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Venture Capital is About Human Capital

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Fundamentally venture capital is about human capital. Venture Capital is a people business. The role of VC is sparring partner.

How to Build a Startup & Understanding Venture Capital

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There are very few ideas that are obviously a billion-dollar idea from the start. So what should you do? And Lyft? Twitter was a podcasting company.

Bad Notes on Venture Capital

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On the phone … Me: So, you raised venture capital? ’ But do you want to start a relationship with your most important supplier – that of capital to fuel your business – by avoiding talking about his or her expectations in terms of rights or privileges? This week. Him: Yeah. We raised a seed round. Me: Ah. I see.

Changes in the Venture Capital Funding Environment

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There was an explosion in number of startups both because it was cheap and there was tons of available capital. Rise of Seed. Rise of Angels.

Is Venture Capital A Path To Riches?


Currently, carry proceeds are taxed at the long-term capital gains rate of 20%. The post Is Venture Capital A Path To Riches? Possibly.

What Do LPs Think of the Venture Capital Markets for 2016?

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In fact, if you add the capital flows of the past ten years, there have been just shy of $50 billion in net cash outlays. Sorry! Summary.

Kobe Bryant Launches $100M Venture Capital Fund

L.A. Business Journal

Kobe Bryant has launched a $100 million venture capital fund

Why Venture Capital is So Much More Compelling Now

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It’s not hard to find people willing to write the narrative that “venture capital is not an asset class” or “venture capital has performed terribly.” Having worked through the data with Glenn I am even more optimistic about venture capital than I was even a year ago. Thus is a key point.

Why I Look for High Conviction, not Consensus, in Venture Capital Decisions

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One of the least understood parts of the venture capital industry and venture capital firms is how investment decisions actually get made.

Everbridge Wins Nation's Capital


Glendale-based emergency communications and notifications provider Everbridge has scored a major win in the the nation''s capital, saying that it has been selected by the National Capital Region (NCR) to deliver emergency notifications, communications, and related services across the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., READ MORE>>.

Mucker Capital Raises $45M Fund, Mucker III


Los Angeles-based Mucker Capital said this week that it has closed on a new, $45M fund, Mucker III. Mucker Capital started fundraising for that new fund in May of last year. mucker capital muckerlab venture investor acceleratorThe fund, run by Erik Rannala and William Hsu, did not detail the limited partners in the new fund.

Santa Barbara, San Diego Tops On Per-Capita Venture Capital


venture capital deals per 100,000 people. venture capital deals per 100,000 people. deals per 100,000 people. Boulder, Colorado; 4.

What I Learned In 2015: Jeb Spencer, TVC Capital


TVC Capital has also been a big supporter of socaltech over the years. spencer capital venture private equity reflections 2015

Core Innovation Capital Backs Mosaic's $220M Funding


Los Angeles-based fintech investor Core Innovation Capital is one of the backers in a big, $220M equity funding for solar power financing provider Mosaic. Core Innovation Capital is very active nationally in fintech investments, and raised a big fund in 2015. The company is based in Oakland. READ MORE>>.

Triton Digital Acquired By Vector Capital


Los Angeles-based Triton Digital , the provider of software for the digital audio streaming market, has been acquired by private equity firm Vector Capital , the companies said today. Triton Digital was advised by Macquarie Capital in the deal. Financial terms of the buy were not disclosed. READ MORE>>.

March Capital Backs VeloCloud In Series C Funding


Santa Monica-based venture capital investor March Capital Partners is the lead investor in a developer of cloud networking technology, VeloCloud Networks , as part of a new $27M funding round for that company. velocloud networks networking venture capital sdwan wide area hardware software defined marchcpREAD MORE>>.

6 Steps To Raising Venture Capital – Hint: Preparation Matters More Than Your Pitch


The steps outlined below represent an ideal approach to raising capital from sophisticated investors. wish that was true. It’s not.”

University of California Plans $250M Venture Capital Fund


fund investment capital venture ucsb ucla investor regent ucsd kitepharma finance Image courtesy Chris Radcliff , via Flickr. READ MORE>>.

Razer Plans Venture Capital Fund


Irvine-based videogame accessory and hardware maker Razer is planning on launching a new, corporate venture capital fund, starting next year, according to a report. razer venture capital videogame accessory hardware corporate investmentRazer has its U.S. READ MORE>>.

Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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So it’s unsurprising that typical “A rounds&# of venture capital were $5-10 million. Rewind. These are very different. Enter Amazon.

Core Innovation Capital Backs Vouch For Social Lending


Los Angeles-based venture investor Core Innovation Capital is one of the lead companies in a Series A investment in Vouch , a consumer lending startup which offers up consumer loans based on if a users' social network. Core Innovation Capital's investment in San Francisco-based Vouch was led by Arjun Schutte. READ MORE>>.

Silicon Valley Investor Lowercase Capital Names LA Chief


lowercase capital super angel investment silicon valley venture chris saccaREAD MORE>>.

Three Factors Which Intoxicate Venture Capitalists - Why Your Startup Will (Probably) Not Raise Venture Capital Funding


Naval Ravikant describes how Silicon Valley’s dominance over the venture capital landscape will evolve over time in the previously mentioned interview.

Is Your Startup Ready for Investment Capital?

Tech Zulu Event

The post Is Your Startup Ready for Investment Capital? You’ve identified a pain point. You’ve come up with a solution. Or are you?

New Leader at Intel Capital Adjusts Strategy as Global Summit Opens


Intel Capital has invested $38 million in 12 technology startups since July, highlighting its venture investment focus on innovations in self-driving cars and machine vision, the Internet of Things, sports and health, drones, and virtual reality.

The State of Venture Capital and the Internet

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Early today I gave a keynote at the  VCJ Venture Alpha conference  here in San Francisco. I was asked to speak about the topic of “what is going on in the venture capital world and what is the next big thing after social networking?”. Future of VC Internet – Tough topic, but what the heck? It isn’t intentional. And all feedback welcome!

Quigley: Venture Capital Revival Coming


acquisition merger financial class asset partner limited revival capital venture quigley williamREAD MORE>>.

Mucker Capital closes on $45 million for an early-stage LA-based fund

TechCrunch LA

Santa Monica-based Mucker Capital has raised $45 million for its third fund, Mucker III. “We are founders, just like the… Read More.

Vinny Smith's Toba Capital Backs WSO2


Irvine-based Toba Capital , the venture investment firm founded by Quest Software founder Vinny Smith, has made an investment in open source application development software developer WSO2. WSO2, which is based in Palo Alto, said it raised $20M from Pacific Controls and Toba Capital this morning. READ MORE>>.

TVC Capital Raises $115M Software Fund


San Diego-based TVC Capital , the software-focused, growth equity investment firm founded by Jeb Spencer and Steve Hamerslag has raised a big, $115M software fund, the company said Wednesday. The fund said that TVC Capital III was oversubscribed, and closed in only 90 days. million in revenues. READ MORE>>.

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10 Signs Your Company Isn’t Ready to Raise Startup Capital

Tech Zulu Event

I don’t think I need to make the case for raising capital for your startup. Is your company ready to raise startup capital?

Interview with Jeb Spencer, TVC Capital


The firm's investor was San Diego-based TVC Capital , which invested only $4M in total in Accordent before it was acquired. Thanks! READ MORE>>.

Changes in Software & Venture Capital – Part 2 of 3

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As a generalization LPs seem to recognize this general trend requiring less capital to start businesses and are arguing for smaller VC funds.

Last Exit Wall Street: 7 Considerations When Raising Venture Capital

From the Venture Trenches

Is outside capital really required? What is your exit strategy? By this measure, Groupon was by no means your typical start-up. 2.

Why Mucker Capital Is Putting More Money To Work In LA Startups


Recently, the team behind MuckerLab has made a subtle shift--becoming Mucker Capital ( on seed stage investments.

MK Capital Funds ReachForce


According to ReachForce, MK Capital led a $4.6M MK Capital has its Los Angeles offices in Santa Monica. investment round in the company.

Digest 5/23-30: Snapchat’s $1.8B Raise, March Capital’s $240M Fund, Victorious $25M Series B


MARCH CAPITAL Opens LA Shop with $240M Fund ( link ). News amplify belkin Kely Slater March Capital Ryot snapchat Snapstorms Taskus Victorious


Join Us At Variety 2012 Venture Capital & New Media Summit

Tech Zulu Event

Variety is pleased to announce the return of its Venture Capital and New Media Summit on June 27 at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles.

Clearlake Capital Buys Vision Solutions


Santa Monica-based private equity investor Clearlake Capital has acquired Vision Solutions , a developer of data protection, high availability, and cloud migration software. clearlake capital merger acquisition vision solutions data storage backupFinancial details of the acquisition were not announced. READ MORE>>.

Venture Capital Fundraising On Uptick


It looks like it's going to be a good year for venture capital -- fundraising, that is, according to numbers released by Dow Jones Monday.