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Web Second, Mobile First

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The titles were: Mobile First, Web Second. Mobile First, Web Second (continued). People forgot that Fred also wrote “Web Second.”

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Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


” In our performance consulting work, we often hear variations of the following: “Our web application was running fine with a few hundred users.

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Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One


And it made me come to a new realization: Every early-stage web/mobile/online startup should have at least one technical advisor, probably two.

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The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

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In it he asserts that the web is dying and in its ashes will see the rise of the “App Internet.” Enter the World Wide Web (WWW).

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What Should You Make of the Web Summit Controversy? A View Behind the Scenes

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Like many of you I read the Is Web Summit a Scam article making the rounds this week. have attended Web Summits three times – it is not a scam. even wrote about my experiences attending Web Summit , something I rarely ever write about. That’s why so many people come to DreamForce and so many come to Web Summit.

Hulu's April Fool Joke: 1996 Web Design


Hulu's gag website was one of a number of April Fool's efforts by technology firms Friday. READ MORE>>.

What to Expect from Trending Web Design in 2016

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The dynamism of web design ascertains that trends should keep varying to the better with changing times. Cinemagraphs. Flat design 2.0

Los Angeles Web Developer


Just the kind of person I like to meet. :) But I was a bit surprised when he emphasized how hard it had been for them to find a web developer in Los Angeles. My flippant comment was, “If you do a Google search for Los Angeles web developer, you’ll find a LOT of people and firms.” He has a great concept with some complexity to it.

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. They are as follows: 1.

AnyMeeting Debuts New Web Conferencing Product


AnyMeeting , the developer of web and video conferencing software aimed at the small business market, said today that it has launched a new, web conferencing product called AnyMeeting Company Pro. The company said those plans start at $480 per year for three employees, and up to $7,200 per year for up to 50 employees. READ MORE>>.

Connect6 Aims To Bridge The Web, Real Life Contacts


A new, Los Angeles-based Connect6 launched this week, with a new, Chrome browser extension which looks to bridge the web--and such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other services--with LinkedIn-like information on potential contacts. Connect6 is headed by Vik Kashyap. READ MORE>>.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Inequality and Divisiveness


In Sweden, citizens and entrepreneurs gladly pay taxes because of all the personal and social benefits those taxes produce. Need more convincing?

Qtee: “We’re the Nike ID of the Fashion World”


There’s a company in LA, , which specializes in taking custom clothing to an entirely new level with their web platform. Sports Brat.


Hackathon Targets Orange County Web Developers


In one of the newest "hackathons" to hit Southern California, a group of companies are looking to draw Orange County software developers to a new hackathon, geared around WebRTC, the open "Web Real Time Communications" framework aimed at helping developers create voice and video chat applications. READ MORE>>.

Mingly Launches Mingly Web and MyPeople | Manage Your TwitFaceMailBookLink

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Last fall, Mingly released their first product last fall to help users manage their endless webs of connections. via Gmail.

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CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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And our network of filmmaker and entertainment industry colleagues allow us to recruit top teachers who are leaders in the web world.

New Bootstrap Fund Pulls Itself Up in World of Health IT Deals


They came to San Diego in 1996, when Scripps Health hired Balgrosky as CIO and senior vice president. He founded MaxIT Healthcare in 2001.

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AnyMeeting Updates Web Conferencing Service


Huntington Beach-based AnyMeeting , the provider of free web conferencing and webinar services, has updated its site, in a major update for the service. The update--which went live Friday--includes a redesigned interface, faster screen sharing, and better overall web conferencing management features. READ MORE>>.

5 Common Misconceptions of Web Design: Insights from the Yoga Sutras

From the Venture Trenches

The pride and effort they have placed in building up their business should be reflected through their web presence. With over three billion local search queries in any given month on Google alone, no business can afford not to be on the web. Asmita’s are challenging for a web designer; anyway you move you will be damned.

The 7 “Free” Ways to Get Traffic on the Web

Jason Nazar

The 7 Ways to Get (unpaid) Traffic on the Web. “If You Build It…They Will Come”, may work for historical baseball ghosts, but it’s not a strategy you can rely on when starting an internet company.Driving traffic to your website is a formula that can be reverse engineered. Helpful Resources for Getting Traffic from Partnerships : : Web 2.0

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Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. What do they do after the web site is launched? Graphic design?

Curating The Web Using PublishThis, with Matt Kumin


It's all about what is happening on the realtime web. What's your background, and what is PublishThis all about? We're in beta now. Thanks!

Qualaroo Launches New Product, Helps Convert Web Visitors


Qualaroo , a developer of website conversion and analytics software which helps web businesses improve the experience and conversion of their visitors, has launched a new product. Qualaroo''s CEO, Sean Ellis, has been involved in such startups as Eventbrite, Dropbox, Xobni, LogMeIn, among other companies. READ MORE>>.

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Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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independent series on web mike hudack Netflix Web Series webisodesThe folks over at To date, Let us know how you feel.

Group: California Internet Tax Bill Will Harm California Web Businesses


California's move yesterday to tax out-of-state, e-commerce retailers, will cause "immediate devastating loss of income" to web-based business in California, says a group focused on the affiliate marketing industry. Among firms which have cut off their affiliates as of last night is e-commerce giant

Xconomy Guide to Best Sessions at Startup Week San Diego


Startup Week San Diego, like a lot of other places that host similar events, has been billed as a weeklong celebration of entrepreneurship. and abroad.

MaxCDN Ties With Web Firewall Provider


Los Angeles-based content delivery network operator MaxCDN said this morning that it has integrated its platform with a website firewall provider, Sucuri. Financial details of the link were not announced. READ MORE>>. maxcdn firewall network content delivery sucuri ddos

ParkMe Improves Web Mapping Features


The company has updated its web service with ability to save reservations, find open spots faster, pay for parking, and more. READ MORE>>.

Zingle Raises $3M to Expand and Improve Messaging App Technology


The company raised $1 million last year, according to a 2015 regulatory filing. Happy #TBT from our fearless Founder & CEO @fordblakely !

Sales Kids With Grit – Web 2.0 Paper Routes


Web 2.0 Affiliate Marketing – As described more fully in Pour and Stir , anyone with basic web development skills can become an affiliate publisher and generate income by creating websites that market a variety of products and services. All of these extremely successful individuals were paperboys*. million. Make Money – Get Prizes.

Aspiring LA Web Developer's Dream To Go To Coding Camp, Pay It Forward


What do you do if you''d like to become a web developer, but can''t afford to pay for the courses to learn those skills? READ MORE>>.

Codeita Powers Collaboration For Web Developers

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Well, Kyle Ellicott (serial entrepreneur and FIDM web lead) and Brian Robinson (founder of ndmweb) thought that web developers should get a taste of that collaboration innovation as well. Remember the first time you used Google Docs? Magical, right? Visit TechZulu for full story.

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StockTwits Ties With Investor Relations Web Developer


San Diego-based StockTwits , the online, finance-focused messaging service, said today that it has partnered with Q4 Web Systems , a developer of corporate websites and social media products for public companies. The two said that Q4 will integrate StockTwits products and services as part of its offering for public companies. READ MORE>>.

Autobytel Launches Web Chat Service


Irvine-based Autobytel announced this morning that it has launched a new, live web chat service aimed at auto dealers and manufacturers. The firm said the services are aimed at increasing the close ratio for auto dealers. Pricing on the new service was not announced. READ MORE>>. autobytel chat automotive auto lead generation sales close

Why Finance Should Take a Page Out of the Credit Card Industry’s Book


federal and financial regulators recently advised banks nationwide to assess the strength of their safeguards against cyber fraud. The warning comes after a string of cyber heists and attempted heists against banks around the world, including the $81 million theft from the Bangladesh central bank. said, “No,” and they shut down my card immediately.

Divshot Raises $1.1M For Visual Web App Software


Need to build a web application, and wish you could do it in a more intuitive, visual way? Divshot , one of the startups out of Los Angeles startup accelerator Launchpad LA , said today that it has raised $1.1M in a seed financing round, for its drag-and-drop software for building web applications. READ MORE>>.

UX Workshops by Celebrated Author & Usability Expert, Eric Reiss

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He is the author of various best selling books including Practical Information Architecture, Web Dogma ’06 and Usable Usability. budgets.

Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel Series: Creating A Web Series From The Ground Up

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Last night we had an amazing group of panelist for the Web TV Workshop Pro-Panel series. They went over and touched on all the aspects that you would need to get your web series up and running. Topics such as branding, the importance of attending film festivals, when to go. Visit TechZulu for full story.

ProFlowers Tops Web Traffic Rankings In May


web property for May, based on percentage change in unique visitors, according to the latest comScore Media Metrix numbers. San Diego-based e-commerce firm was the top ranked U.S., which is a unit of Provide Commerce, saw visitors grow from 2.7M uniques in April to 7.28M in May, a 168 percent increase.

ZENEDGE Launches Web Application Firewall


Los Angeles-based ZENEDGE , a startup developing cloud-based web application firewall and cybersecurity products, said it has launched a product called ZENEDGE AI. The company says its products are an alternative to current, signature-based approaches to application security. ZENEDGE is led by Yuri Frayman and Leon Kuperman. READ MORE>>.