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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc. Berkonomics , November 29, 2010 Rice Alliance IT/Web 2.0 Forum December 9th Lineup - Startup Houston , November 27, 2010 When to step on the gas and go for it? First Principles.

Colony Logic: Helping The Enterprise Overcome Legacy Systems


Ultimately, we also offer up all the analytics to help them make better decisions for their business. What is Colony Logic? How do you do that?

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How to Ask for Help, Favors and Intros

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It brought up a broader point for me, though.  In today’s era we’re all asked for help, favors or introductions all of the time.

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Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You

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Perhaps the best they can do is to help fund their successors. So the startups tend to focus on totally new customers. So what did happen?

Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders?

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Privately some early-stage VC’s talk about participation helping them to “juice their returns&# on smaller exits. turned them down.

Life is 10% How You Make It and 90% How you Take It

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Startups are hard. When you read the press you only read the glamorous bits. Whether you choose to be happy or not is up to you. And somehow Michael J.

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Don’t be a Grin Fucker

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And he was one of those guys that you meet and you just want to help because he’s so earnest and nice. You helped me and I am grateful.

Launch to the Moon 2010, MIW style!

Eric Greenspan

Yesterday, Make It Work got together at our partner South Bay Mini’s offices to discuss our achievements, our challenges and our future.

Startup CTO or Developer


Rather they should get a part-time Acting CTO who can help close the gap. Of course, I have an advantage because I organize the LA CTO Forum.

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Be Careful not to Become a Conference Ho

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You know the type. You see them on Twitter, Facebook or Plancast plotting out their next 12 conference. Look at me!  I’m in Spain! Bullshit.

Startup Sales – Why Hiring Seasoned Reps May Not Work

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They need to hear how you position your company and how your products will help the customers. Here is my recommended approach. 1.

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How to Not Suck at a Group Presentation

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Help us to get to know him or her. Connecting to a trainer helps keep you in line. Show some energy! You’re on stage! Rahul and Co.

Journeymen, Mavericks & Superstars: Understanding Salespeople at Startups

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Thank you to the lovely Jacqui for helping me with the Balsamiq mockup graphic.  Here’s mine: Let me start with a few biases. Enough said.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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Let me explain. One obvious example is the OSI model in which we have seven layers ranging from the physical layer at the bottom of the stack (e.g.

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How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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Your contractor wrote a great V1 of the product and it helped you get angel funding.  the link is here. Here’s a hack for you. 

How to Run Better Presentations & Improve Results

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I sit through a lot of presentations.  It’s usually people wanting to raise money and/or persuade me of something. Most of them sucked. Aaargh.

The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams are Less Effective

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Been there. There reality is that a certain magic that happens when you’re in person is critical in a startup. And it doesn’t stop there.

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

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And the company that helped websites publish RSS? It surprises me how many really smart people I meet still doubt the power of Twitter. Twitter.

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Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

Tech Zulu Event

That’s how social can help build customer lifetime value.”. Companies want to see their social media investment drive sales.”

Why You Should Make Your Competitors Your Frenemies

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But forget talking about them, how should you actually treat your competitors? When Enemies are Good. 1. Software. Software, software, software.

Dealflicks Help Theaters Fill Their Seats Last Minute

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UCB Economics 2010 summa cum laude. The post Dealflicks Help Theaters Fill Their Seats Last Minute appeared first on TechZulu. How much?

US Economic Risks (Sept 2010): Impact on Investors & Entrepreneurs

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between June and July 2010 (and 25% from a year ago).  raise money now to weather any storms). VCs get paid to “put money to work.&#.

Caution 2.0


Oh, and if you want a bit more help on bathrooms for engineers, the following video probably will help (go to 2:32

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Bring Me Solutions, Not Problems (I know you think you know this, but …)

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I recently wrote a post on how to ask for help or favors from people. that would certainly help also. You think you have problems?

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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They’re the ones who can help you identify customers that have a need for your product. They help prospect deals together. Period.

The Future of Television & The Digital Living Room

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Google balances the universe and helps all of the hardware, software and media companies ensure it isn’t a “one horse race.&#.

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It’s Better to Beg for Forgiveness than to Ask for Permission

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But since I was there I might as well stay for the week and get some work done helping them. Both Tyler & I are Nihon -files. Absolutely!

My Life as a CEO (and VC): Chief Psychologist

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Both are basically people businesses. Recruits, hires, and retains the very best talent for the company. If you fail, you need to start all over.

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Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

Take the time to introduce people that might be able to work together, are looking for jobs, or could be co-founders.   By positioning yourself as a connector at meet-ups you’ll find your professional/social credibility climbing steadily. • Do Favors for Others : the law of reciprocity dictates that people want to help other who help them.

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The Right Way to Cancel a Meeting

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Not fun, but a reality. And people reschedule meetings with me on a regular basis, too.  If done correctly I never have any problem with it at all.

GreenNurture: Help Make Your Company More Sustainable

Tech Zulu Event

GreenNurture is the maker of an application that helps employees contribute to the sustainability for their employers. What do you think?

Is Convertible Debt Preferable to Equity?

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In frothy markets (like we’re seeing in August 2010) this happens more frequently. “Convertible notes have won.

People Management: Startup Teams Should Dip but not Skip

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This is invaluable in helping the management team. But as a CEO you can’t rely solely on this information. Attention to detail matters. 2.

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App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

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Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely. I was living in Europe in 2000 when the first WAP phones (Wireless Access Protocol) were introduced. Enter Apple.

What Mattered In 2010: David Cremin, DFJ Frontier


In your opinion, what events, companies, or people made the biggest impact on the technology world in 2010? READ MORE>>.

Please Help My Friend Colin Recover His Kidnapped Children #noorramsay

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Colin is being supported by his Senator John Kerry and has received help from Vice President Biden and Attorney General, Eric Holder.


Scaling Sales: Arming & Aiming – Objection Handling

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This is part of a series on sales & marketing. The original post of this article on appeared on GigaOm in a more concise version here. Whatever.

How to Manage Employees When They Make Mistakes

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Help them plan the new rules / process to ensure the mistake isn’t repeated – Be a problem solver. Mostly. Not with a yell.

Marketing Trends for 2010 - And What to Do About Them

Cliff Allen on Marketing

Big marketing trends for 2010. Marketing trend opportunities for 2010. Changes in how customers make purchase decisions.

6 Tips for Building Relationships with Journalists

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The more she got to know more the more she called me for help with stories. Robert’s article is worth reading. Total waste. 2.

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