portfolio. nomadix patent legeal lawsuit intellectual property internet access docomo

Emulex In Patent Cross License With IBM


Costa Mesa-based Emulex announced today that the firm has signed a multi-year, cross licensing patent deal with IBM. According to Emulex, the deal covers integrating the firm's OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapter architecture with IBM's platforms, including its IBM System p, System x, and BladeCenter products. READ MORE>>.

iRise Settles Patent Suit


iRise had sued Axure in June of 2008 over patent infringement. The firm said the that the U.S. READ MORE>>.

Allergan Wins Patent Suit


Irvine-based Allergan is reporting this morning that it has won a patent infringement case against Exela PharmSci, Inc., Allergan said the court has ruled that all five patents owned by Allergan are valid and enforceable. The win means that those firms will have to wait until 2022 for approval of their generic products.

Dot Hill Gets Two Patents


Carlsbad-based Dot Hill Systems , a developer of enterprise storage systems, disclosed today that the firm has landed two patents covering its products. The firm said the patent include U.S. Patent 7,558,897 and U.S. Patent 7,558,981, both of which were granted to the firm by the USPTO on July 7th.

AeroVironment Receives Electric Vehicle Patent


Monrovia-based AeroVironment disclosed today that the firm has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. AeroVironment said the patent covers charging technology for battery packs and electric vehicles. AeroVironment's products include fast charge systems for electric vehicles.

VIZIO In Patent Setback


According to Funai, President Obama has decided not to overrule an ITC order which found that VIZIO violated Funai patents. Funai claimed in a statement that the lack of action from Obama means that Vizio and its associates have been barred from importing and selling infringing digital television products in the U.S.

OC Firm On Patent Offensive


An Orange County firm, SpeedTrack , has targeted, Best Buy, Dell, Costco, The Home Depot, and a slew of other firms over a patent the firm said is being infringed upon by the companies. According to SpeedTrack, the patent--U.S. Patent No. The company is seeking damages for the patent infringement.

Networks In Motion Gets Patent


Aliso Viejo-based Networks In Motion , which develops wireless navigation software, announced Tuesday that the firm has scored a new patent on its technology. The firm said the patent covers technology used to keep its online director of businesses and entertainment venues up to date. Tags: patent motion networks wireless

CEIVA Logic Claims Patent Win


Burbank-based CEIVA Logic , a developer of Internet-connected, digital photo frames, said this week that a Los Angeles Federal District Court has ruled that competitor Frame Media's products infringe on one of its patents, relating to its digital photo sharing system. Patent, No., 65,442,573, owned by the company. READ MORE>>.

InTouch Technologies Settles Patent Suit


over the firm's patents. According to InTouch Technologies, HeadThere has agreed to cease its alleged infringing activities--including promotion and sale of its products in the US--and both companies will release each other from liability related to the litigation. patents, for products to be sold outside the United States.

Irvine Sensors Gains $9.5M In Patent Sale


Costa Mesa-based Irvine Sensors reports this morning that it will gain $9.5M in cash in a deal to sell most of its patents and patent applications. According to Irvine Sensors, the deal--originally announced in December--calls for its to sell the patents to Aprolase Development Co., Tags: aprolase patent sensors irvine

Nomadix Wins $3.3M In Patent Ruling


Newbury Park-based Nomadix , a provider of wireless technology, revealed this morning that it has received $3.3M in a patent enforcement action against Second Rule LLC. Nomadix and DOCOMO said that the injunction prevents Second Rule from manufacturing, selling, importing, exporting, and tranferring its product.

Power-One Inks Patent Deal With Texas Instruments


Camarillo-based Power-One , a developer of power supplies and other power conversion products, said today that the firm has agreed to license its digital power technology patents to Texas Instruments. Tags: powerone power-one power supply hardware equipment patent license legal READ MORE>>.

Irvine Firm Goes On Patent Offensive


Irvine-based Uniloc USA , a firm which develops anti-fraud technology based on physical device recognition, said this morning that it has filed a patent infringement suit against Sony America, McAfee, Activision, Quark, Aspyr Media, and Borland Software. Tags: uniloc patent infringement physical security fraud legal

Roping in the Legal Eagles


Just as you would not ask your family physician to perform a coronary bypass, do not ask your corporate lawyer to help you write your patent application. However, you should seek a patent attorney when it is time to craft your patent application. Just like the phone, our remote access product was simply a tool.

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Retro: My Favorite Blog Post on Raising VC

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There was no viral social networking products back then like Twitter where people could easily discover your content.  It seemed that the main discovery mechanism was the “blog roll&# that everybody kept.  It was sort of like Twitter’s list of who you follow but much, much smaller.  Free product. start in with the product.

Startup Business Model Considerations


Team – higher requirements for caliber of team members Product – focus on truly differentiated and not me-too Market – is it really big enough to provide investor returns** Traction – need more users, partners, patents, etc Timing – are you building for yesterday or 2 yrs from now? How’s that for duality.


Illumina Sues Affymetrix


The patent in question in the suite is U.S. patent number 7,510,841. Illumina is also looking for unspecified monetary damages.

Illumina Countersues Life Technologies


San Diego-based life sciences firm Illumina reports today that it has countersued Life Technologies , after Life and Applied Biosystems sued the firm in September over patent infringement. Illumina said that it has denied the allegations of patent infringement, and sued Life and Applied Biosystems over its own patents.

Broadcom, CSR Settle Lawsuits


The settlement puts to bed a lawsuit which has been ongoing since December of 2006, when SiRF sued Global Locate over GPS technology patents.

Emulex Licenses Technology From Alacritech


Costa Mesa-based Emulex , a developer of storage networking products, said today that it has signed a deal with Alacritech, a developer of TCP/IP offload technology, which will give it access to Alacritech's patent portfolio. Tags: emulex alacritech tcpip offload patent license READ MORE>>.

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VIZIO Sues LG Electronics


Irvine-based VIZIO , a maker of HDTVs and other consumer electronics, said late Friday that the firm has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Korean electronics firm LG Electronics. Tags: hdtv legal lawsuit patent electronics vizio

We’re Asking the Wrong Questions

Ask the Angels

Since there is a fundamental difference between a trade sale based on inherent revenue and profit generation from one based on exploiting an underlying patent or other form of IP, these are critical to an evaluation of whether the venture can be prepared for sale. Only then can we deal with the other criteria.

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Nomadix Debuts New Wi-Fi Hotspot


Agoura Hills-based Nomadix , the developer of wireless gateways, said Tuesday that it has launched a new product, a all-in-one Wi-Fi hotspot and Internet gateway. The firm announced a patent licensing win with HP back in November of 2012, and in the last year started into more product, versus patent, announcements.

Aperio Sues Olympus, Hamamatsu


Vista-based Aperio Technologies , which develops digital pathology products for the healthcare and life sciences industries, is reporting that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Olympus America, Inc., patents. Olympus America is the distributor for the product.

Interview with Jose daVeiga, KlickSports


When we got funded, we worked harder to put together a product which was longer lasting, and not just a beta attempt like what we had done before.

Kyocera, SPH Halt Legal Battle


SPH and Kyocera were engaged in a patent lawsuit battle over technology used in Kyocera's cell phone products. Tags: kyocera america wireless cell phone legal patent lawsuit San Diego-based Kyocera , including Kyocera Corp, Kyocera Wireless Corp, and Kyocera Communications Inc. Civil Action No. 08-CV-2146, Kyocera Wireless Corp.

Interview with Woolas Hsieh and Dina Lozofsky, Solarmer Energy


We're doing our development in El Monte, and we think we'll be operational by the beginning of next year, and full scale by the end of 2010, with product launch in 2011. About a year later, we recognized that it was very important to also have the patent, and Dina joined us. We hopefully will have our first production year in 2011.

Interview with Steve Pelletier, FatTail


At the time, the firm was working on--but not talking about-- their next generation product, which the company announced yesterday. We spoke to Steve Pelletier , the firm's Founder and CEO, about the new product: Tell us a little bit about your new product? We've created a patent pending technology called Autobuild.

Intellectual Property Workshop for Techies by IEEE

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, March 7, 2009 -- Intellectual Property Workshop for Techies by IEEE. At this workshop, Intellectual Property attorneys will present on Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Non-Disclosure Agreements. The workshop will include case studies on how these subjects are utilized to protect actual products or services.

Emulex Wins IBM


Costa Mesa-based Emulex is reporting today that its productings--including its 10Gb/s Ethernet Network Interface Cards and 16Gb/s Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters--have been selected by IBM for its IBM Power Systems product line. The two announced a patent licensing deal in August, along with a design win in IBM's BladeCenter servers.

M86 Security Buys Finjan


According to M86 Security, the deal includes Finjan's global operations, products, and technology. M86 also said it has acquired a license to Finjan's patents. Orange-based M86 Security , a developer of web security tools, said today that it has acquired Finjan , a developer of secure Web gateways. Finjan is based in Netanya, Israel.

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Interview with Mike Neshat, RFaxis


Semiconductor startups seem to be quite rare in today's environment, with few companies being funded or launched, due both to the difficulty of bringing products to market, lack of investment capital, as well as lots of established, large companies in the industry. There is no other product like it out there. Ghz wireless market.

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