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Los Angeles Hosts the Oscars and the Tech.Co Startup Showcase


It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to a bevy of celebrities. startups wanting to get recognized, Tech.Co’s Startup Showcase in Los Angeles   on July 26th is the perfect opportunity. Sign up today for the Los Angeles event and bring your team. And for those L.A. and Celebrate conference.

Los Angeles’s Secret to Startup Success


When Los Angeles, CA was listed as the fastest-growing tech startup region in 2014, many guesses were raised about the root cause of its success. Could it be the large number of new companies? No, to see the strength of Los Angeles’ startup scene, you must look at the whole story. Tech Summit is a great example.

Los Angeles, San Diego Among Top 10 Cities For Startups


today usatoday startup city angeles diego sandiego entrepreneur business venture nvcaREAD MORE>>.

Get It Delivered With Zipments | Los Angeles Begins Delivery

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Examples: lunch, cupcakes, prescription. 2. Examples: home delivery of produce, coffee, baked goods. 3. Zipments focuses on delivery.

The Talent Tourniquet | Making Los Angeles Startup Friendly

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With enough start-ups and teeming tech companies [we can] give our neighbors to the north a run for their bitcoin.”. And for good reason.

Pro Athletes Are the Best Marketing Tools You Can Get


Recently I came across a company, Hyperice , that’s been relentless in their pursuit of cornering the market for athletic recovery. Hyperice.

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The Steps Farmgirl Flowers Took to Succeed in an Established Market


We’re saturated with companies specializing in almost every business opportunity. Identify the weaknesses of most companies in the industry and use them as an opportunity. Her company worked with an objective of reducing wastage and selling 100 percent U.S. Finding an Opportunity in the Flower Market. grown flowers.

Its BlogWorld Time! Los Angeles Get Ready!

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BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2011 comes to Los Angeles and its finally here. Peter Shankman is a spectacular example of what happens when you merge the power of pure creativity with  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a dose of adventure, and make it work to your advantage. Justine Ezarik (a.k.a. The NewTek Inc.

GumGum Makes Images Profitable for Publishers

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GumGum is led by founder and Los Angeles native wunderkind, Ophir Tanz. The old media companies were resistant to change. and M.S.

Cedars-Sinai and Techstars Partner to Launch Healthcare Technology Accelerator

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Companies participating in the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator, in partnership with Cedars-Sinai, will receive $120,000 in funding.

From Nothing to Something with Howard Marks & Nanxi Liu

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For example, he explained a situation where his company could not meet payroll the next day and was about to go out of business.

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The Interaction of Our Lives | QR Codes and Augmented Reality

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With QR codes, a company is able to promote their newest line of clothes with just one promotional media. QR codes and Augmented Reality. link].

UX | An Old Dog With New Tricks

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Last week, I attended an event hosted by The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup at Cross Campus in Santa Monica.

Porter: Mobile Chores | The Constant Hustle and LA Tech, Interview with CEO Matt Lucido

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The nuts and bolts of our tech company is that CMS in the middle, the connection engine.  TechZulu:  What is Porter? What about the good times?

Announcing The Socaltech 50: Southern California's Up-and-Comers


Chance Barnett , Crowdfunder (Los Angeles, crowdfunding). Allison Beal , StyleSaint (Los Angeles, fashion).

How Cities are Embracing the Internet of Things

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Companies like Cisco and IBM are actively working with municipal leaders to help embed IoT infrastructure in cities. Los Angeles, California.


Hub of Awesome | Interview With Ann Le Managing Director of Hub LA

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The Hub is unique because it is the first membership club structured for impact professionals in Los Angeles. How unique is Hub LA?

Qtee: “We’re the Nike ID of the Fashion World”


In fact, I wrote about a company recently that lets you design, choose, and print customized vinyl decals for your car – it’s super cool.

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Factual Opens New API


Los Angeles-based Factual , the big data startup headed by Gil Elbaz, said last night that it has launched a new API into beta.

Kickstarted Launches Site For Successfully Crowdsourced Projects


The Los Angeles area startup is hoping to make it easier for crowdfunded projects to find additional customers for their projects, by streamlining request for samples, communication via email, Facbeook, Twitter, SMS, and more. The site was founded by Candice Georgiadis, a jewelry designer based in Malibu. READ MORE>>.

Software Development Companies in Southern California


I've helped organize the Los Angeles CTO Forum for almost 10 years. As part of doing that, I've had the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of different chief technical officers from different kinds of companies over those years. But where do the software development companies in Southern California congregate?

Gatsby: Tackling Shopping Cart Abandonment With Social Sharing


For example, say you are shopping on a website like Helix Sleep. Where did the company and idea come from? Explain how Gatsby works?

Interview with Bong Koh, LifeCrowd


Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based LifeCrowd ( unveiled its service to help connect people with real life activities.

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Factual Spins New Geofencing, Targeting Tools


Los Angeles-based Factual said Wednesday that it has rolled out two new tools, one aimed at geofencing of data, and another for audience targeting. The company said its Geopulse Proximity Designer and Geopulse Audience Builder are specifically aimed at marketers, and use its Global Places data to help target ad campaigns.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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For example, one product alone — Tasty — is consumed by 500 million people per month. BuzzFeed. Others are skeptical, “Ha! But I digress.

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Early Tesla Owners Protest Lack Of Support For New Features


In an example of how an electric car is not just a disposable, electronic device, a group of early owners and supporters of Telsa Motors electric vehicles are protesting a lack of an upgrade path for their cars. The petition so far has the support of around 720 Tesla Owners. READ MORE>>.

Entrepreneurship In The LA Mayor's Office, With EIR Krisztina Holly


Last month, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti created a new program, aimed at growing, assisting and sustaining entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

Interview with Vinny Jindal, Stockr


According to Vinny Jindal , the CEO of Los Angeles-based startup Stockr (, everything. What is Stockr all about? Thanks!

Quarterly and Science Inc.: Making Sense of Influencer Marketing and Ecommerce


Last week, two Los Angeles area technology companies--influencer subscription service Quarterly (, and technology studio Science Inc.

Catching Up With Dave Hagan, Boingo


Los Angeles-based Boingo ( is one of longest standing Internet companies. The Sprint deal is an example of that.

Amplify’s Guide to Crafting a Pitch Deck | Entrepreneur Resources

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As that idea grows into a business there may come a time where the need for outside funding in necessary to further grow and scale.

TYLT Labs' New Seed Fund And The Promise Of Silicon Beach


Gerard Casale: We''ve been agnostic to the kinds of deals we''ve been making over the last five or six years we''ve been angel investors.

Burner Brings Disposable Phone Numbers To Android


Los Angeles-based Ad Hoc Labs has had that handled with Burner , a handy iPhone app which lets users create phone numbers on the fly.

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Startups Uncensored Events Headed Back To LA


Startups Uncensored , the popular series of events around creating and running startups, is headed back to Los Angeles, according to organizer and startup entrepreneur Jason Nazar. As expected, the service currently has a large amount of data for companies in the Los Angeles technology market. READ MORE>>.

The Most Misunderstood Facts About Building a Business on YouTube

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If you’re just a content company your advantages are too small to win on the web. Take for example, an eCommerce company.

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Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

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Launchpad LA today announces it will accept applications for its third class of Los Angeles-based tech startups. History. For the past 2.5

What I Learned In 2015: Lief Morin, KeyInfo


We lit our own KeyInfo fiber ring, which provides advanced connectivity services to Ventura and Los Angeles counties. READ MORE>>.

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Helped merge company with Seedling – on track to do $20 million combined revenue in 2015 – will now become Chairman). billion).

How More Women Are Becoming Angel Investors, with Eva Yazhari


Eva Helene Yazhari: It''s a program for budding angel investors, and female angel investors. What is the Pipeline Fellowship? Thanks!

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How Is Growing A Giant Tech Team In Glendale


How did what was a staid publisher of phone books become a hotbed of online talent? What''s your background and how did you end up at Thanks!