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New Startup Incubator Launches At Loyola Marymount


There's a new, startup incubator in town in West Los Angeles--this time, launching out of Loyola Marymount University and its College of Business.

Gogobot GogoGives! | Interview with Audrey Lo

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Can you tell me what you do for Gogobot? I am the Gogobot Community Manager of West Los Angeles. What is Gogogives? Thank you.

Earth Class Mail Lands In West LA


Seattle-based startup Earth Class Mail has landed in Los Angeles, saying Monday that the firm has opened up shop on Santa Monica Boulevard for the firm's Internet mail service. According to Earth Class Mail, the new Los Angeles retail location will also provide onsite package pickup and shipping services.

bloblive West LA- Open Mic Night for Ideas and Entrepreneurs

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 -- bloblive LA - Open Mic Night for Entrepreneurs. We provide the food and the venue, everyone else brings the ideas, dreams and willingness to help. Anyone can get up to share their ideas about new businesses, existing businesses, non-profit/socially entrepreneurial ventures, etc. See [link] (more

Instacart Expands In Los Angeles


On-demand grocery delivery service Instacart has expanded in Los Angeles, saying recently that it is now covering downtown Los Angeles and Culver City, and will deliver groceries from Ralphs and Costco. The company has been active in Los Angeles since April 3rd. READ MORE>>.

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Interview Dan Dato and Bruce Brown, Upstart.LA


Our mentors as we've built up this effort in LA are TechStars, Tech Wildcatters in Dallas, and Accelerator Labs in Chicago. What is

Interview with Josh Resnick, ntro


We were based in LA, and started with just a handful of guys, about a dozen people. Josh sat down to talk to us his new company and its new app.

How CallFire Is Enabling Business Text and Phone, with Dinesh Ravishankar


One way is to automate the process, which is what Los Angeles-based CallFire has been helping its business customers with. Thanks!

Value and Meetups - SEO / SEM


However, you understand that you can talk to them about it and possibly pay for their help if you want to know more. Instead, they were trying to share and help. But it's helpful to share ideas, methods, compare your approach versus other people. It felt like a bad time share presentation. Yikes.


The Launch of Ultraviolet: Perceiving Digital Film

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The main goal of this product is to help guide consumers into understanding value behind digital content. Four main goals are off to the races.

Software Development Companies in Southern California


I've helped organize the Los Angeles CTO Forum for almost 10 years. In a recent conversation with a fellow CTO, we lamented about the fact that while there's very active software development and web development going on in Southern California and West Los Angeles, yet there didn't seem to be as much of a community around it.

Tech Titans Peter Thiel, Matt Jacobson, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Mich Mathews, Elon Musk Buy Homes in Los Angeles

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Maurico Umansky/LA Luxury Estates. Aerial view of the home of Elon Musk, currently lived in by his ex-wife, 11050 Bel Air Place, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Technology Connector – Kurt Daradics


I'm hoping that Baron and Kurt come up with one that's in Santa Monica / West LA. You are a really great networker and help put on great networking events, what do you think about the concept of visible networking? What networking events in Los Angeles or Southern California do you go to?

LA’s Chewse Joins 500 Startups | A Better Marketplace For Us To Easily Order Great Food

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The post LA’s Chewse Joins 500 Startups | A Better Marketplace For Us To Easily Order Great Food appeared first on TechZulu.

Interview with Nick Warnock, Atiz


It turns out, one of the companies supplying book scanning devices for libraries and others-- Atiz ( located here in Los Angeles. How does this compare to Google's efforts to help digitize books from libraries? Let's talk about your product first, tell us about your hardware? Was being on the show an advantage?