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How Laudville Is Bringing Your Entertainment Life Together


We''re now in beta, and are incorporating services like iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu, and will be incorporating more (this) year. Phoebe B.

The Power of Torso TV (Why Media is Racing to the Middle)

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Chris Anderson wrote a really influential book some years ago called “ The Long Tail ” that shaped how many people think about emerging Internet markets. The book profiles markets like those for books. Now as an author you can actually publish and be able to sell only a thousand books. Why is that? The Torso.

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How I Use Visualization to Drive Creativity

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All are known creativity drivers and are covered in the book mentioned above. Really. Almost all business success relies on creativity. Always.

The Case for In-Stream Advertising

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The topic of whether in-stream advertising has heated up.  I just read well written pieces on the topic by Ross Kimbarovsky , Robert Scoble , Paul Carr and the NY Times.  I myself recently covered the topic when I spoke about why GRP Partners invested in John Batelle profiles this well in his book The Search.  Why not?  Why not?

Why Hulu is the OPEC of Online Video

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The formation of Hulu was defensive – designed to stop another YouTube or Napster from emerging and causing disruption to the TV industry.