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Success, Santa Barbara Style: Patagonian Sexwax With A Side Order of UGGS


Six outstanding entrepreneurs have created this sweet flavor of success in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Santa Barbara, California.

Santa Barbara: the home of the clicks (and the calls)

Eric Greenspan

Jason is another local Santa Barbara CEO and we had a great chat about Make It Work, Ring Revenue, Affiliate Marketing and life in SB. He’s a great guy and taught me a bunch of new things about affiliate marketing and his company. Affiliate marketing is nothing new to the Internet. BOUGHT IT AND I LOVE IT.


Local Market Launch Scores $1.5M


Santa Barbara-based Local Market Launch , a new startup founded by former ValueClick founder Brian Coryat, said Tuesday that it has raised $1.5M in a Series A funding round. Local Market Launch said it will use the new funding to expand its market presence, plus to accelerate delivery of its products.

Start Your Company Where You Want To Live – Period


Santa Barbara Dreaming. When my wife and I arrived in Santa Barbara in the early 1990''s, we did not know a single person.

RingRevenue Creates A New Performance Marketing Revenue Channel


10) Rob, why does the world need RingRevenue?  . “In today’s market, so much focus is placed on transacting business online. You’re right.

Talk Like An 8th Grader When Pitching Investors


Photo courtesy of Santa Barbara Independent’s recent Techtopia Issue. Select the real software product from this list. A.

RingRevenue Sees Traction In Financial Services


Santa Barbara-based RingRevenue , the pay-per-call technology provider, says today that it has been seeing gains in the financial services industry with its platform. The firm said companies like Progrexion Marketing--which markets the credit repair product Lexington Law--has been seeing success with pay-per-call using its products.

CALIENT Technologies Raises $19.4M


Calient said its new funding will go towards expanding its products to the data center and cloud computing markets. READ MORE>>.

How To Vet Startup Opportunities – Quit Your Day Job With Confidence


In most instances, an entrepreneur’s initial concept is only remotely related to the go-to-market plan that ultimately proves successful.

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Four Questions Entrepreneurs Should Answer Before Dropping Out Of College


Product / Market Fit – Have you proven that your product’s value proposition and price point resonates with your target market.

10 Essential Branding Maxims


Many companies unknowingly Rickroll their would-be customers by improperly aligning their products’ capabilities with their marketing messages.

An Enchanting Conversation With Guy Kawasaki


even plan to use it in my upcoming UC Santa Barbara Entrepreneurial Selling class. Marketing is free or cheap because of social media.

TechZulu Presents: The Annual Startup Forecast

Tech Zulu Event

28 from 7pm-10pm in Santa Monica. Brock Pierce is a 10x entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency. in 2004.

Better Business Bureau? For who?

Eric Greenspan

First Data of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, CA 93108. BBB of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Why You Should Hire A Gaggle Of Interns At Your Startup


In several cases, we eventually productized summer intern projects, including a mobile version of GoToMyPC which we called PocketView.

Selling Online In 2016 For The First Time – What Works When You Have A Blank Slate?


ended up really relating to the nuance and intricacies of product supply and customer demand. Muther. John Greathouse: Hello Heidi. John Knits.

Why Millennial Entrepreneurs Should Never Watch Shark Tank Alone


number of my UC Santa Barbara entrepreneurial students initially model their investment pitches on the show's contrived format.

With Greathouse Comes Great Responsibility


The following guest post is from some of my former UC Santa Barbara students. Fall quarter of Sr. Along with taking Sr. Share and Enjoy.

Class 91

Invoca Debuts New Facebook Ad Product

SoCal Tech Calendar

Santa Barbara-based Invoca , which helps marketers correlate phone calls to what advertising drove those calls, has rolled out another product for Facebook, the company said Tuesday. Invoca said its new Invoca for Social allows marketers to optimize their Facebook ad campaigns, all directly within Facebook's Ad Manager.

FastSpring Launches Subscription Management Service


Santa Barbara-based FastSpring , the e-commerce and payment processing software firm headed by Dan Engel, said this week that it has launched a new online subscription management and payment service called SaaSy. The new product is specifically aimed at providers of subscription services. READ MORE>>.

Mini-ventures Build Entrepreneurial Muscle (And Can Lead To Big Businesses)


encourage my  UC Santa Barbara students  to launch mini-ventures while in school so they will begin to see the opportunities that surround them.

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Student-Founded Fantasy Pollster Is Hoping To Pick The Next President


Greathouse: You and Brent are currently third and fourth year Computer Science majors at UC Santa Barbara. Fantasy Pollster. Well done.

DTS Launches Android Connected, Whole Home Audio System With Phorus Buy


Calabasas-based audio processing technology firm DTS is expanding into the Internet-connected, whole home audio market today, saying that it has released an Android-based, whole home audio system. DTS said the new product also connects directly into existing home audio systems, also make them part of its whole home audio network.

HG Data Takes $12M More For Market Analytics


Santa Barbara-based HG Data has raised $12M in a Series B funding, the company announced today, for it market analytics and intelligence information. hgdata data market analytics competitive intelligence venture capital updata rincon epicventuresHG Data is led by Craig Harris. READ MORE>>.

Startup CEOs Lessons From Ben Affleck


These varied responsibilities are analogous to those of a startup CEO, as movie production crews are essentially temporary ventures.

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Nine Startup Tips From Michael Dell


generally encourage my UC Santa Barbara students to complete their formal education before joining or creating a startup. Degree?

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Ten Startup Tips From Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos


If improperly administered, meetings become counter-productive, especially as an organization grows beyond its initial startup phase.

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Ten Of The Top Tech Companies For Employees In LA


positions on its site, ranging from software, sales, marketing, to finance. Who are the top tech companies to work for in Los Angeles? OpenX.

George Powell – Doing Well By Having Fun


To go into production, I needed to build hundreds of molds and invest in a cost effective quantity of wheels. This was an inspiration to me.

From IT Geek to Coffee Farmer, Eric Greenspan and his Latest Venture

Eric Greenspan

The Macaw Coffee factory in Santa Barbara, Honduras. also manage product development, business development and of course, IT.

Ten Startup Tips From Steve Jobs


He overheard me talking about Steve Jobs in conjunction with the entrepreneurship class that I teach at UC Santa Barbara. ’”.

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KLiP Launches Weatherproof Case For Raspberry Pi, Arduino


Santa Barbara-based startup KLiP Industries said this morning that it has launched its first product, a weatherproof case for the popular Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone embedded computers. KLiP said its product, the Rubicon Launch edition Kit, will cost $35 and ship on November 15th. READ MORE>>.

Mark Suster’s Advice To Emerging Entrepreneurs – “Do Not Do, As I Have Done”


Mark encourages emerging entrepreneurs to be bold, yet he admits that with his first startup, he boldly pushed PR before the product was ready.

VC Confessions: We Passed On Twilio’s Seed Round


Our approach is often additive to all parties, resulting in ongoing, productive relationships. VC's love to talk about their successes. to John.

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Making the Internet Smarter at Helping Us

Both Sides of the Table

Necessary, but not sufficient. A few years ago I planned an outing to Santa Barbara for my Dad’s 70th birthday. Problem. Hmmmmph.

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Why Taking Some Risks in the Sales Process Can Improve Results

Both Sides of the Table

Many people are too cautious in sales processes and as a result when they present their solutions they end up sounding milquetoast and undifferentiated from anybody else in the market. You must know when to sell to leads and when to market to them. recently wrote about the three rules of sales. 1. Why Buy Anything ? 2. Why Buy Me? 3.

Sales 99

Brian Coryat, ValueClick Founder And Internet Pioneer: Startups Should Wing It


Brian quickly realized that the Internet was a great distribution system for marketing his books and distributing them electronically.

Want To Trip Out? This Entrepreneur Can Hook You Up


Greathouse : Let''s start with a question that will be especially helpful for my UC Santa Barbara students. but we don''t. Interview

Commission Junction Co-Founder Lex Sisney Applies A Scientific Approach To Analyzing Your Business


The author identifies four primary forces which are present within all healthy organizations: Production, Stabilization, Innovation and Unification.

Some Thoughts on Leadership Going into 2016

Both Sides of the Table

In fact, 50% of our investments are in Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. But putting no time into anchoring your beliefs because you’re too busy executing sales, marketing, support, product & engineering is an easy recipe for leadership drift. 2. They get involved in hard product decisions.

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