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The Scarcest Resource at Startups is Management Bandwidth

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As a VC I regularly meet with companies and listen to their plans. ” Every company is built by a team and every team member matters.

Amplify’s Guide to Crafting a Pitch Deck | Entrepreneur Resources

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While this time for a business can be exciting one must be prepared with the resources to take the next step. pitch deck startup resources

What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued

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If I’m wrong – at least you’ll have more data to decide how you raise & spend your company’s money. Mostly, no.

3 Ways to Create a High Performance Company Culture

Frank Addante

Great company culture isn’t just about ping pong tables, free lunches, bouncy ball chairs and free gummy bears. As CEO of Rubicon Project, a lot of people ask me what defines the culture of our company. Here’s my take on a few things effective company culture is about…and a few things it’s not about: 1.

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If Apple Were My Company, I’d…

Eric Greenspan

Apple is a remarkable company. Apple was a remarkable company. Something has to happen to keep this company going and growing. If Apple were my company, here’s what I would do: 1. Well, here’s the real future and where I’d spend most of my resources. Wait, retract. Then again. Innovation. Over it.

Launching An International Tech Startup: The Challenges And Benefits

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140,000 new startup companies are reportedly launched every day. travellers with inter-city bus companies in Latin America. customers.

Building a Life Science Company with Cost- Saving Flexible Resources

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Thursday, October 28, 2010 -- Navigating the Path with Sure Footing: Building a Life Science Company with Cost- Saving Flexible Resources. With the continued resource constraints life science companies at all stages face, utilizing flexible external resources and/or virtual teams offer companies an attractive business model.

Who’s to Blame for Inflated Health Insurance Costs?


For example, if a person has multiple medical problems or is not consistent with her medical treatment, she might consciously or subconsciously select a better health plan, anticipating high health expenses. Companies insuring their employees should also heed the findings of this paper. For insurers, the relevance is obvious.

Intellectual Property – Worthless To A Startup, Priceless To A Big Dumb Company


It requires you to expend your two most valuable resources, your time and your money. An example of design patent is shown at left.

How to Know When to Sell vs. When to Market to Customers

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This is final part of  a series  that describes a sales methodology for technology companies or frankly many other types of companies, too.

Hire for talent. Rent for experience.


Think like a startup, with little resources, a limited window of time, and few dollars to spend on expensive experts.

Los Angeles Hosts the Oscars and the Tech.Co Startup Showcase


For examples, our sponsor, Microsoft Accelerator , will have team members on the floor to take stock of all the budding startups and genius ideas that this showcase will no doubt present. It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to a bevy of celebrities. And for those L.A. This isn’t just a showcase for the sake of a showcase.

Equity for Early Employees in Early Stage Startups


If i is the average outcome for the company with the addition of some new person, then they're worth n such that i = 1/(1 - n). million.

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Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

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When I publicly Tweeted that all companies should be gross margin positive many people pointed out that Amazon wasn’t profitable for many years.

Framework Benchmarks


Application performance can be directly mapped to hosting dollars, and for a start-up company in its infancy, hosting costs can be a pain point.

Why Teenagers Make Great Entrepreneurs


What is the ideal age to start a company? It’s a question that often circulates in the business press and on tech blogs. Wrong.

Conversations with Richard Chino, pt. 2

Ask the Angels

For example, many of our members are also members of the Tech Coast Angels. The app industry is a good example of low barriers to entry.

Do VC Platforms Make Sense?

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Examples of VC platform services include: recruiting, marketing, design support, inside sales reps, consulting, accounting services and so forth.

Frameworks Round 1


Application performance can be directly mapped to hosting dollars, and for a start-up company in its infancy, hosting costs can be a pain point.

Plug and Play San Diego Finds Home in New Downtown Works Space


Among other things, they get an opportunity to pitch to investors and industry representatives at Plug and Play’s quarterly “expo” event.

Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

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Simply put: We never intended to build a business on one company’s platform and despite market perceptions – we never did ! Still.

UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


The TMP is an example of lean academia. Because of Hope - The TMP does not solely focus on the creation of tech companies. Techpreneurs.

The Long Economic Case for Snapchat

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Today I want to talk briefly about why I believe Snapchat is an important media company. And they also are great for sports events (I watch the Eagles pregame videos from fans aggregated in one place, for example). 3. We’ve seen portfolio companies like GumGum become enormous by riding this trend. Reach. Immediacy.

IT Software Companies Are Looking For Military Trained Hackers Now

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The worst thing that can happen to any company is waking up one morning and finding out all the data has either been stolen or tampered with.

Three qualities of a great leader


Every organization has limited resources, especially money and time. By Dave Berkus. There are lots of ways to measure a great leader. 

Web Second, Mobile First

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Here’s my view: I support a “mobile first” strategy for many companies. recognize there is an issue with resource scarcity.

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Did You Just Fail The Partnerhip Idiot Test?


If your company has said "Yes" to any of the following requests, you have effectively failed the partnership idiot test. Exclusivity.

Interview with Mike Hopkins, ICE Energy


Mike Hopkins: The simplest example, is where part of their grid has become congested so much, because they have too much demand for the infrastructure.

Marketing Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Only Make Once


This approach allows your venture to "fail in the small" and make course corrections before spending significant marketing resources.

The Impact Matrix: Prioritize Your 2013 Initiatives Using This Startup Ninja Tool


For instance, how much money will the proposed idea save the company or how much revenue will the potential opportunity generate?

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Opening The Cloud: Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems


According to Marten, “We enable companies to run, within their own firewall, a cloud that behaves exactly like the public clouds, exactly like Amazon.

Most Startups Should be Deer Hunters

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Nearly all of the mistakes I made at my first company I fixed by the time of my second company. This leads to suboptimal results for all.

The Biggest Reason Most Sales Campaigns Don’t Close

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It’s true that some solutions are really hard to quantify and the most obvious example people point to is email. question. Maybe they don’t?

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Mini-ventures Build Entrepreneurial Muscle (And Can Lead To Big Businesses)


Three additional examples of mini-ventures carried out by me and my fellow Wharton classmates are described below. Fashion Show.

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9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month

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believe that over capitalizing companies too early often favors the VC. Over funding often produces bad behavior in early-stage companies.

Want To Trip Out? This Entrepreneur Can Hook You Up


My research led me to Wildland Adventures, one of the pioneering companies in the ecotravel space. Ever fantasized about climbing Mt. Intervie

Why Uber Should Go Public

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The newsworthy moment was when Fred expressed his view that companies like Uber should go public. Do you need to be technical to be a great VC?

Getting Started with a Two-Sided Market Business


Let’s take a particular example: eHarmony of jobs. really great example of this is described by Steve Rentoid in Inventing Demand.

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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It turns out that to build a successful company you ultimately need this strange thing called “revenue” that people don’t just hand you: You need to earn it. Most of this advice boils down to an argument in favor of basic planning before starting a company or raising money. Market Size. Let me be very direct. History.

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Why I’m Doubling Down on the Twitter Ecosystem

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And better yet, the company has a product that will turn the stream into a lake. It is an awesome example of the power of implicit data.