May, 2012

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Interview with Sean Broihier, Fine Art America


If you're a photographer or artist, what's the easiest way to display, print, frame, and sell your photos or artwork to. customers? online. profiles.

It’s Morning in Venture Capital

Both Sides of the Table

This article originally ran on PEHub. If you prefer the super short version – I’ve summarized the post in the final section. Morning in VC.

6 Steps To Raising Venture Capital – Hint: Preparation Matters More Than Your Pitch


“One of the big misconceptions in baseball is that playing the game keeps you in shape to pitch. wish that was true. It’s not.” Prep Steps.

Los Angeles Startup Events


I recently posted about the Increase in Early-Stage Startup Activity in Los Angeles. In that post, I mentioned how one of the signals is the big increase in number of startup events and the number of attendees at those events. Of course, given the size of this list and having kids, I really can't attend a lot of these.

You Can Compete with Free-and Win

Frank Addante

A good product is always more valuable than the free alternative, even when you sell yo-yo upgrades. Then he told me that business had gotten tougher.

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Don’t Pitch Your Idea To Venture Capitalists, They Don’t Care


This entry originally appeared on Forbes HERE. Two early venture capitalists were King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who backed Christopher Columbus.

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Startup Surge in Los Angeles


Ben Kuo just posted on SoCalTech: Are the good times for startups back? That seemed to be the mood running through the cloud at the more-than-sellout crowd at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica Thursday at the first LA Demo Day. At the event, the enthusiasm for startups was palpable. Are others seeing this as well

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63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

SoCal Delicious

Our Best Interviews Via Email: Monthly. Weekly. Idea Mensch. where entrepreneurs share their stories. About. Events. Contact. Subscribe to RSS. Tweet.

Announcing Silicon Beach Fest! | June 21-23

Tech Zulu Event

Arts & Lifestyle (Hotel Erwin) : Fashion, Art, Action Sports, Green, Good. Startup (Amplify) : Dev Debate, Meet the Angels, Women of Silicon Beach.

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LA Demo Day Crowd: The Good Times Are Back


Are the good times for startups back? At the event, the enthusiasm for startups was palpable. READ MORE>>. entrepreneur startup incubator demo angele

What to do About that Chip on Your Shoulder?

Both Sides of the Table

I’m fond of saying that I look for entrepreneurs that have a chip on their shoulder. That they have something to prove. To be liked? To fit in?

Entreprenurs Must Kick Down The Door When Opportunity Knocks


Because Your Big Break May Start As A Little One. This article originally appeared on Forbes HERE. That deal sounds like a field goal. Share and Enjoy.

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You Can Compete with Free-and Win

Frank Addante

A good product is always more valuable than the free alternative, even when you sell yo-yo upgrades. recently visited a colleague at home, where I met his 10-year-old son, Andrew. When prompted by his dad, the boy told me about the yo-yo business he had founded with a classmate. recently visited a colleague at home, where I met his 10-year-old son.

Launching A Website

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 -- LAUNCHING A WEBSITE: Protecting Yourself and Protecting Customers Online. CONNECT. Launching a new website can be a daunting process given the many commercial factors and legal implications that come into play along the way. From pre-launch to completion, what are the steps necessary to ensure a successful launch?

YouSpin | A More Interactive World

Tech Zulu Event

Sometimes a picture just isn’t enough. Times when you just want to see something from all angles. YouSpin is in on the forefront of that change.

upStart.LA Merges With Cross Campus


According to a note to supporters form upStart.LA Cross Campus was founded by Ronen Olshansky and others. READ MORE>>.

Startup CTO Speaking


Over the past several years, I've done lots of presentations around a wide variety of topics. I was recently asked by an organization, "Tony, what topics can you cover?" " I realized that I've never captured topics that I've covered (I'm always willing to look at other topics), nor have I put up my speaker bio. Tony has a Ph.D.

When Intent And Content Align, Online Ads Suck A Whole Lot Less


When we launched GoToMyPC in 2001, the rules of online marketing were still being written. free weekly Infochachkie articles! and Overture Services.

Want to Dump Your Ad Network? Dear Ad Network: It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Frank Addante

Would you ever go to your sales team and say? Sell whatever you want to who ever you want. Sell it for whatever price you can. By the way, when you make calls, you can’t use our brand or tell them anything about our users. So, here’s my question… Why in the hell would you ever let someone else do that? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

SDVG Presents: 10th Annual Venture Summit

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, June 6, 2012 -- SDVG Presents: 10th Annual Venture Summit. Stay tuned for a list of SDVG's Cool Companies participating! This is a great event for networking, learning about new local companies, and enjoying 2 keynote speeches over breakfast and coffee. See [link] (more

CO The Domain for Getting Business Done

Tech Zulu Event

In the beginning there were few variations of domain types you purchase as you had a selection,net, you had

Interview with Wil Schroter, Fundable


If you're a startup business owner, how do you get to the next step, and build your first product? What's Fundable? That's all they need. Thanks!

The four “P’s” of Building a Great Business.


Some of us remember things better when given a catchy phrase or rhyme.  Here’s one to help you with squeezing the most out of your available resources.  It reflects the new reality in our business world, one with little room for mistakes and no room for bloat within our companies. The first “P” stands for people.  Email readers, continue here.] 

Marketing Presentation from Blue Glass Conference

Both Sides of the Table

I recently spoke at the Blue Glass conference on the topic of marketing. I’ll write up some thoughts in a blog post format soon. I’ve been spending time looking at marketing conversion metrics at portfolio companies lately. How do brand pages convert relative to the Timeline. How well do YouTube ad campaigns work? hint: remove

Could Crowdsourcing Capital Kill Your Company?

Steve Reich

Yesterday, I joined a group of Pasadena and Tech Coast Angels for a discussion of crowdsourcing equity investments for startups.  The discussion was lively, to say the least.  The key takeaway–there are pitfalls here that could kill your company if you do it wrong. That’s the good news. Can you imagine what happens should a company fail? 

Can Green Superheroes Develop Sustainable Business Strategies?

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 -- Can Green Superheroes Develop Sustainable Business Strategies? Clean Technology Council is the areas largest clean tech gathering. Our keynote speaker is Gerald Olesker, CEO of award winning ADG ECO LIGHTING PRODUCTS. Gerald will discuss how to create a sustainable business and what are the best opportunities. See [link].

Should the FDA Regulate Mobile Health Apps?

Tech Zulu Event

Is a mobile health app a medical device? According to the FDA the answer is yes, and if pending legislation passes in the U.S. Here’s the issue.

Lifecrowd, EventUp Team Up


According to the two, they will showcase "distinctive" Eventup locations with Lifecrowd's activities, through a series of events. technology studio.

Really do think outside the box.


Creative entrepreneurs find niches for their business that are not full of competitors fighting over the last dollar of margin, or niches that are mature and shrinking in size.  They search for areas unexplored, or those covered by companies with less of a vision for quality, service or innovation. Email readers, continue here.] 


Ask the Angels

Maverick Spearheads First-In-History Southern California Angel Summit on May 16, Sheppard Mullin Title Sponsor. Maverick Angels, an International Angel Group with locations in Southern California, Utah and Europe, today announced the “First Annual Southern California Angel Summit” which took place on May 16, 2012, at USC. 818-706-7686.

Online Masters: Infographic

Technology Council

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CFO Essentials: Austin Beutner

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 -- CFO Essentials. Please join SingerLewak and L.A. Mayoral candidate, Austin Beutner, for our CFO Essentials series in Los Angeles on June 5th, where he will discuss the state of L.A. and how our current economy can have significant impact on your business enterprise. See [link] (more

Enjoy The New TechZulu

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I’d like to start out with a HUGE virtual hug to our awesome community. Category Callouts. Search. Get in Touch. Have an event coming up?

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Qualcomm Re-Ups Investment In Mobile Management Firm Visage


San Diego-based Qualcomm has renewed its investment in Visage , as part of a Series C funding for the enterprise mobility management software provider.