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Amazon Web Services (AWS)


I went to an event by Amazon on their Amazon Web Services in Santa Monica today. The focus was S3 - storage service, EC2 - their compute cloud, their queuing system, and their flexible payment system. The S3 system is not a transactional object system, it's for larger objects, larger updates.

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LogicMonitor Ties Into Amazon Web Services


Santa Barbara-based LogicMonitor , which develops IT infrastructure monitoring software, said today that it has connected its tools to Amazon Web Services. The company said its platform now has the ability to monitor Amazon Web Services instances and services. READ MORE>>. logicmonitor amazon services infrastructure monitoring

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Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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Let me explain. One obvious example is the OSI model in which we have seven layers ranging from the physical layer at the bottom of the stack (e.g.

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Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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Linux (instead of UNIX), Apache (web server software), MySQL (instead of Oracle) and PHP. At least in the consumer & business web.

DreamHost Readies Wider OpenStack Rollout


Los Angeles-based web and cloud hosting provider DreamHost looks to be readying its OpenStack cloud offering, DreamCompute, for wider consumption, after showing off the service at the OpenStack Summit in Portland last week. DreamHost has been offering the service in beta since October of last year. READ MORE>>.

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Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

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What I want to answer with this post (long though it may be) is: Why did Web 2.0 Social Networking in Web 1.0. Web 2.0 chuckle.

RightScale Rolls Out Grid Computing Product


According to the firm, its new RIghtScale Grid Computing Solution Pack is targeted at grid processing on services such as Amazon Web Services. The new software connects into Amazon AWS, and its EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), SQS (Simple Queue Service), and S3 (Simple Storage Service) to coordinate grid processing. READ MORE>>.

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DreamHost Tackles Cloud Storage


Los Angeles-based web hosting provider DreamHost is tapping into Ceph, the open source, scalable storage system project spun out of its own operations, to launch its own object storage service. The new cloud storage service is aimed at Amazon's S3 storage service and Rackspace Cloud Files. READ MORE>>.

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What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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What I want to answer with this post (long though it may be) is: Why did Web 2.0 Social Networking in Web 1.0: And importantly Web 2.0

ElephantDrive Scores Win At Netgear


Netgear said the new service will allow users of its data storage devices to backup and recover data from any Web browser and any Internet location. ElephantDrive is a developer of software used for online backup and restore; the firm uses a combination of its own storage and Amazon S3's storage service for its back end data storage.

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Interview with Gil Elbaz, Factual


How does this differ from the kind of data Amazon has said it will make available through services like S3? They are making storage available to people or to institutions who have data they want to share publicly, for free, on S3. Gil is one of the founders of Applied Semantics, the firm acquired by Google for its AdSense technology.

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Choosing Internet Platforms


Especially when there are things like: Amazon S3 / EC2 / AWS outage this morning. Mentions - Marc Andreessen's - The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet A Level 1 platform's apps run elsewhere, and call into the platform via a web services API to draw on data and services -- this is how Flickr does it. It's funny. Whoops.

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INNOVATION - A Scientist's Perspective

AeA Los Angeles Council

One very encouraging note these organizations are trying to use "Web 2.0" and "new media" to connect with audiences. An interesting anecdote about use of Web 2.0 Related to this, one of my personal initiatives at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) is called Social Software for Security, or S3. Maybe.

This Week in VC with Farb Nivi, Founder of Grockit

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Web-based client for user stream data including Twitter (original focus), FaceBook, MySpace, Google Buzz, FourSquare and many others. million.