June, 2012

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Startups and a Common Misunderstanding in Agile Software Development


I've done four Free CTO Consulting Sessions in the past month with startup founders who all had run into variations of the same problem.

7 Business Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Never Make (Twice)


“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”. During those same 15-years, I made innumerable mistakes.

Represent.LA Looks To Map LA Startups


Brown says that the site is a way to "promote the LA tech scene and strengthen the community bonds that span across a wide distance and many freeways."

Leadership Strategy: Always Take the High Road

Frank Addante

When you lead a business, moving forward and achieving results are always more important than being right. Maybe it's because I'm part-Italian.

The Power of Torso TV (Why Media is Racing to the Middle)

Both Sides of the Table

This article originally ran on TechCrunch. Chris Anderson wrote a really influential book some years ago called “ The Long Tail ” that shaped how many people think about emerging Internet markets. If you haven’t read it you should consider adding it to you library. It was especially influential in my mind in thinking about media.

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Interview with Matthew Goldman, Wallaby


Do you have a wallet full of rewards credit cards, but don't have any idea how to best earn enough points to take advantage of those rewards? Thanks!

Manage your MANTRA.


I am constantly surprised when speaking with entrepreneurs and CEO’s who act puzzled and a bit flustered when I ask, “So what is your mantra? Tell me about your company in ten words or less.” Almost every one begins a long explanation of their business that is nearly impossible to follow, let alone recall a few moments later. So what is your mantra?

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India Trade Conference 2012

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, June 28, 2012 -- India Trade Conference 2012. You are cordially invited to the 5th Annual India Trade Conference being presented by the Port of Los Angeles, U.S. Commercial Service, and Quanta Consulting, Inc. Partners include TIE, USC Marshall, BeWo and Southern California Edison. See [link] (more

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LA Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti to Keynote Inaugural Silicon Beach Fest

Tech Zulu Event

He communicates regularly with constituents using his Twitter account: @ericgarcetti. Click here to register.

Want to Get Rich? Listen to Your Customers Like These Founders……

Steve Reich

This is not an article about the high moral purpose and the nobility of listening to your customers. It is an article about how to make your company worth a fortune by listening to your customers. Why does Google dominate search? They obsess about having the best search out there. Why do so many of us have iPhones? Where will you focus?”

Inventor Or Innovator – Which Are You?


This article originally appeared on Forbes HERE. Philo was an inventor, not an innovator. Inventor And Innovator Characteristics. A Small Fortune.

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LoveIt Gets $6M For Photo Sharing, Collecting


Look out, Pinterest -- Pasadena-based LoveIt is looking to unseat the popularity of the photo sharing site, with its new platform, and $6M in funding.

Incremental differentiation doesn’t cut it anymore.


One important element of positioning a company is pricing strategy. There are five niches you can chose when defining your positioning strategy: price, quality, service, innovation, and elegance. And although many positioning efforts cross the lines between these, great companies play to the strength of just one. Positioning

Social Media School - Beginners

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, June 28, 2012 -- Social Media School - Beginners. It's time to dive into the social media world. If you have been wondering about social media and how to get involved , this is the class for you. Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Google+ and other platforms are reviewed in this interactive class. Email Amani@woodsidemediagroup.com.

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Boston Startup School Launches | Education 2.0

Tech Zulu Event

As we continue this monumental year in the startup realm, we welcome a newcomer – Boston Startup School. great jobs. ” - Shaun Johnson.

Rally Raises $4.4 Million via Crowdfunding

Steve Reich

If you’re interested in crowdfunding, you need to read this PandoPost: Rally Funding. Ok, so they cheated a little. They already had major VCs in the deal. It’s still a huge step for crowdfunding. The money is in…now the real fun begins. Track this one.

6 Hands-on Tips To Conquer Your Entrepreneurial Fears


This article originally appeared on Forbes HERE. If you haven’t already subscribed yet, subscribe now for free weekly Infochachkie articles!

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MySocialCloud: Avoid Hacks, Use Our Random Password Generator


Are you one of the folks who spent this afternoon changing your LinkedIn password, after a password leak at the popular business social networking site? If so, Los Angeles-based MySocialCloud has a feature for you: an automatic, random password generator. LinkedIn said Wednesday afternoon that about 6.5 READ MORE>>.

A good case study is worth many paid ads.


We have grown more than a bit weary of most advertising, no matter in what form. Dave’s book: Positioning. Positioning

Variety 2012 Venture Capital and New Media Summit

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 -- 2012 Venture Capital and New Media Summit. Variety is pleased to announce the return of its Venture Capital and New Media Summit on June 27 at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles. See [link] (more

Strategy is Defined by Big Picture | Art of Leadership 2012

Tech Zulu Event

According to Govindarajan these three boxes are universally significant; where strategy should be divided at every company. In the boxes he writes: 1.

Raising Money from “Super Angels”

Steve Reich

The stories are everywhere…VCs and Angel groups are passe’–the cool kids are raising money from “Super Angels” Just go talk to a friendly millionaire, and he/she will simply write a check to finance your “A” round. Need a few million? No problem. Oh, and it happens quickly, too. And they are out there.

An Interview with Dr. Kevin J. Scanlon

Ask the Angels

June 2012. link]. Axon Intelligence Media’s Sandya Menon and Ashwini Naganthran. interviewed Dr. Kevin J. Scanlon, Chairman of the Pasadena Angels Investment Group. What are you doing to improve Pasadena Angels? We have learned many investment lessons over the past 12 years; we. Angels. effectively. screening process. investors. product.

BlockBeacon Releases iPhone App For Local Deals


The startup--backed by Resolute.vc--also said it is expanding beyond Santa Monica to include all of California. READ MORE>>. blockbeacon iphone

Define your story before anyone else does.


It is an old warning in the entertainment industry. Define your persona the way you want others to view you – before someone else defines you by comparing you to someone not as flattering as you would like. I have a friend in the music business who worked hard to gain introductions to, and become mentored by, several known names in the business.

Social Media School - Intermediate

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 -- Social Media School - Intermediate. Come and enjoy the second part of Social Media School. Take a deep dive in platforms such as paper.li, ifttt, quora, Facebook Insights, Delicio.us and others and learn how they can enhance your personal and professional life. Email Amani@woodsidemediagroup.com.

Silicon Beach Fest | Panels, Hackathons, and Much More!

Tech Zulu Event

Things are starting to heat up and not just weather wise here in the LA Tech scene. Join us for 3 days of Panels, Hackathons, BBQ, and beach fun.

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Exploring the YouTube Ecosystem at YT Access 2012

Steve Reich

John Greathouse of Rincon Ventures told me the YouTube ecosystem was “the Wild West.” ” That was the understatement of the week, as I learned by attending YouTube’s Premium Partner conference, YouTube Access 2012. The event was last week in New York. And YouTube is doing everything it can to expand professional content. Rapidly.

Insights and Opinions: Learning How to Meet Investors


How do you go about meeting investors? One key are is learning how to network. Networking skills aren't obvious. It wasn't. That was his opening line.

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Interview with Michael Wong, MergeLocal


Are users willing to check into local businesses with another, mobile check-in product? What is MergeLocal? Why would someone want to use your site?

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FundaGeek Looks To Help Researchers Find Crowdfunding


Are you a scientific researcher, looking to help fund one of your research projects using crowdfunding? FundaGeek , the crowdsourcing site led by Dan Gutierrez, has launched a new portal site it says is specifically aimed at helping those researchers use the crowdfunding craze to address their research areas. READ MORE>>.

Leads360 Snags CTO From LiveOffice


Los Angeles-based Leads360 , which develops sales automation software, said this morning that it has named Mark DuVall as its Chief Technology Officer. DuVall joins the company from LiveOffice, which was recently acquired by Symantec. DuVall also has served at such firms as TRW, and has more than 29 years of experience in the industry. READ MORE>>.

Amazon Studios Sets First Four Content Projects


Amazon Studios , the content development effort being run out of Amazon.com's Los Angeles arm, the People's Production Company, has set the first four projects being developed by the company. According to Amazon, it has selected one children's show and three comedies as the first four content development efforts at the company. READ MORE>>.

Silicon Beach Heads To The White House To Discuss Jobs, Innovation


to talk about job creation, the economy, and innovation. Photo courtesy BigStock.com READ MORE>>. jobs house white whitehouse beach silicon