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Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


The problem is you don't yet have product/market fit, and until you do, you don't really know what to build. Far from it.

Productivity in Your Pocket


In 2012, along with Paper, several innovative productivity apps launched including Wunderlist, Notability, Haiku Deck, and many more.

VC Confessions: I Don’t Really Care About Your Product Demo


The entrepreneur cannot wait to show me their product via a demo. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Don’t Demo Me Bro.

Why You Should Put Yourself Out There and Try New Products

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Here’s the thing: If you never try new product and new networks you’ll never learn anything. Startup Lessons Tech Market Analysislove it.

Startup Pricing: Are You Selling A Giffen Product?


recurring entrepreneurial challenge is to determine the optimal price of a new product, especially absent a directly competitive alternative.

Spireon Launches New GPS Vehicle Tracking Product For Subprime Market


Irvine-based Spireon , a developer of telematics products for vehicle and fleet tracking, said late last week that it has launched a new GPS vehicle tracking system, specificdally aimed at the subprime auto financing market. READ MORE>>. spireon buyherepayhere vehicle credit reposession auto finance financing telematics tracking

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Pro Athletes Are the Best Marketing Tools You Can Get


Recently I came across a company, Hyperice , that’s been relentless in their pursuit of cornering the market for athletic recovery. Hyperice.

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Marketing Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Only Make Once


startup''s marketing launch strategy should resemble an inverse funnel. Rely On A Public Relations Agency. Prove The Hypothesis.

Products I Love to Use

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So I thought now would be a sensible time – with six months on either side of the holidays. I’m not trying to say my picks are great and other products aren’t and I’ll certainly forget some. feel more connected and less marketed to. And every year I think about doing the same. love it. will continue to love it.

Be Honest About Whether Your Product Really Makes a Difference

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Startups in a world of massive markets can be confusing. The law of large numbers, platforms that can make your company blow up unexpectedly and the trendy nature of tech markets can be deceiving. This is why I loved Brad Feld’s recent post about the “ illusion of product / market fit.” Startup Lessons

Why Computer Vision Tracking the Flow of People Will be a Huge Market

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mobile marketing company could track campaigns and then measure increases in retail traffic driven into local stores. and so on. Why Density?

10 Marketing Lessons for Early-Stage Tech Startups

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The following are some lessons I learned about early-stage startup marketing. call this “marketing futures.&# They come and go.

Google Enters Financial Products Comparisons Market


Search engine giant Google has made its entree into an area long dominated by Southern California technology startups: financial products and leads generation. google advisor financial products leads mortgages rates leads360READ MORE>>.

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The Power Of Mouth To Mouth Marketing


Such mouth-to-mouth communications have sufficient intensity to cut through the confusion of the noisiest markets. My palms were sweating.

The Power Of Mouth To Mouth Marketing


Such mouth-to-mouth communications have sufficient intensity to cut through the confusion of the noisiest markets. My palms were sweating.

Building Products for Mass Adoption

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They use products because the products solve a need they have. Launch a product, iterate, fail fast. Blah, blah, blah. Bollocks.

Measuring the Value of Promotional Products [Infographic]

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Marketing executives are increasingly tasked with analyzing more and more channels and tactics. promo marketing. 75 per impression.

Lean Startup Legend Steve Blank Discloses His Most Daring Guerrilla Marketing Tactics


However, many people are not aware that prior to entering academia, Steve was a wily and creative marketing entrepreneur. Marketing Defined.

Guerilla Marketing, Brad Feld Style


Serial entrepreneur, venture investor and startup accelerator pioneer Brad Feld has notoriously mocked traditional marketing throughout his career.

Here’s What’s Driving Collaborative Consumption and Where the Market May Head Next

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I spoke this past week at the LeWeb conference in London, which was a superbly well run event with a very quality production team. Kudos.

Velocify Names New Marketing VP


Los Angeles-based sales lead management software developer a href="[link] has named Matt Reid as the company's new Vice President of Marketing, the firm said Monday. Velocify said Reid will head up corporate marketing, product marketing, market research, demand generation, and sales development. READ MORE>>.

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Mommy Bloggers Review Service for Manufacturers of Kid and Family Products

Eric Greenspan

So, because I’m a dad, a customer service enthusiast, product evaluator and entrepreneur, I’ve decided to build a business around it.

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Attract A MILLION New Customers Overnight with YouTube Marketing – Literally

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It is YouTube marketing at its best. Here is a YouTube marketing case study they did. Production Company: Hayden 5 Media.  .  .

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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If you’re a technology startup you need to excel at product, of course. Online marketing uses techniques for driving promotion and place.

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Marketing Crushes Customer Experience through Data. DUN dun dun!

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Kevin Akeroyd , GM & SVP of Oracle Marketing Cloud and their own Matthew Collins , SVP of Global Marketing. DUN dun dun!

ReachLocal Trumpets Marketing Automation Customer List


Woodland Hills-based online local online marketing provider ReachLocal is bragging today that it has signed up 1,000 clients for its new ReachEdge marketing automation product. The product had been launched in September of 2013. reachlocal marketing automation customers leads software READ MORE>>.

What This Dive Bar Can Teach You About (Not) Marketing


Too bad, as they would be well served to study Dirty Franks marketing plan, which has withstood the test of time. Franks didn''t need a sign, let alone a marketing budget. Hurry Up And Stop Marketing. If you have amazing products, the marketing of those products is trivial. startups who. startups who.

Spreeify Launches New Mobile Ad Product


Los Angeles-based Spreeify , the developer of display ad technology which is led by Ruben Dua, has rolled out a new product aimed at the mobile market.

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A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

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Jay Stakelon , VP Product Design,  Fullscreen. Jen Robinson ,  Head of Product Manager,  Bigframe. Making ideas reality : dependency.

YP Rolls Out New Search Advertising Product


Los Angeles-based b> YP , the provider of business search and local marketing services, said today that it has launched a brand new product. YP said it has launched ypSearch , a new product aimed at small business owners, which both provides search ads on YP''s properties, as well as on major search engines. READ MORE>>.

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If You Don’t Define Your Personal Brand the Market Will

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It is simply the most important way to proactively control your career development and how the market perceives you. That was the market.

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Here’s Why a Booming Tech Market May Fool You into Thinking You’re Successful

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Since 2009 we’ve been in an unequivocal bull market. You’d imagine that companies selling tons of shelfware would quickly meet their deserved fate in the market, yet the spin around a category of software can fool buyers into thinking they “must have this product to compete.” It has been a good run.

How Tony Hawk And The Bones Brigade Broke The Rules & Owned The Market


The way you win is to get to the finish line first and/or with the best product and marketing. What led to this hiatus? cents? BEWARE!

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Quarterly and Science Inc.: Making Sense of Influencer Marketing and Ecommerce


We've been a fan of their different product offerings, and also have joined the board and invested in the business. How did you guys connect?

Procore Names Chief Marketing Officer


Carpinteria-based Procore Technologies , which develops cloud-based software for the construction industry, has named Matthew Reid as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Procore said Reid will head up all corporate and product marketing for the company. The company is venture backed by Bessemer Venture Partners. READ MORE>>.

Internet Marketing tips from SEO/SEM expert Jason Lavin

John Morris

The post Internet Marketing tips from SEO/SEM expert Jason Lavin appeared first on Tapping the power of your peers. Best practices Executive Development Leadership Management Metrics Productivity Strategy Team Development Teamwork Internet Marketing Vistage regularly attracts amazing speakers to its CEO Advisory Group meetings.

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AnyMeeting Debuts New Web Conferencing Product


AnyMeeting , the developer of web and video conferencing software aimed at the small business market, said today that it has launched a new, web conferencing product called AnyMeeting Company Pro. AnyMeeting also said in announcing the new product that it has just passed over 500,000 registered meeting hosts on the service.

How to Know When to Sell vs. When to Market to Customers

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And with scarce resources it’s your job to decide which door this lead must go through – sales or marketing. Compelling Event.

ShowUhow Names Marketing VP


San Diego-based ShowUhow , the developer of video product guides for e-commerce sites, said today that it has named Anthony 'Tony' Wyatt as its EVP Sales and Marketing. showuhow marketing executive sales ecommerce video productionWyatt joins the firm from Indyme Solutions. READ MORE>>.

Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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So I ask you – if you’re being reactive to somebody else’s emails are you really being as productive in your company as you could be?

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