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Watch an Ad, Help a Nonprofit Out


It’s a fact: young people are becoming more socially conscious these days. Most recently, I came across Givvr.

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Social Media Week Lands in Los Angeles Sept. 24-28

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They have broken events down by two hubs: Social Tech , and Entertainment. The events listed are as follows: SOCIAL TECH HUB. 24-28.

Harvest your social media contacts


You may not know that you have access to many “free” sources of social media contacts to help you in your marketing effort.

Fan Appz Launches Social Media Marketing Product


Los Angeles-based Fan Appz , which is headed by Jon Siegal, said today that it has launched a new social media marketing product. The firm said its Personalized Marketing Platform is aimed at brand, to help them turn their fans into customers. service software marketing media social appz fanappzREAD MORE>>.

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Social Media Trend Spotting Turns $20,000 into over $2 million

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Cheers to discovering a real return on using social media. He teaches how to take the risk out of being risky. How was this possible?

ShowUhow Links To Social Media Sites


San Diego-based ShowUhow , which develops video-based sales and product information for online retailers and manufacturers, said today that it has added a suite of social media integration features for the firm's offering. showuhow social media sales product information ecommerce twitter facebookREAD MORE>>.

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Spreeify Adds New Social Media Giveaway and Promotions Product


The company said its site helps run campaigns offering promotional items for people to discover, share, and win. READ MORE>>.

How Richard Branson and Snoop Dogg Use Social Media Vs. Social Unrest


It’s almost like we’re in a war right now. Nations are split in half. When we arrived on Necker Island before the U.K.

GumGum Launches New Social Media Analysis Tool


Santa Monica-based GumGum , the developer of digital advertising and marketing tools which tie advertising into online photographs and visual content, has rolled out a new social media analysis tool. gumgum social media advertising analysis twitter instagram facebook marketing analytics softwareREAD MORE>>.

Fan Appz Launch Social Media Marketing Product


Los Angeles-based Fan Appz , which is headed by Jon Siegal, said today that it has launched a new social media marketing product. The firm said its Personalized Marketing Platform is aimed at brand, to help them turn their fans into customers. fanappz appz social media marketing software serviceREAD MORE>>.


The 5 Biggest Tech Trends for Healthcare in 2016

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Social Media Engagement. You have probably had more than one patient bring you information they got from a social media source.

The New Crowdfunding Rules: Will They Really Help Startups?


Hailed as the true democratizer of private investment, crowdfunding has been attracting both headlines and a fast-growing pile of cash.

Manalto Gets $1M For Social Media Content Management


Santa Monica-based Manalto has raised $1M in a seed funding round, for the company''s social media content management software. The company said it is developing "social ERP software" aimed at large enterprises and franchises, helping companies to manage their marketing on Facebook. The company is led by Anthony Owen.

Loudie | Where Social Media Meets Ultimate Concert Fan

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Loudie is a gps location based iPhone application that combines the best of social media to help you keep up with all of your favorite concerts.

Bottlenose Lands $3.6M For Social Media Analytics


Bottlenose , a brand new startup in social media analytics, has raised $3.6M in a Series A funding round. Bottlenose said that its software is helping brands and agencies, including Pepsi, FleishmanHillard, Razorfish, and DigitasLBi, to map and track trends in social networks. Bottlenose is headed by Nova Spivack.

Why Mommy Bloggers Can Help Your Business

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We’ve included a link to their site, an email address (very hard to come by) and a social profile link. Parenting social media Mommy bloggers There are over 4,500 influential Mommy Bloggers covering topics from pregnancy to child raising to education. Some write about relationships and others about sex. INTERACT! ENGAGE!

Social Media Matching


People seem to be missing the really big picture of the value of social media and really the Internet for that matter. They look at how current social networking sites work and how online and offline relationships currently work and make the assumption that this represents the value proposition. Call it relationship inflation.

Social Media for Service Professionals


I'm hoping that others will help point me to other resources around this topic. A few things we discussed: Focus. This is that post. Linkbait.

V.360 | A Camera that Views What’s Around You

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The smartphone brought a lot of Instagram and Vine feeds to the world of social media.  Videos however, is what V.360’s all about. 

Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

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Companies want to see their social media investment drive sales.” Siegal added,“Social data holds the key. Close The Sale.

What We Should Be Saying On Facebook

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Social networks have changed the way we communicate and share ideas. Well, that time is now and you can help the process. social media facebook relevant marketing social networking” The idea here is Subway is listening and if not, they should be and most likely will be soon. So, give it a try.

6 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Startup Bandwagon

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By ownership I don’t mean equity, I mean the feeling of ownership when you become one of a few people to help something real get made and used.

The Social Media Rules of Engagement

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So often I find myself coaching others on how they behave on social networks. When you want my help, ask, in a message. 9. I’ll add yours here from the comments you provide! About me: I’m a dad, a social research marketer, customer service champion, closet chef, TEDster. Never ever poke me. link]. link].

Social Media Brand Image Guidelines for New Businesses

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For new businesses, social media marketing may seem a bit overwhelming. Construct a social media style guide.

PromoJam: Facebook IPO Celebrated In Drinks?


promojam facebook merger acquisition exit frenzy social mediaPlanning on celebrating that Facebook IPO tonight? READ MORE>>.

WESAWIT | Experience Events Through The Eyes of The Crowd

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The mobile app and website that allows people to capture and share images and videos of events through social media


Los Angeles Social Media Starters


I'm hoping you can help me figure out who I should be connecting with on this. find myself speaking at various venues in Los Angeles to tell people (most often service providers) about how I've used social media and particularly my blogs, LinkedIn, twitter and topic hubs as part of my own services business. Who's the audience?

15 Hacks to Raise the Most Money for Your Indiegogo Campaign

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Social Profiles. The key number is 10+ pieces of media, any combination. Use words like “bring” instead of the word “help”.

Creating A Better Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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It’s difficult enough to get any traction at all on social media or PPC ads, and even harder to maximize ROI on them.

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5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

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While social media can be a powerful way for businesses to interact with audiences, there are many costly mistakes that can be made in this area.

Liars and Cheaters are the Only Ones who Get Rich

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Greg Cargill will be sharing his story how he co-founded bigMETHOD, a social media marketing agency which was recently acquired by BLITZ Agency.

How The Promise Of Social Media Advertising Is Measuring Up For Adly


We''re the leading social advertising platform that leverages celebrity relationships. We really want to help brands actually sell stuff.

Concerns Keeping You From Social Media

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While social media is a hot topic for individuals and businesses, you would be surprised to learn that some businesses and individuals are simply avoiding even checking it out. Also, before you even tap into social media, make sure to ask about your employer’s policy when it comes to this new medium. Do you agree?

Indianapolis is the “It Place” to Start a Startup?

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image EPA/Andrew Gombert. Being an entrepreneur is about making a commitment no matter how painfully difficult it is to keep it. Amazing.

5 Reasons Growth Hacking is THE Most Important Function of a Startup

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Guest article by Richie Hecker, Founder of Bootstrapper Media. It’s the whole conversion flow. 3. About Richie Hecker.

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Likeabilitee Helps Identify Users' Most Popular Facebook Posts


Sylvester's firm, introNetworks, is known for its easy to use, visual tools for helping companies and others match up people with similar interests.

Break Out From The Comfort Zone | Networking For Designers

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have applied at Google 1000 times, never heard back, but I used social media to finally get a call from them about a decade later.

Small Business Tools that help with Website Development and Content Sharing

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GraphDat helps streamline the process of maintaining quick and reliable  server performance.

Callaway and Uber Partner | The Next Wave In Event Transportation

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Android Applications Apps & Software iOS Social Media #MyCallawayDriver Callaway golf mobile app ride sharing Uber US Open

Social Media, the Customer Service Spectator, or Superstar?

Eric Greenspan

Social media can help bridge a long standing gap between customers and the companies they trust with their hard earned cash.