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SOCi Scores $2.25M For Social Media Marketing Tools


San Diego-based SOCi , a developer of social media management and marketing software, has raised $2.25M in funding, the company said Wednesday. SOCi is taking aim at competitors such as Hootsuite, with what it says is a "next-generation" social media content discovery and marketing product. READ MORE>>.

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Fan Appz Launches Social Media Marketing Product


Los Angeles-based Fan Appz , which is headed by Jon Siegal, said today that it has launched a new social media marketing product. Fan Appz said it differs from other, social media marketing products because it is focused on helping brands close a sale. service software marketing media social appz fanappz

BAT Launches Social Media Efforts With Celebrities


Irvine-based Brand Affinity Technologies , the new startup of Ryan and Chad Steelberg, said this morning that it has launched social media campaigns for three companies. Financial details of the new social media campaign wins were not announced. brand affinity technologies social media celebrity advertising

Social Media School - Beginners

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, June 28, 2012 -- Social Media School - Beginners. It's time to dive into the social media world. If you have been wondering about social media and how to get involved , this is the class for you. Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Google+ and other platforms are reviewed in this interactive class.

Google Plus: First Impressions

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Google, they’ve cracked a nut here. Now, there’s Google+. Holy cow is Google+ fast and responsive. Google Buzz.

Fan Appz Launch Social Media Marketing Product


Los Angeles-based Fan Appz , which is headed by Jon Siegal, said today that it has launched a new social media marketing product. Fan Appz said it differs from other, social media marketing products because it is focused on helping brands close a sale. fanappz appz social media marketing software service


6 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Startup Bandwagon

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Piaw Na, who spent over six years at Google, writes on Quora that she recommends fresh grads to join a startup instead of big companies.

YouTubers Come Of Age – Google Scores A Solid Return On Its Video Development Fund


During the latter half of 2011, Google awarded a number of leading YouTubers and nascent Internet TV networks grants of $1 million to $2 million.

Break Out From The Comfort Zone | Networking For Designers

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have applied at Google 1000 times, never heard back, but I used social media to finally get a call from them about a decade later.

TZ Presents: ‘Nice Guys’ DO Finish First In Business | Fireside Chat With Greg Cargill

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TechZulu is excited to invite you to a fireside chat with Greg Cargill, VP of Client Services and Social Media at  BLITZ. Venue Sponsor.

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SodaHead Ties With Google Analytics


Los Angeles-based SodaHead , the online social discussion and voting site, is one of the launch partners for the new Google Analytics Social Media features, Google said this week. sodahead google analytics social analysis trafficREAD MORE>>.

Social Media for Service Professionals


Unfortunately, that means that every post you should stop and think about the title and maybe even research it using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Scopely Dangles $11K, Bacon, Beer For Recruits


Scopely is headed by Eytan Elbaz, one of the co-founders of Applied Semantics, the firm which eventually became Google AdSense. READ MORE>>.

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Creating A Better Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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It’s difficult enough to get any traction at all on social media or PPC ads, and even harder to maximize ROI on them.

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Liars and Cheaters are the Only Ones who Get Rich

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The Fireside Chat to kick things off is tomorrow night, Wednesday, in Santa Monica at ROC , which is located in the old Google building.

Small Business Marketing | Get Customers versus Get Leads

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great example of a website displaying amazing social proof with client results is Killian’s Workshop for how to book commercials. 2.  CRAZY.

Tech Transforms the Election Experience, From VR to Voter Registration


But headset users who join AltspaceVR will have some interesting social options. See how it works here.).

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Facebook + TV = Your Show

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Social Studios TV introduces you to a new (beta) Facebook app called, Your Show and bridges the gap between TV and social media.

myfab5 Wanst to Reinvent The Way You Find Food | Interview With Co-Founder Calvin Schemanski

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Our direct competitors include big companies like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook, a bunch of medium-sized companies like UrbanSpoon.

Demo Video Lab | Crowdfunding Secrets to Success

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On Saturday February 9, Demo Video Lab is holding a one-day event to teach secrets to successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign. Web Series.

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Hallo | Just Say Hallo with Social Voice App

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Hallo social platform is nothing to snicker at. The post Hallo | Just Say Hallo with Social Voice App appeared first on TechZulu.

Social Media, the Customer Service Spectator, or Superstar?

Eric Greenspan

Social media can help bridge a long standing gap between customers and the companies they trust with their hard earned cash. Thank you.

Cheers App Launches | Adding Cheers to your Day [Exclusive Video With Farhad Mohit]

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Each time a cheers is posted others are able to cheers to it as well, creating this social effect giving everyone involved the expression celebration.

Viddy #Splashmob | Balls, Bikinis, Boards plus personal Snoop Dogg & Justin Bieber Vids

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The next generation will be real time mobile streaming from handheld to handheld, kinda like Google Glasses but with more viewers.”.

Demand Media Buys Two Firms, Renews Google Ad Deal


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online publishing empire run by Richard Rosenblatt, said Tuesday afternoon that it has acquired two companies, plus renewed a deal with Google. As part of that effort, Demand Media said its inventory will be included in the premium Google Display Network Reserve. READ MORE>>.


Advanced Social Media School

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 -- Advanced Social Media School. It's time to take your social media knowledge to the next level. Attend class and learn about ifttt,, Quora, Rebel Mouse, Glossi, Dropbox, the Google Office Suite and other platforms and apps. Email

Social Media School - Intermediate

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 -- Social Media School - Intermediate. Continued Education about all things social. Aggregators - The importance of a good social media aggregator. Google Docs - Sharing Documents and project collaboration. Google Analytics - Where is all my traffic coming from? Email.

Social Media 101

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Thursday, August 23, 2012 -- Social Media 101. It's time to learn how social media can help you get to the next level personally and professionally. Experience a new co-working space in El Segundo as we will be hosted by the Action Factory. Email

SpeakerText | Video to Text Conversions

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New Media Social Media Startup Video AI card munch crowdsourcing Google Google Voice matt mireles matt swanson SEO speakertext transcription twillio tyler kieftThe average video on a website has a half-life of six days. This means that 50% of the videos lifetime views will happen in that time frame.

The Future with Social App Invasions | Snapchat, Then Came ‘Yo’ and Now It’s Emojli

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Fact: social media is among the top most powerful communication tools today. Will it be the next big thing after Google and Facebook?

How to Profit: “Thank You Metrics” – Community First, Money Second

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I am a raving fan of NOT just because they have the best deals on web based business tools. But you need to pay the bills!’ I resisted.

Social Media School

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 -- Social Media School. Are you interested in learning more about how social media can help make you more productive at work and at home? Have you heard about Evernote, Pinterest and Google+ but don't understand what all the hype is? Social Media School is in session.

The Future of Couponing | How Social-Local-Mobile has Changed the Game

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Groupon specifically has targeted this demographic, lending digital couponing a social reputation. Social Leads to Social Sharing.

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Science Inc Names 500 Startups Matt Monahan as VP Social Media Marketing

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has appointed Matt Monahan as its VP Social Media Marketing to stir its digital business acceleration. LA-based Science Inc.,

BLOGGER ALERT: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging

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Write those down and then head over to Google Keyword Tool. Go Viral without becoming a Virus. We’ll primarily be discussing written blogs.

Have you set your social media listening posts?


Google Alerts can be set for any parameter and then be set to deliver your results daily or more often using Growth!

Startup Weekend San Diego | Veterans, Service Members & Military Families

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The Google team was there to introduce Goggle’s tools for businesses and entrepreneurs. Checkout the full video of live presentations below.

SoCal Heads to SXSWi | 2012 Panel Picking Guide

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Social + Location + Mobile = The Perfect Beer (Untapped). Man vs Algorithm: Online Video Curation Face-Off (Tubefilter, Google).

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Q Manning of Rocksauce Studios | Founder Interview

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Microsoft and Google have both made significant headway into having an app deploy seamlessly on phone, tablet and on set-top devices.

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Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


It’s a fact: young people are becoming more socially conscious these days. Most recently, I came across Givvr.

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