January, 2012

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Nine Startup Tips From Walt Disney


Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. Other installments include: Jeff Bezos , Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. 1.

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How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

Raising money is hard. And when you’re relatively new to the process it’s easy to be confused by the process. Executive Summary. Call high.

StartupRoar Adds Personalized Subscriptions


Aggregage , the platform that powers StartupRoar has added a powerful personalization engine. Now with personalization it's even better.

Angel Investing Trends for 2012

Ask the Angels

Written By  Cindy Vanegas. Published December 29, 2011. FOXBusiness. Please no more social networks, music sharing or group commerce ideas! Wrong.

The Future of Couponing | How Social-Local-Mobile has Changed the Game

Tech Zulu Event

Paul Breummer, Search Engine Land. Due to the combination of these factors, marketers began to more heavily fund digital platforms.

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HipGeo Launches Updated iPhone Travel Blogging App


READ MORE>>. networking social blogging travel iphone hipgeo

UCI Entrepreneurship: Milton Chang, Incubic

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 -- Milton Chang, Ph.D., Managing Director, Incubic Management (a venture capital fund in Mountain View, CA). Entrepreneurship Course, 2012 Guest Speaker Lectures, Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UC Irvine. Free and open to the public.

Spotlight: LA Tech Judges and SuperDemo Bill Gross of Idealab!

Tech Zulu Event

SuperDemo: Bill Gross. Bill Gross founded Idealab in March 1996 and serves as the company’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

The Characteristics of Exceptional Entrepreneurs: How to Break Out of the Pack

Jason Nazar

I recently gave a speech at the MBA program at Pepperdine University on “How to Break Out of the Pack” It was a talk to a large group of budding entrepreneurs who were looking for some advice on what exceptional business leaders do to distinguish themselves from everyone else. The video (to be added soon) will include the full talk.

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Uncovering Awesome Startup Ideas


His talk was especially intriguing, as he attended UCSB, but dropped out to start a clothing design company. free weekly Infochachkie articles!

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Spend 2012 on the Right Side of the Haimish Line

Both Sides of the Table

Occasionally on this blog I break away from industry commentary and write more broadly. The first day of 2012 seems the perfect day to do so. Randomly.

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Factual Releases PHP Driver


The firm said the API wraps its Read, Crosswalk, Resolve, and Schema APIs, simplifying access ot its database of 55 million global places. READ MORE>>.

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Watch out for the gray areas in non-competes.


   What if you are the seller of a previous business or shares amounting to more than an insignificant percentage of a previous business?  Certainly the buyer’s asset purchase documents included a non-compete clause, usually valid for two years from the date of the closing.  That does nothing to regain your right to its purchased information. 

Congrats To The Spotlight: LA Tech Winter Presenting Companies at Caltech

Tech Zulu Event

The time has finally arrived! Months of submissions and the amazing  help from our judges , the Spotlight is shinning down on awesome companies that were born right out of Southern California. For those who still might be wondering what Spotlight: LA Tech is all about, It’s a screening room for new technology homegrown in our region. Join Us.

How to Be a Great Entrepreneur: VIDEO

Jason Nazar

Its a collection of life & business lessons that the most successful entrepreneurs have applied to achieve amazing feats.

Nine Startup Tips From Michael Dell


Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series. Degree? For many entrepreneurs, college has little appeal. Look around.

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Interesting New Tech Blog for your Radar Screen

Both Sides of the Table

Why should you care? Well, it is established by some of the industries more successful investors – Mike Maples and Roger McNamee.

MySpace, Panasonic Unveil Social TV Service


The service--which takes advantage of Myspace's library of music videos and songs--runs on Panasonic's VIERA Connect enabled HDTVs. READ MORE>>.

Entrepreneurs: Do it your way.


Yes, this is a takeoff from Frank Sinatra’s song, where he did it his way and got away with it.  You’re building a company from your vision and a passion, and lots of people are going to tell you that you have this or that wrong, and that it just won’t work. And it is better to assimilate the best suggestions into your cake as you bake it. .

Social Media Trend Spotting Turns $20,000 into over $2 million

Tech Zulu Event

 . Recently when at Blog World I got an advance copy of “Laughing at Wall Street” by Chris Camillo. He teaches how to take the risk out of being risky.

LADOTNET February Event

SoCal Tech Calendar

Monday, February 6, 2012 -- LADOTNET February Event. The Los Angeles.NET Developers Group is The Premier Forum for Los Angeles Area.NET Developers. The purpose of the organization is to support local developers and businesses with the latest information and education on Microsoft.NET technologies. See [link] (more

Steve Blank Discusses: The Ideal Venture Capitalist


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Blank, author of Four Steps To The Epiphany , Stanford Professor and noted entrepreneur.

Mark Suster’s Advice To Emerging Entrepreneurs – “Do Not Do, As I Have Done”


Mark is a Partner at GRP Partners and authors one of the most widely read startup blogs, BothSidesOfTheTable. free weekly Infochachkie articles! Sales.

Your Startup Should Emulate The Beatles, Not A Flock Of Seagulls


Note: This is Part VI in the Startup Team Building series. Read Part I HERE , Part II HERE , Part III HERE , Part IV HERE and Part V HERE.

How Tal Siach Found The World’s Ugliest Facebook Profile


Tal Siach is a life-long serial entrepreneur who has mastered social media as a guerrilla marketing tool. free weekly Infochachkie articles! cried.”

CES | Healthy Living and Fast Cars

Tech Zulu Event

Wrapping up an amazing trip at the Consumer Electronic Shows (#CES), we find ourselves in the North Hall. This was our day in North Hall.

Best DROID for an Entrepreneur | DROID RAZAR MAXX

Tech Zulu Event

One of the worst things for an entrepreneur to have happen to them is to lose communication due to battery life. Or, Watch 8 movies in a row. Display.

CES 2012 Day 1 | Celebrity Endorsement Much?

Tech Zulu Event

Kyle here LIVE from the Consumer Electronic Show (#CES) in Las Vegas ladies and gentleman. What an amazing show. My Golf Swing Digitized.

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Elon Musk To Deliver Caltech Commencement


Caltech said Musk will deliver the commencement address for the school on June 15th at its campus in Pasadena. government. READ MORE>>.

Astronauts: SpaceX Opening A New American Frontier


In an interview with Space.com , astronaut Don Pettit called the SpaceX Dragon the " first of many wagon trains" which will be visitng the ISS.

Yardi Buys Software Firm


Santa Barbara-based Yarsi , which develops software for property management, said Thursday afternoon that it has acquired ALMSA Corporation , a provider of software for the assisted living industry. Financial terms of the buy were not disclosed. Yardi said it will maintain all of ALMSA's key personnel and its office in Eagle, Idaho. READ MORE>>.

Google Shuts Urchin, Other Services


Internet giant Google said Friday that it will be shutting down web analytics service Urchin , the onetime San Diego startup which had been acquired by Google in April of 2005. Since the beginning of the year, Google has been making an effort to chop projects which are not core to the "overall Google experience" or haven't met its expectations.

Southern California Firms Raise $738M In Q4 2011


The latest numbers from the PricewaterhouseCoopers/National Venture capital Association MoneyTree survey, which is based on data from Thomson Reuters, tallies $738.34M invested in Southern California in Q4 of 2011. The amount is up from $528.0M raised in Q4 of 2010, and up from the $652M invested in the region last quarter.

CES TV and Camera Heaven | Up to 92? of Viewing Glory

Tech Zulu Event

After a rocking day one at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (#CES), we hoped it would only get better…and it did. Today’s