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Interview with Mark Suster, GRP Partners


This morning's interview is with Mark Suster , a venture capitalist at GRP Partners ( GRP has just recently closed on a new $200M fund, and Mark has been one of the more active venture capitalists in the Los Angeles area in recent months. He offered it up, and they accepted it straight away. more).

Entrepreneur’s Don’t Think Enough. Here’s What You Can Do About It …

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Every so often I find myself caught up in a really hectic 3-4 week schedule where it seems like I float endlessly betweens meetings. Pitches.

Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?

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I’m often asked the question about why there aren’t more women who are entrepreneurs. We need to start encouraging it in our youth.

ChowNow Raises $3M to Level the Online Food Ordering Field for Small Biz

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Steven Dietz, Partner at GRP said, “GRP works with entrepreneurs solving important challenges for many people.

Meet Launchpad LA’s Graduating Startups

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Over 500 startups applied last quarter to Launchpad LA’s accelerator, but only eight were chosen. This is class four for Launchpad LA.

What Mattered in 2012: Mark Suster, GRP Partners


The most significant news for GRP Partners in 2012 was the first close of our 4th venture fund. American consumers watch 5.3 READ MORE>>.

Mark Suster, Nely Galan to Keynote Silicon Beach Fest

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Panel titles include “Meet the Investors,” “Celebs and Startups,” “Fashion Content,” “Growing Your Online Audience,” and more. Media Partners.

The Entrepreneur Thesis

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But when I’m looking to invest the dollars that my Limited Partners have entrusted my firm with I’m going with my view. They hate you for life.

The Best Entrepreneurs Are Hyper Competitive & Hate Losing

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You need to be extremely gifted on some fronts to be enormously successful as an entrepreneur – but still human. OK. I had to say it. 9. 

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Cojones (7/11)

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So we as VCs search for entrepreneurs/founders who have the whole package or as much of it as possible. Tags: Start-up Advice

Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

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Launchpad LA today announces it will accept applications for its third class of Los Angeles-based tech startups. History. For the past 2.5

Why Startups Need to Blog (and what to talk about …)

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But should you actually write one if you’re a startup, an industry figure (lawyer, banker) or VC? How do I get started? Blogs.

Innovation Crush | How an Investor Thinks Through Innovation

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Every day, 1000’s of new bright-eyed and bushy tailed companies sprout from depths of start-up soil. 

Why You Should Give Before You Get

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One of the most common questions I hear from first-time entrepreneurs is, “How do I meet angels?” Startup Advice Then Get.

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Want to Start a Technology Company in LA?

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You’re not in the grind of your staff being constantly approached by every other start-up within 10 miles.  So it’s always a trade-off.

Steven Blank Kills It at Greycroft CEO Summit

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Get your product/market fit working before you ramp up your costs (or raise too much money). And market your brand, not your personality. Magic.

Silicon Beach Fest Celebrates Tech Startups and Hollywood in LA | Pics, Highlights and What’s Next!

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Panels were based at hubs including Leadership, Branding / Advertising, Social Media, Entrepreneurs, Community and more. To start: Hackathon.

GRP Announces $200 Million Fund. Rebrands as Upfront Ventures

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I am super excited to announce that today is a day of lots of new things for my partners & me: A new fund, a new office and a new brand.

Why John Frankel Leaned in Early on Klout and Cornerstone OnDemand and What He Sees Next

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It all started in 2010 with Klout. Every startup needs accounting and it’s often a huge distraction and non core. Smart.

To Be Successful You’ll Need to Shake Hands and Kiss Babies.

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But I found resonance in meeting the local investors and startups. My ride picked me up this morning at 3.30am California time. Still.

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RingRevenue Creates A New Performance Marketing Revenue Channel


Why aren’t there a half-dozen well-funded startups running up your tailpipe? Accountability starts at an individual level. Brady”.

The Power of Getting the Band Back Together

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Startups are hard. You join teams that got good write-ups on TechCrunch, have great VCs, have star CEO’s, whatever. ” Wowza.

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GRP Excited to add Sam Rosen to Its Ranks. How Did He Get the Role? Hustle. Here’s the Story.

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became aware of Sam several years ago as I started noticing his name repeated in the comments section of my blog. Come to entrepreneur pitches.

DogVacay Awards College Scholarship


The scholarship also includes a conference call with DogVacay CEO Aaron Hirschhorn--who, aside from his experience starting DogVacay, previously spent his days vetting startup ideas as a venture capitalist. school scholarship student entrepreneur startup college marketplace sitting dogvacayREAD MORE>>.

Here are More Signs that LA Tech is Moving to the Next Level

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I wrote a blog post on how to work with lawyers at a startup  nearly two-and-a-half years ago. If you don’t have much experience in working with law firms at a startup it’s a good primer. In that post I talked about how to select a law-firm for a startup. Startup-focused. Los Angeles Startup Advice

Special Report: Who's Funding What, Really?


There's been a lot of talk about the boom in Southern California's startup world. 500 Startups. GRP Partners. being funded.

Interview with Sam Teller, LaunchpadLA


We were founded in 2009 by Mark Suster from GRP Partners. We also recommend to entrepreneurs to try and find a technical co-founder.

Bolstering the Partner Ranks at GRP

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It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce that we have added Greg Bettinelli as a partner at GRP Partners. Golf more?

Insights and Opinions: Avoid Monoculture


Esther was talking about problems and entrepreneurs as far away as Russia. It was an enterprise 2.0 Continued.). Travel. Read Widely.

LaunchpadLA Names Second Class


Los Angeles-based Launchpad LA , the startup mentoring effort spearheaded by GRP Partners' Mark Suster, is announcing this afternoon that it has selected 10 startups for the second season of the program. Tags: incubation mentoring startup launchpadla READ MORE>>.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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In the same year they won Business Insider’s Startup competition. Startup AdviceAnd we wanted a head of global marketing. He did.

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A Few Key People Really Can Make a Huge Difference

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As I gear up to give a keynote at the annual Seattle 2.0 will start recruiting soon. Passionate Entrepreneurs & Ambassadors.

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Can You Really Build a Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

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In my LA I often see computer screens open with entrepreneurs talking about digital media. That sets us up nicely for the next phase of the web.

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Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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RSS ); Why You Should Start a Company in. But emerging entrepreneurial hubs around the country are giving startup aspirants options.

Mark Suster: New, $200M Fund, and GRP's New Name, Upfront Ventures


All of our partners are based here. GRP stood for Global Retail Partners. Tell us about the new fund? Thanks! READ MORE>>.

StartupSD: Mark Suster

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Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur who has gone to the Dark Side of VC. He joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to Mark is a UCSD graduate and writes one of the best startup blogs on the Internet. He focuses on early-stage technology companies. See [link] (more

If the Venture Model is Broken, Who??s Funding All These Startups?

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Thursday, December 9, 2010 -- If the Venture Model is Broken, Whos Funding All These Startups? What is the new business of investing  startups are getting funded at rapid speeds, if venture is broken, whos doing the investing? Dealmaker Media LA. See [link] (more

Insights and Opinions: GRP's Mark Suster on Startup Mistakes


This morning's Insights and Opinions article comes from venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners , who shares some of the most common mistakes he sees startups making. often talk with entrepreneurs who are kicking around their next idea. Read more on the most common startup mistakes.

Changes in Software & Venture Capital – Part 2 of 3

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This led to an explosion in startups. would put my firm, GRP Partners in with the group working with teams in different ways.

Why I’m Doubling Down on the Twitter Ecosystem

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But that’s not the deal they made with us when we signed up. The Twitter Ecosystem for Startups & Investors. What does that mean?