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Attention Startup Accelerators: Your Job Is Not Over After Demo Day


Although post-graduation support is key, Jason also made it clear that the ultimate responsibility for success lies with the startup team.


LA Based Hardware Startup Launches First iPhone Universal Wireless Charging Case

Tech Zulu Event

IKEA (in select tables and lamps). Those currently using the Qi standard include: McDonalds. Toyota/Lexus. Those using PMA include: Starbucks.


Dude, Akanda Is Tying The Cloud Together Like A Rug


A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Note: I am an investor in Akanda via Rincon Venture Partners.). The More Things Change….


Get Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor

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At Sony, he didn’t feel like he could “steer the ship” and get his ideas heard so he left and started GUBA, GUBA had no seed funding. Awesome!


Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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When I built my first company starting in 1999 it cost $2.5 million in infrastructure just to get started and another $2.5 Rewind.


Alon Schwartz

From the first day we started Docstoc people have been asking me “ why.Net ”? I’m being asked this by technologies, of course, but also from other, non-tech people like private investors, VCs, SEO experts, marketing guys, potential hires, partners, and any random guests that just happen to stop by and say hi to Jason (of course…). That’s it!

Mark Suster: New, $200M Fund, and GRP's New Name, Upfront Ventures


Outdoor, we have 4,000 square feet, where we''ll have canopies, umbrellas, heating lamps, so people can just come out and hang out at our offices.

VC Seed Funding is Dead, Long Live VC Seed Funding!

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SoCal Tech Calendar

Saturday, September 20, 2008 -- "LAMP developers guide to subversion" LAMPsig. He is currently working for a startup company in the multiplayer social network gaming space. Speaker: David Rolston has a long history of web development that dates back to the earliest days of the WWW. See [link] (more

Software Development Companies in Southern California


size of company (startup to very large), stage (early stage to established firms) vary widely. Most networking events tend to either focus on specific technologies (PHP,Net, C#, Microsoft, LAMP, MySQL, Open Source, Hadoop, Java, etc.) or focused on industry or type of company. Yes, there are some events around particular technologies.

Guide to the LA Startup Community

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Why should a startup thinking about moving to a new place choose LA? What are some examples of successful companies that were started here?

Choosing Internet Platforms


very interesting topic, especially for those of us involved in developing for start-ups. The basic conclusion was that it was a bit premature if you were talking about a serious, funded start-up. Start-up on top of pen computing - Go Corp - pen point. Pretty much lines up with where I'm at. Whoops.

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