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On the surface this person is losing efficiency but in the long-run the gains for direction setting are huge. They’re tasked with doing … marketing.

Silicon Beach Report Feb. 20: Whatsapp Updates with Snapchat-Like Vanishing Content

L.A. Business Journal

WhatsApp updates with Snapchat-like vanishing content, SpaceX lands its latest Falcon 9 rocket booster, media buying on Snapchat confuses advertisers, and more

Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years

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Mark Cuban opened the Upfront Summit in an epic interview by Jason Hirschhorn , founder of Media REDEF. 20 years ago there were 9,000 public companies.

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Soraa Deploys In UK Museum


Soraa , the developer of Gallium Nitride (GaN) LED lighting technology, based on research out of UC Santa Barbara, has deployed its products at a museum in the United Kingdom. Soraa said its lighting systems are now being used at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, which the company says is the world's oldest public museum. READ MORE>>.

The Steps Farmgirl Flowers Took to Succeed in an Established Market


Finding a business opportunity is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. We’re saturated with companies specializing in almost every business opportunity. For this reason, new entrepreneurs are left wondering how they can start up a business and compete with already established enterprises. Finding an Opportunity in the Flower Market.

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The HomeFinder Group, Led By RealtyTrac Vet, Acquires


Irvine-based The HomeFinder Group , led by RealtyTrac veteran Michael Sawtell, has acquired Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Newly formed The HomeFinder Group (THG) says it will focus on lead quality and conversion for brokers, agents and mortgage lenders through its own consumer facing web sites. READ MORE>>.

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Doppels Is the Birthday Matching App You’re Going to Love


And while this has been the standard for years, one startup is hoping to personalize the birthday wishes even more. How great is that?! The Star-Match.

Snap Inc. Files for $3 Billion IPO; Discloses 158 Million Daily Active Users

L.A. Business Journal

Snap Inc., parent company of ephemeral photo-sharing and messaging app Snapchat, has made public its $3 billion initial public offering of its stock on the New York Stock Exchange

With “Go,” Amazon Identifies Another Job It Can Do Better


Early last year, I “fired” talk radio along with NPR’s morning and evening editions. That same day, I “hired” Amazon Audible as my commute companion. It wasn’t a difficult decision. Read more » Reprints | Share: UNDERWRITERS AND PARTNERS.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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BuzzFeed. Some, of course, agree with me that BuzzFeed has been and continues to be the gold standard innovator in digital media to emulate.

Ranker Sees Growth, Doubles Staff


Los Angeles-based Ranker said today that it has grown its revenue 115 percent year over year, and doubled its staff. The company did not release any actual financials behind the growth. The company led by CEO Clark Benson, says the company now has a "healthy 8-figure" in revenues. READ MORE>>.

EnumSet and EnumMap


This article discusses java.util.EnumSet. and java.util.EnumMap. from Java's standard libraries. What are they? When should they be used? Could the implementations be improved? Could the APIs be improved? Conclusion. What are they? EnumSet. and EnumMap are compact, efficient implementations of the Set and Map interfaces. Rejects null elements.

U.S Dept. of Commerce Grants $500,000 to Cal State L.A. For Bioscience Bootcamp.

L.A. Business Journal

The U.S. Department of Commerce granted nearly $500,000 to California State University, Los Angeles and its partners, the Biocom Institute and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), to fund the creation of a bootcamp for bioscientists in the region

Biotech Leaders Sign Letter Condemning Trump’s Travel Ban


The blowback from U.S. business leaders to President Trump’s travel ban continues—today from a throng of biotech executives. This morning, 165 U.S. biotech leaders have signed a letter voicing “deep concern and opposition” to the order, which bars entry to the U.S. to refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. The Jan.

How Glenn Beck Won the Audience Over at the Upfront Summit

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This is a seriously well written & thoughtful article by @glennbeck - I have to say "hats off" Please watch.


Snap Files For IPO


Venice, California-based Snap Inc. , the parent company of Snapchat , has filed for its much anticipated IPO, saying in a filing late Thursday that it is looking to raise up to $3.0 billion in an IPO offering on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol SNAP. The IPO is being underwritten by Morgan Stanley, Goldman, Sachs & Co., J. P.

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StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Workshop

SoCal Tech Calendar

Monday, February 27, 2017 -- StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Workshop. StartEngine is organizing the first equity crowdfunding one day free workshop for companies to go live the same day. The workshop provides all of these services at no cost. The idea of a same day go live workshop is helpful for entrepreneurs who are very busy.

Silicon Beach Report Feb. 14: Mattel Partners with Alibaba to Develop Toys for China

L.A. Business Journal

Mattel partners with Alibaba to develop toys for China, PewDiePie original YouTube show canceled following anti-Semitic comments, and ZestFinance launches service to rate credit for millennials without borrowing history

Kentucky Biotech CEO’s Message For McConnell: I’ll Be Muslim, Too


President Trump’s order to bar refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries is on temporary hold, and a court hearing later today could eventually force a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Senate. He also wrote that if the Trump administration expanded its policies to include a registry of Muslims, he.

Why Was Winter in Venture Capital Funding so Short?

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Yet as we enter February 2017 the VC funding markets are booming, Snap, Inc has filed for its IPO, AppDynamics was just purchased for $3.7 Ok, Suster.

Netwrix Gets Series A Funding


Irvine-based Netwrix , a developer of hybrid cloud security software, has received a Series A funding round, the company said Tuesday. Size of the round was not announced. The funding was led by Updata Partners. Netwrix, led by Michael Fimin, said the funding will go towards product development and growth. READ MORE>>.

Technology Startups go to the Movies

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, February 25, 2017 -- Technology Startups go to the Movies: Opportunities and Hurdles for Selling New Technologies into the Motion Picture Industry! Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum. Southern California is still the home of Hollywood - the symbolic name for the motion picture industry - but that industry has changed dramatically in recent years.

Silicon Beach Report Feb. 16: Tinder Acquires Snapchat-Like App Wheel

L.A. Business Journal

Tinder acquires Snapchat-like app Wheel, Snap Inc. aims to raise as much as $3.2 billion in IPO, and Disney’s Maker Studios is eyeing layoffs

Bio Roundup: Travel Ban, Pharma in D.C., Biogen Splits, PCSK9 Wins


Folks had just clocked out last Friday when the Trump Administration announced a travel ban that threw airports around the country into chaos.

Ryan Blair, HashtagOne: From Gang Member, To Entrepreneur, To Anti-VC


He eventually founded and sold consumer health firm ViSalus to a public company and is now back making investments, in technology companies, as a venture capitalist here at Los Angeles-based HashtagOne ( Tell us a bit of the story on how you started HashtagOne? After we sold it to that public company, I founded HashtagOne.

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Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum - Entertainment

SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, February 25, 2017 -- Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum - Entertainment. Southern California is still the home of Hollywood -- the symbolic name for the motion picture industry, but that industry has changed dramatically in recent years. See aff=es2.

Insurer UHC Will Cover Biogen Spine Drug, But With Limits And Proof


Another major U.S. Read more » Reprints | Share: UNDERWRITERS AND PARTNERS.

Fred Wilson and Andy Weissman Talk with Lindel Eakman about Transitioning Leadership at a VC Fund

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Fred & Brad aren’t leaving but wanted Andy & Albert to take over management. And so it goes. Maybe that’s USV, too. startup venture-capital

Southern California Biotech Execs Take Stand Against Immigration Order


A long list of executives in Southern California have joined in a joint statement , published in Nature on Tuesday, which call the Presidential Immigration order a "misguided policy", and complained the move gave a message that "America is no longer welcoming of any immigrants, whatsoever." READ MORE>>.

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Teradata Data Science Distinguished Speaker Series

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, February 23, 2017 -- Teradata Data Science Distinguished Speaker Series. Join Tech San Diego as we welcome Ramkumar Ravichandran, VISA. Ram has a track record of driving impact enabling effective data science decision-making, strategy formulation and execution. See

Silicon Beach Report Feb. 15: Fika Ventures Raises $40 Million Seed Fund

L.A. Business Journal

Fika Ventures raises $40 million seed fund, Musk posts tweet opposing Muslim ban, then deletes it, Imax opens flagship virtual reality center on Fairfax, and more

Dear Tom Price: Bundled Payments Help Patients and Reduce Costs


It turns out the ACA is about a lot more than the problematic healthcare marketplaces. For health insurance, the ACA established a new office.

Blue. In a Red State. Pete Buttigieg’s Outlook for America.

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Joe and Pete went to college together at Harvard. Joe went on to create Causes with Sean Parker, then Nation Builder, Pete’s background?

Glaukos Names New COO


San Clemente-based ophthalmic technology developer Glaukos Corporation says that Chris M. Calcaterra has been named its Chief Operating Officer. Calcaterra, who has been at the company since 2008, and has been serving as Chief Commercial Officer since he joined. He previously served at Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. READ MORE>>.

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