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5 things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California

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things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California. MYTH 1: SoCal’s nothing but beaches, Housewives, and Mickey Mouse.

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Lets Save The Water…With A Hackathon! | rhubarb studios Water Hack

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rhubarb studios is located in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), an emerging regional hub for technology start-ups in Southern California.

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Accelerator Crazy In Southern California


What's the latest craze in startups in Southern Califonia? K5Launch , which was announced yesterday, is headed up by Amir Banafatemi, Ray Chan, David Cheng, and Kai Tao, four Southern California angel investors. It looks to be startup accelerators. Acquired By Resource Nation, With JMI Backing


San Diego-based Resource Nation , an online business-to-business marketing provider, has acquired the brand name, domain, and assets of , the firm announced today. JMI Equity General Partner Peter Arrowsmith and Vice President David Greenberg have joined Resource Nation's board as part of the acquisition. READ MORE>>.

Where to Find Venture Funding in Southern California

From the Venture Trenches

Here is a list of useful resources to help you in your search: News & Resources. SoCal Tech. Employment/Development Resources.

Silicon Beach at USC 2013 | Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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All in a room at the University of Southern California Silicon Beach Event on September 18th, 2013. Over $50,000 in prize money.

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Interview with Damir Davidovic, NEOGOV


NEOGOV , which has quietly built an enterprise software company supplying human resources software to the government and public sector. Thanks!

Technology Council of Southern California Blog » Welcome to the Technology Council of Southern California Blog

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SoCalBio Human Resources Conference

SoCal Tech Calendar

See [link] (more

Cornerstone OnDemand Up Nearly 47 Percent In IPO


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand , the developer of talent management and human resources software headed by Adam Miller, were up nearly 47 percent Thursday in its initial public offering. cornerstone ondemand merger acquisition csod nasdaq exit human resources software saasREAD MORE>>.

Cornerstone OnDemand Jumps In IPO Debut


The firm, headed by Adam Miller, develops software-as-a-service for human resources and talent management. The firm is just the latest in a string of well received IPOs in Southern California, including Demand Media, RealD, Inphi Corp., csod cornerstone ondemand saas software merger acquisition exit human resources nasdaq

Pasadena Angels Form $1.3M Investment Fund

Ask the Angels

Pasadena, California (June 1, 2016) – The Pasadena Angels (PA) today announced the formation of their first investment fund at $1.3 The Pasadena Angels’ 100 plus members invest individually and directly, without any legal pooling of financial resources.  million, PA Fund 1 (The Fund). Tweet Tweet.

USC: $380M Raised In Last 3 Years By USC Spinouts


startup venture capital investment school southern california university education spinout technology transferREAD MORE>>.

We Want You!…To Succeed! TechZulu & Gadget Review Partner with Microsoft

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Is that you?  If so, we want to hear from you. Startups TechZulu Applications Gadget Review Microsoft Southern California


Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, October 13, 2011 -- Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium. Join us on Thursday October 13th at 9AM at the Beckman Institute Auditorium on the Caltech Campus for the Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium. See [link] (more

Four of Southern California's Cloud Computing Startups


Here are a number of Southern California startups who are making waves in the cloud computing, as mined from our subscription venture capital database.

Southern California Technology Jobs Surge


Anyone looking for signs that the economy is turning around, might want to look at what appears to be happening in Southern California's technology jobs market. Tags: angeles employment jobs technology california southern At that time, he said he was able to. Why the disconnect?

Southern California Business Growth Conference

SoCal Tech Calendar

Monday, April 20, 2009 -- Southern California Business Growth Conference. This is the "must-attend" event for 2009 for everyone involved in Southern California business. The conference organizing committee is proud to announce that Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay will be the keynote speaker. See [link] (more

CTO Equity and Compensation at Venture Backed Companies


Todd is a go to resource for people looking for talent in startups. He agreed to make this data public which is awesome.

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Los Angeles Hosts the Oscars and the Tech.Co Startup Showcase


Whether it be renowned athletes looking to enjoy some sun in the off-season or movies stars basking in the glory of stardom in between takes, the number of recognizable faces in this southern California city can be too much for some fans to bear. It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to a bevy of celebrities. And for those L.A.

Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data


Todd is a go to resource for people looking for talent in startups. He agreed to make this data public which is awesome.

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Pasadena Angels Invest Over $4M in 2014

Ask the Angels

Pasadena Angels are a great resource for the entrepreneur community in the Greater Los Angeles area, not only for financial support but also by supporting the development and commercialization of innovations taking place in our community,” said Terry Kay, President of Pasadena Angels. Pasadena, Calif. PR Contacts: Julie Pantiskas. Ron Cohen.

Technology , Cocktails, and Incubators in Santa Barbara

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Ben Kuo’s herculean attempt to list them all on is a great resource, but many of the investments are on a deal by deal basis.

Join the global ‘Hour of Code’ in December

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There are resources on the site for kids as young as 7. Here’s the link for this data science lesson.

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Interview with Mike Hopkins, ICE Energy


Mike Hopkins: The simplest example, is where part of their grid has become congested so much, because they have too much demand for the infrastructure.

Bringing The Benefit Of Managed Cloud To Enterprises, With Metacloud


Enterprise are quite constrained from the resource point of view, and they really don''t have the cycles to understand OpenStack at a deep level.

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The Complete Guide To Southern California Accelerators and Incubators, Part II


In recent months, a dozen accelerators and incubators have emerged in the Southern California area, looking to help take the new generation of technology startups to funding and beyond. However, with the proliferation of incubators, the difficulty in figuring out. Part II: The In-house Incubators. What is an in-house incubator?

Bring Gaming to the Physical World | Doozy

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The University of Southern California (USC), is famous for its games program. And video games have become a HOT topic. Black Ops.


Tech Coast Angels Number Two In Angel Investments Report


According to the report, the Tech Coast Angels slipped from last year''s number one position, due to the activity of the New York Angels. READ MORE>>.

How to Hunt Programmers for Your Startup - A Field Guide


So, please take this in the spirit intended. They often can help a lot in navigating to expertise and to possible resources. Not really.

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UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


iCracked - Founded in 2010 by UCSB and Cal Poly-SLO graduates, iCracked is now the largest on-demand network for smartphone repair and trade-in.

Tech Coast Angels Leads National Angel Investments


Southern California's largest angel investment group, the Tech Coast Angels , looks to be one of the lead investors nationally in angel-backed companies, according to a report released Monday by the Angel Resource institute. READ MORE>>. halo report tech coast angels angel investment venture capital

TCVN names new Chairman and President

Tech Coast Venture Network

TCVN, a nonprofit technology group, was founded in 1984 to educate and assist entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies in Orange County and to connect them with money, advice and other resources to help their businesses grow. Kevin McDonald is the new TCVN President, a position Foley held for the past year and Greenberg held before that.


Interview with Amir Banifatemi and Kai Tao, K5Launch


We are in Orange County, but we're also focused more largely on Southern California. What is K5Launch? What inspired you to start this?

How to Hunt Programmers for Your Startup - A Field Guide


So, please take this in the spirit intended. They often can help a lot in navigating to expertise and to possible resources. Not really.

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March Capital Partners' Jim Armstrong On A New, $240M Venture Fund


think there are a lot of opportunities across all of these areas of technology, especially as it relates to Southern California.

Tech Coast Angels: We Have Higher Returns Than Angel Averages


The Tech Coast Angels , Southern California's biggest angel investment group, says its performance record and returns on its investments are higher than the average angel, in nearly all categories, based on a new academic study. According to the TCA, it had a 3.3x The TCA said that compared favorably with the 2.5x READ MORE>>.

LA Tech Startup Innovators and Fun Facts

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That’s so yesterday. Every small business needs a resource for logistical advise, be it legal, financial, or operations. Silicon Valley?

BlankSpaces Renews Faith In Coworking


They've also become a de-facto gathering place for the local community, hosting events, meetings, and more. READ MORE>>.

Rubicon Project In Huge Executive Growth Push


In what might easily be the most number of executives announced at once in Southern California, Los Angeles-based online advertising marketplace The Rubicon Project announced ten new executives across engineering, data, administrative and operational strategy, legal, financial and business development. READ MORE>>.