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Velocify Rolls Out New Sales Prospecting Tool


Los Angeles-based Velocify , the developer of leads management and sales software, has rolled out a new tool call SalesCaddy. According to Velocify, the new tool uses social and professional networks to help its users discover and convert potential buyers. Pricing on the new tools was not announced. READ MORE>>.

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Fliptu Gets $1.2M For Social Aggregation Tools


Los Angeles-based Fliptu , the developer of social aggregation tools for music and entertainment brands, has raised $1.2M in a seed funding round, the company said Friday. tool aggregation social gocke jeremy startup funding seed capital venture fliptu READ MORE>>.

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CapLinked Launches Document Security Tool


Los Angeles-based CapLinked , which offers up a deal management software platform for managing business transactions, has released a new tool to handle digital rights management and security. CapLinked said its new tool does not require the use of plugins or software, and works with both Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files.

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Shopatron Launches Product Locator Tool


San Luis Obispo-based Shopatron , which develops software which helps manufacturers direct online orders to local retailers, said it has launched a new product aimed at product search. The company says its new tool instead directly points consumers at available inventory of product. Pricing on the new product was not announced.

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Pro Athletes Are the Best Marketing Tools You Can Get


” Impressed on both counts, Sanchez told Katz to call him if he ever needed help raising money,” reads the article. Hyperice. Vyper.

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Legend VR, Littlstar Team On Virtual Reality Tools


Los Angeles-based 3D special effects studio and virtual reality content developer Legend VR --which is part of Legend3D--and content distribution provider Littlestar are in a deal to work together on building production and post-production tools for VR. Financial details of the partnership were not announced. READ MORE>>.

10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency

Frank Addante

Action Method: (Todo List): Simple tool that organizes todo lists.  Tips:  Trust it.  link]. 2.  Evernote (Notes Organization): . link]. link].

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GameSalad Improves Support Tools


Los Angeles-based and Austin-based GameSalad , which develops software to easily create iPhone and other iOS platform games, announced earlier this week that it has improved its overall communications and support tools for its users. gamesalad videogame video game development tools support iphone ipad html5READ MORE>>.

Likeabilitee Helps Identify Users' Most Popular Facebook Posts


Sylvester's firm, introNetworks, is known for its easy to use, visual tools for helping companies and others match up people with similar interests.

Factual Spins New Geofencing, Targeting Tools


Los Angeles-based Factual said Wednesday that it has rolled out two new tools, one aimed at geofencing of data, and another for audience targeting. The company said its Geopulse Proximity Designer and Geopulse Audience Builder are specifically aimed at marketers, and use its Global Places data to help target ad campaigns. READ MORE>>.

How Tuition.IO Is Helping To Tame Student Debt, One Employee At A Time


It makes sense for employers to help their employees pay that years ahead of that, with this program. Thanks for the time today. READ MORE>>.

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PublishThis Enhances Content Curation Tool


PublishThis , the Los Angeles startup headed by Matt Kumin, has enhanced the firm's online, content marketing and curation management tool. The firm said the latest version of its platform is aimed at brands, retailers, media companies, and trade associations, to help them scale their content efforts across digital channels.

TigerText's New Bot Helps Schedule Appointments, More


Is a messaging "bot" the answer to helping to improve the quality of health care? TigerText did not release pricing on the new software, which came out of its TigerConnect unit, which has an API and SDK to let third party providers create applications and connect their existing apps via TigerText's secure messaging tools. READ MORE>>.

Likeabilitee Helps Identify Users's Most Popular Facebook Posts


Sylvester's firm, introNetworks, is known for its easy to use, visual tools for helping companies and others match up people with similar interests.

MarkedUp Debuts Windows 8 Analytics Tools


The startup--led by former Microsoft Developer Evangelist Aaron Stannard--said this morning that it is looking to provide app developers with actionable user insights and behavioral data, which can help them improve their user experience and maximize conversions of users from free to paid. READ MORE>>.

Germany’s Software AG Adds Analytic Tools with Zementis Buyout


Zementis CEO Michael Zeller co-founded the company in 2004 to help customers glean new insights from big data by using predictive analytics. “We’ve been a pioneer in predictive analytics and data science,” Zeller said late yesterday by phone. While we were ahead of our time when we started, now it’s become mainstream.”

Tips to Help you Think About Sales at Your Startup

Both Sides of the Table

What tools do you use? Sales. It’s the lifeblood of any organization and yet most startups don’t have any sales DNA on their teams.

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Corent Boosts Funding For SaaS Tools


The firm is targeting enterprise customers with its offering, and has a major deal with IBM to help customers move their software into the cloud.

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Velocify Launches New Tool On's AppExchange


Los Angeles-based Velocify , the startup led by Nick Hedges, has launched a new tool to help companies manage their prospects and leads on Velocify''s software is aimed at helping companies better manage their sales funnel, by prioritizing leads and making sure that leads are followed up with in a efficient manner.

Zoovy Launches Amazon Automatic Pricing Tool


Carlsbad-based Zoovy , the e-commerce software firm run by Brian Horakh, said this week that it has launched a new Amazon Repricing Engine, a software tool which helps e-commerce retailers automatically raise or lower their product pricing on, based on their competitor's prices. The new tools is free to current Zoovy users.

FollowMaid Helps Clean Up, Manage Twitter Followers


According to Etronica, the new service automatically scans Twitter accounts, and is designed to help social media managers better manage their Twitter followers. The tool then lets users follow, unfollow, or block users based on those results. READ MORE>>. management media social manage follower twitter followmaid

Nimble Updates Social CRM Tool


Nimble , the customer relationship management software developer headed by Jon Ferrara, has updated its online, social CRM tool today, saying that it has added new features such as ways to filter and cut through the noise of online social activity, plus new task management tools to link tasks with contacts and deals. READ MORE>>.

Intuit Launches Health Care Plan Tool


The company--which develops its online software in San Diego--said the new tool allows uninsured Americans understand how the Affordable Care Act applies to their individual situation. READ MORE>>. intuit turbotax obamacare affordable care insurance health healthcare medical treatment insurer

Nirvanix Rolls Cloud Storage Migration Tools


Nirvanix pointed at the shutdown of Iron Mountain's cloud storage business, and recent outages at Amazon Web Services for the move. READ MORE>>.

How Focus@Will Uses Music To Help You Concentrate Better


Can music help you concentrate (on school, work, or other tasks) better? It's quite simple really, it helps you concentrate better on tasks.

Small Business Tools that Help Grow your Business

Tech Zulu Event

IDA Ireland - An organization that helps companies expand to have a corporate presence in Ireland. We all have.  Probably never. 

GumGum Launches New Social Media Analysis Tool


Santa Monica-based GumGum , the developer of digital advertising and marketing tools which tie advertising into online photographs and visual content, has rolled out a new social media analysis tool. Pricing on the new tool was not announced. GumGum is led by Ophir Tanz. READ MORE>>.

No Stairway (Infringement) and the Importance of Shared Design Tools in Innovation


But as I explain in a longer blog post , what is copied is a common motif in song composition, effectively a design tool. CLS Bank.

Factual Launches Mobile Personalization, Ad Targeting Tools


Factual said its new tool, Geopulse Audience, provides demographic, behavioral, and geographic user profiles to publishers and developers, based on a timestamped locaiton data. factual mobile personalization targeting tools analytics advertising Pricing on the two new products was not announced. READ MORE>>.

Frequency Debuts Video Search Tools On iPhone


Frequency has been offering up its video discovery and search tools since January, and is looking to help users better find all sorts of videos on the topics they are interested in. The app lets users personalize and watch video channels, gathered from thousands of websites, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. READ MORE>>. Pinpoints Holiday Deal Days, Rolls Pricing Tool


In a related move, also released a new price search tool called PriceJump , which it says will help consumers find the best price online for any product. Looking for a deal this year on holiday gifts? million deals during the 2009 to 2013 period. READ MORE>>. Rolls Used Car Search Tool


The firm said today that it has added a new, used car inventory search tool, which will help car buyers shop for and compared used vehicles in their local areas. The firm said the new used car search tool is similar to its existing, new car inventory search tools. READ MORE>>.

The Impact Matrix: Prioritize Your 2013 Initiatives Using This Startup Ninja Tool


This article previously appeared in  Forbes. It is that time of year again - annual planning season. The Impact Matrix. Implementing The Impact Matrix.

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Small Business Tools that help with Website Development and Content Sharing

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GraphDat helps streamline the process of maintaining quick and reliable  server performance.

CitizenHawk Launches Tool To Find Logo, Image Violations


Aliso Viejo-based CitizenHawk , the venture backed developer of online brand protection services, said today that it has launched a tool to help companies find infringement of a company's logos and other trademarked images. The company said its tool even is able to detect a company's logo within a photograph or video.

GameSalad Rolls Out New Tools To Help Aspiring Game Developers


Los Angeles- and Austin-based GameSalad , a developer of tools which make it easy to create real, world class mobile apps and desktop games, said it is looking to help aspiring hobbyists to become full fledged game developers, with a new effort called GameSalad Academy. No problem! The new educational site is free to users. Helps Early Adopters Find The Latest

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There are some things the site could improve in my opinion, one of its communication tools. Startups StumbleUpon

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NantHealth Deploys Cancer Treatment Tool In Orange County


Culver City-based personalized medicine technology developer NantHealth said yesterday that it has deploed its GPS Cancer product--which is used to help idenity personalized treatments for cancer patients--at the Children's Hospital of Orange County. Financial details of the win were not announced. READ MORE>>.

A Look at Google’s New Network Security Tool

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These two protocols are used to help encrypt the internet, web communications like email, and a variety of internet traffic.

FileTrek Debuts iPad Tool


Los Angeles-based FileTrek , the developer of software which helps teams to track changes and updates in their projects, data, and documents, said Tuesday that it has released a new iPad application. The new app is free. FileTrek is headed by Dale Quayle, a serial entrepreneur whose last firm, Integrien, was sold to VMware in 2010.