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Why GoToMeeting’s SaaS Playbook Wouldn’t Work Today


During the early 2000’s, my team grew the company to one of the largest SaaS businesses of its day, with sales of $70 million. Don’t despair.

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3 Reasons SaaS Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Build Their Own Portals


Overall, according to Gartner, the SaaS market will top $22 billion by 2015. This is where SaaS gets sexy. Time to market.

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Four Innovative SaaS To Get Excited About

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SaaS – or Software as a Service – platforms are all the rage. RelinkLabs is a pioneering HR SaaS tool based in Scandinavia.

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SaaS Subcriptions Are Great – TranSaaSional Pricing Is Better


However, such price increases generally occur after new utility has been provided to the customers. hybrid of the SaaS model is emerging.

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Tealium Adds $35M to Expand Technology, Sharpen Customer Focus


Tealium, a San-Diego startup that provides online advertising tag management and marketing services for enterprise customers, has raised $35 million in a growth financing deal intended to expand its technology and market reach. Georgian Partners and Bain Capital Ventures, the investment firms that anchored Tealium’s $30.7

MindTouch Picks Up $12M For Customer Self Service Software


San Diego-based MindTouch , a developer of software-as-a-service tools to help companies create self-service, customer support sites, has raised $12M in a Series A funding. MindTouch's software provides customer support search tools, product information, and more to end users. READ MORE>>.

ServiceTitan Scores $18M For Home Services Management Software


Glendale-based ServiceTitan , a developer of cloud-based software used by home services business management, has raised $18M in a Series A funding round. ServiceTitan said the funding goes towards strategic technical hires, expansion of its customer support infrastructure, and outreach to customers. READ MORE>>.

CallFire's FireText Integrates with Freshdesk


FireText , the UK-based SMS marketing service whici s now owned by Santa Monica--based CallFire, said this week that it has integrated its software for customer support software provider Freshdesk , allowing companies to interact with their customers via texting. READ MORE>>.

Above the Cloud with Dave Linthicum | Shifting Perspectives on SaaS and Enterprise IT

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Join us for a special evening with InfoWorld’s  Dave Linthicum  as he delves into global enterprise software trends with some of LA’s most successful SaaS and cloud computing companies. Featuring panelists from  SOA Software ,  Edgecast  and  Bitium , we’ll discuss: Top priorities and challenges for today’s CIO. PANELISTS.

Shopatron Updates Ecommerce Software


San Luis Obispo-based Shopatron , which develops e-commerce software for retailers, said today that it has made a major upgrade to its software. provides an upgraded customer experience, targeted at increasing sales for its customers. shopatron ecommerce software saasThe firm said that Shopatron 3.0

RightScale Launches Hybrid, Private Cloud Management Software


The firm has linked with fellow Santa Barbara cloud computing firm Eucaalyptus, as well as private cloud provider to offer up the software. rightscale hybrid private cloud management software saas zynga eucalyptusREAD MORE>>.

Central Desktop Claims Growth In Staff, Customers


Los Angeles-based CEntral Desktop , the developer of online project and collaboration software which is headed by Isaac Garcia, claimed yesterday that it has seen growth in both its employees and customers last year. The company said it grew its staff by 43 percent in 2011, and increased its enterprise customer base by 41 percent.

Chrome River: Building An Enterprise Software Leader In LA, with Dave Terry


A few weeks ago, Los Angeles-based enterprise expense reporting software maker Chrome River ( took a significant venture funding round--worth $100M--to help expand the company's growth in the enterprise software market. What does Chrome River's software do? Dave Terry: We've been very fortune. Thanks!

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MediaPlatform Picks Up $12M


Los Angeles-based MediaPlatform , a startup developing enterprise video and webcasting software aimed at corporate customers, has raised $12M in a growth equity funding. training software saas enterprise corporate webcast streaming stream video capital venture mediaplatformMediaPlatform is led by Jim McGovern.

Nimble Links Contact Records, Web Pages


Nimble , the developer of web-based, contact management software, said Thursday that it has enhanced its software to allow users to link any web page to contact records in the product. The firm has been looking to bring contact management into the web-based, social age with its software. nimble contact management software saas

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Interview: Mark Faggiano On TaxJar's Sales Tax Savvy Software


Mark Faggiano is the CEO and founder of the company, and spoke to us about what the big deal is about sales tax software compliance. Thanks!

PacketSled Raises $5M for Automated Cybersecurity Monitoring System


Two other small funds, Blu Ventures and JHS Ventures joined in the round. The company also has an office in Seattle.

Want to Get Rich? Listen to Your Customers Like These Founders……

Steve Reich

This is not an article about the high moral purpose and the nobility of listening to your customers.  It is an article  about how to make your company worth a fortune by listening to your customers.  Why do so many of us have iPhones?  It gives the best customer experience of any phone.  Listen to your customers and grow rich.

How Kaleo Is Tackling Enterprise Knowledge Sharing


He's now hard at work at a new company, Kaleo, which is tackling the enterprise, knowledge sharing market�and already has an impressive list of Fortune 500 customers. Phil Hui-Bon-Hoa: We have 35 customers, all of whome are very large, blue chip customers. That said, we still have a lot of Bay Area customers. READ MORE>>.

Replicated Gets $5M


Los Angeles-based Replicated , a company that uses container technology to encapsulate software-as-a-service applications into on-premise runnable instances, has raised $5M in a Series A, according to the company. replicated venture capital container software saas enterpriseREAD MORE>>.

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TZ Presents: ‘Nice Guys’ DO Finish First In Business | Fireside Chat With Clay Collins

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Custom ad deals and partnerships. There will be plenty of FREE Pizza & Drinks ! The Deets: When: February 7, 2013 7pm. Want To Sponsor?

Interview with Damir Davidovic, NEOGOV


NEOGOV , which has quietly built an enterprise software company supplying human resources software to the government and public sector.

What SAAS Companies Need to Know About Network Management?

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We’ve even created an acronym for these kinds of services: software as a service (SAAS). Business Data Development Network Saas Startup

Understanding How Profits are Shifting Across the Computing Value Chain

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The IBM executives agree to license software from Microsoft because “there’s no money in software anyways.” If so, why?

Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

Both Sides of the Table

Customer acquisition cost. This is how much you spend to get a new customer. So you actually lost $50 acquiring that customer.

BlackLine Tops 1300 Customers


Los Angeles-based finance and accounting automation software developer BlackLine reports this morning that it added 393 new customers in 2015 and now has over 1300 customers around the world. blackline systems growth finance accounting software saas reconcileREAD MORE>>.

SendGrid Sets Up Shop In Anaheim


Cloud-based, email infrastructure provider SendGrid , which develops cloud software to help businesses more easily deliver emails to customers, has set up shop in Anaheim, California, the firm said Wednesday. sendgrid anaheim engineering jobs employment email infrastructure cloud software saasREAD MORE>>.

How ContractSafe Wants To Help You Get Your Legal Docs In Order, With Ken Button


We caught up with Ken Button , the co-founder and CEO of the company, to learn more about why the startup already has signed up such customers as California Pizza Kitchen, Obvious Ventures, Fandango, Greenspire, and others to the service. We have been around software for a long time. What is ContractSafe? It's not what people need.

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Cornerstone OnDemand Extends Alliance With ADP


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand , the provider of cloud-based talent management software for the enterprise, and human resources management outsourcer ADP , said today that they have expanded an existing strategic alliance between the companies to target small businesses. Financial details of the strategic alliance were not announced.

Cornerstone OnDemand Lands Maersk


Santa Monica-based cloud software developer Cornerstone OnDemand has signed on shipping and transportation giant Maersk has its newest customer, the company reported this morning. cornerstone ondemand maersk learning compliance software saas cloudFinancial details of the deal were not disclosed. READ MORE>>.

Contatta Funding Puts ACT!, Goldmine Founders Head To Head Again


Once upon a time, when the desktop PC was king, there were two kingdoms in the world of customer relationship management: ACT! The new startup goes head to head against Ferrara''s startup, Nimble , which has been looking to reinvent customer relationship management for the Internet and social age for a few years now. READ MORE>>.

H3 Financial Services Raises Funding


Aliso Viejo-based H3 Financial Services , a developer of web-based software for managing consumer finance and billing for the dental and veterinary market, has scored a Series A investment. financing dental veterinary credit billing saas software services financial Size of the investment was not announced. READ MORE>>.

OpenX Launches New Ad Platform, Powers Groupon


Pasadena-based OpenX , the Internet ad server developer, said today that it has launched a new version of its OpenX Enterprise software. The firm said that the new platform is being used by customers such as Groupon, Orange-France Telecom Group, and Excite Japan. OpenX is headed by Tim Cadogan. READ MORE>>.

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How Zadara Is Putting The Enterprise In The Storage Cloud


Basically, what that means is we create software that runs on servers, which forms a cloud storage service. It''s a huge difference. Thanks!

RealPractice Launches Marketing Automation Product


In a move which significantly broadens its market focus, Santa Ana-based RealPractice said Tuesday that it has launched a new, automated marketing software called ReplyWise. realpractice software marketing automation saasRealPractice is headed by Carey Ransom. READ MORE>>.

Car Door Slam Or Spare Tire? Should Startups Build For Buyers Or Users?


In the early 2000’s, SaaS was a nascent concept and most companies were reticent to rent software. Build For Buyers Or Users?

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Fliptu Bolsters Artists, Celebrities


Names and details of those customers were not announced, but a number are via a relationship Fliptu has with talent agency ICM Partners. fliptu artist celebrity brand social networking media management software saas cloud promotionFliptu's angel backers include Kelly Perdew, Sugarmaker Media, and others. READ MORE>>.

X1 Discovery Deploys In Amazon Cloud


Amazon said the use of AWS will allow its software to be installed and operated in an AWS customer's infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environment. Pricing on the new software was not announced. x1discovery discovery idealab cloud saas software electronic ediscovery legal amazon iaasREAD MORE>>.

CrowdStrike Rolls Out Breach Prevention Bundle


Irvine-based cybersecurity services and software provider CrowdStrike said today that it has launched a new, bundle of software specifically aimed at breach prevention at companies. crowdstrike breach prevention bundle endpoint cybersecurity security software saas mcafeePricing on the new bundles was not announced.

ServiceNow Ties With Hitachi On Japanese Expansion


San Diego-based enterprise IT management software developer ServiceNow reported this morning that it is expanding into the Japanese market, via a deal with Hitachi Solutions , a unit of Hitachi Group. Hitachi Solutions will provide implementation, training and first-level support for Japanese customers for ServiceNow. READ MORE>>.