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Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


These alternative platforms have, in turn, grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs who recognize the market vertical isn’t shrinking anytime soon.

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Why Teenagers Make Great Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have weighed in from time to time and their answers tend to fall into two camps. Wrong.

How Do VCs Choose Their Investors (and should entrepreneurs care?)

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There are a lot of things I think entrepreneurs should care about when raising from a VC: How big or small their fund is? Why? 1. Beezer did.

One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

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” I have long thought about and written about the personal toll that being an entrepreneur places on your life. Entrepreneur Advice

You Can’t Teach People To Be Entrepreneurs, But Entrepreneurs Can Be Taught


Despite the fact that I teach entrepreneurship at UC Santa Barbara , I do not believe that entrepreneurs are created in classrooms. Challenging.

Four Questions Entrepreneurs Should Answer Before Dropping Out Of College


Are you an entrepreneur that is thinking about dropping out of college? However, as made clear in Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?

How To Snag Lunch With A High-Profile Entrepreneur


Benedikt''s description of his encounters with Adam is an effective primer for young entrepreneurs who want to expand their network beyond their peers.

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Uncovering Awesome Startup Ideas


Seth is a design-oriented entrepreneur, with little desire to document details. Entrepreneur Videofree weekly Infochachkie articles!

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Every Entrepreneur Has A Bob Dylan Moment – What’s Yours?


However, like all entrepreneurs, I’ve had multiple versions of my own Dylan Moments. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

Why ADD Might Actually Benefit Startup Entrepreneurs

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” This sentiment is probably familiar to many entrepreneurs and it must certainly resonates with anybody who suspects he or she has ADD. It was called “ Delivered from Distraction ” and it outlines many successful executives with ADD and in particular some famous entrepreneurs. This is a help in itself. p.p.s.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

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Entrepreneurs make fast decisions and move forward knowing that at best 70% of their decisions are going to be right.  Not you. Charts. 

Honesty Is An Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon


Multiple surveys confirm that honesty is one of the most common traits of serial entrepreneurs. Truer words were never spoken. Share and Enjoy.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Entrepreneurs

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For example, one of our members started a project to help emerging artists put on high-quality exhibits. So she started a conference for girls.

Entrepreneur’s Don’t Think Enough. Here’s What You Can Do About It …

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Now, I’m pretty on the record that being an entrepreneur is about being great at The Do. Entrepreneur AdvicePitches. Intros. Think.

American Entrepreneurs – Be Happy You Are Not In Spain


Fredi''s email is worth reading, as it reinforces how lucky American entrepreneurs truly are. He founded Alpha Origins in 2011. Fredi''s Plea.

Entrepreneurs Should Create A Degree – Not Buy One Off The Rack


Entrepreneurs create their own jobs, why shouldn’t they also create their own degrees? A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

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Online Entrepreneurs: Get Sales Tax Compliant For 2016


The following sales tax compliance checkup will help you make sure you’ll start 2016 on the right track. Whether you’re never paid sales taxes before or you’re a seasoned expert, this checklist will help you stay on the right side of the law when it comes to sales tax compliance. A version of this article previously appeared Forbes.

Want To Trip Out? This Entrepreneur Can Hook You Up


Greathouse : Let''s start with a question that will be especially helpful for my UC Santa Barbara students. Ever fantasized about climbing Mt.

Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?

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I’m often asked the question about why there aren’t more women who are entrepreneurs. ” [it's short, you should read it].

3 Reasons SaaS Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Build Their Own Portals


The opportunity for service providers is to help companies, especially those at the enterprise level, to integrate their SaaS modules.

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Why Startup Entrepreneurs Need to Communicate More Like George Bush Than Al Gore

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Most Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs I know are more like Al Gore. Entrepreneur AdviceThis article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

How Classy Is Helping Nonprofits To Attract and Retain Supporters


think we're actually helping to solve that problem. What is Classy? But, what we're building now is a social contact platform. Thanks!

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Inequality and Divisiveness


In Sweden, citizens and entrepreneurs gladly pay taxes because of all the personal and social benefits those taxes produce.

7 Business Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Never Make (Twice)


As an entrepreneur, I helped create companies which achieved two IPOs and two trade sales totaling $385 million. Grant Exclusivity.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Respected More Than Loved

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You help them prioritize their objectives and review the results. They want to help the organization determine what must be built and when. In my experience entrepreneurs too worried about being loved make poor decisions and thus poor leaders. Entrepreneurs should care more about respect. How hard could it be? Power.

CoFoundersLab Matches Entrepreneurs Scientifically

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The reason I am doing this is because this is the way I can have the biggest impact on helping entrepreneurship become more successful.”.

Honk Launches On Demand Roadside Help Service, Raises $1.8M


Santa Monica-based Honk has launched a service for you, specifically to let you summon roadside help using your smartphone--without a membership. Honk, which launched this morning, said that it has launched nationwide to help connect drivers with more than 20,000 tow and roadside assistance drivers nationwide. READ MORE>>.

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One Simple Paragraph Every Entrepreneur Should Add to Their Convertible Notes

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I’m so tired of seeing young entrepreneurs get screwed by their angel investors on convertible notes and I know I can’t convince you not to do it so I’d like to offer one simple bit of advice to help you avoid getting screwed (at least on one part of your note). It’s the silent screwing that stings.

This Hollywood Star Proves Entrepreneurs Should Be Clueless


The fact that Hedy and Antheil were clueless, made them fearless – two qualities all entrepreneurs should have in abundance. In 1937, Ms.

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Take On Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment


Although many are entertaining, most fail to provide entrepreneurs with a sufficient return on their time investment. Yes.”. Fan, Not A Fan Boy.

LA Mayor Garcetti Launches Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program


angeles entrepreneur residence innovation jobs government city garcetti mayor Young Presidents Organization (YPO). READ MORE>>.

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A Serial Entrepreneur’s Take On Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson’s Venture Deals


They are both former entrepreneurs and current Partners at Foundry Group , a highly successful, early stage venture firm. Book Entrepreneur

Three Words Entrepreneurs (and VC’s) Should Take to Heart

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For me, after nearly a decade in the trenches of being an entrepreneur I felt I was un-brainwashed from trying to pretend I had all the answers. The more self-assured the VC is and the more impressionable the entrepreneur is the worse the outcome. And I encourage entrepreneurs to triangulate as well. Which one takes a shower?’

Social Search – What Entrepreneur Needs To Know


The post Social Search – What Entrepreneur Needs To Know appeared first on John Greathouse Search Meets Social = Commerce.

Should You Really be a Startup Entrepreneur?

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One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs who meet me for the first time like to ask is, “Do you miss being an entrepreneur

Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

The technology meet-up scene is an odd co-mingling of entrepreneurs, engineers, social media mavens, service providers, and up and comers. By being the person that focuses on helping others you’ll instantly stand out among the crowd and will build a bank account full of goodwill that you’ll be able to repeatedly withdraw from in the future.

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Five Trick Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Asking For Money


However, certain questions can be tricky for an entrepreneur to answer. Question 1: What will your exit look like? The Best Policy, Redux.

How This Entrepreneur Raised $28,000 Using Airbnb to Fund Her Startup

Both Sides of the Table

She actually IS the prototypical entrepreneur. But Tracy did what entrepreneurs do. She’s a painter and a self-proclaimed Bohemian.

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How Entrepreneurs Avoid Stagnation And Scale Their Startups

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Coming up with a new idea, and launching your startup is one thing, three entrepreneurs do this every second. Alon Rajic,   Finofin LTD.

Entrepreneurs Should Forget ROI And Focus On Return On Life: The New Measure Of Wealth


Tige''s story of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who creates a renowned business in Fiji is pretty epic on its face. The people are amazing.