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Evite Hires New CTO


Los Angeles-based online invitation site Evite , which i owned by Liberty Interactive, has hired on former Amgen IT director Perry Evoniuk. According to Evite, it has named Evoniuk as the company''s Chief Technology Officer, to oversee the company''s technology strategy, software engineering and enterprise architecture.

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Evite Names Tech Veteran Pucino As CFO


Los Angeles-based online invitations service Evite has named Paul Pucino as the company's new Chief Financial Officer, the firm said today. Pucino is a longtime veteran of Southern California's technology industry, having served as CFO of such companies as THQ, Digital Insight, and Tekelec. READ MORE>>.

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Charity Effort By Evite, Pledgeling Raises $1M For Nonprofits


Two, Los Angeles area technology companies-- Evite and Pledgeling --say that a joint effort, Evite Donations, has raised $1M in donations for thousands of nonprofits over its first year. Pledgeling is led by James Citron; Evite is led by Victor Cho. evite donations pledgeling nonprofit charity event fundraiser

Evite Names New CEO


Los Angeles-based online event invitation site Evite has named a new CEO, saying yesterday that it has named Victor Cho to the position. Evite--which is owned by Liberty Interactive--said that Cho also has served at iVillage and Microsoft. evite executive online event planning invitation libearty media READ MORE>>.

Evite Launches New iOS App, Gifting Feature


Los Angeles-based event invitation provider Evite has rolled out a shiny new mobile app and mobile web experience, as part of a push to have users use the service for last minute holiday celebrations. In addition, the company says it has also rolled out an instant gifting app for its users. READ MORE>>.

Increase Your RSVP Accuracy With tureRSVP

Tech Zulu Event

They hope to take on the Facebook Events and other planning companies such as Evite and PunchBowl. Checkout their presentation below.

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How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

Both Sides of the Table

It turns out that to build a successful company you ultimately need this strange thing called “revenue” that people don’t just hand you: You need to earn it. Most of this advice boils down to an argument in favor of basic planning before starting a company or raising money. Want to eradicate Evite? Market Size.

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DreamHost(ed) IT Open-House for LA

SoCal Tech Calendar

Weve managed to get a handful of really awesome companies to join in on the event including AOL, Edgecast, Evite, Hulu and Thursday, April 12, 2012 -- DreamHost(ed) IT Open-House for LA. See [link] (more

How Event Farm Is Making Events A Part Of Your Sales Funnel

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We spoke with co-founder Ryan Costello about Santa Monica-based Event Farm (, on how its software technology is being used to power high end, VIP events for large companies. Ryan Costello: We're a software company. You can think of us as a super, high-end Evite, for the B2B, corporate space. Thanks!

Congrats To The Presenting StartupDemo Companies!

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Current event planning tools (Facebook Events, Evite, Socializr) aren't useful for casual events, and don't let friends plan collaboratively.

How Classy Is Helping Nonprofits To Attract and Retain Supporters


How did you start the company? We never thought it would snowball into a legitimate company. What is Classy? Thanks! READ MORE>>.

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Cocodot Rolls Out Printed Cards


According to Cocodot, it has started offering printed version of the company's invitation cards, starting at $37.25 for a 25-card minimum. Tags: cocodot invitation printing content evite invite party printed myspace The new cards include free, online versions of those same cards. READ MORE>>.

63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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He is the founder of Benson Backpacks , a company that sells backpacks and supports children’s educations in Tanzania with each purchase. About.

Interview with Harry Lin, Lottay


This morning, Los Angeles-based Lottay ( launched its online gifting site, announced its funding by DFJ Frontier, and also the appointment of former Evite GM Harry Lin as CEO. We spoke with Harry yesterday about the company. It was because of my Evite experience. I had been GM of Evite for just under two years.

Social Discovery – What I Love about @plancast

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But for the stage of the company I think they’ve done an awesome job. Who knows, maybe one of these guys will finally kill off evite.

Skate Where the Puck is Going

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And, yes, somebody has got to kill off evite. And of course – badges. Fawking badges. Really?  OK, I get it. Badges were an innovation.

TechZulu Live from StartupDemo

Tech Zulu Event

Below are the companies you are going to hear about and get to know. Click here to watch live on Wednesday Sept. 22 @ 5:30pm PT. 22, 2010.

StartupDemo Was a Huge Success!

Tech Zulu Event

TechZulu captured the entire VC/Angle panel and we also had a chance to interview every StartupDemo startup company that participated. Part 1.

Interview with Eden Jarrin, eDivvy


Eden Jarrin: The company was founded by Steven Ng, and was started about a year and a half ago. I was speaking on a conference and panel about branding and experience with my last company, we got along, and chatted. How is this company backed? I'm keeping my eye completely on building the company, and not fundraising.