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Colorado’s Webroot Buys CyberFlow Analytics, Expands in San Diego


Not long after ViaSat (NASDAQ: VSAT ) acquired San Diego-based LonoCloud in 2013 , former LonoCloud executives Tom Caldwell and Hossein Eslambolchi met for coffee at the Specialty’s Café and Bakery in University City. Webroot also plans to expand in San Diego, and Caldwell said he plans to stay on.

Xconomy Guide to Best Sessions at Startup Week San Diego


Startup Week San Diego, like a lot of other places that host similar events, has been billed as a weeklong celebration of entrepreneurship.

Santa Barbara, San Diego Tops On Per-Capita Venture Capital


venture capital deals per 100,000 people. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos was number 7, with $36.6M in deals and 3.3

Q2 VC Funding Soars in San Diego (After Revisions), and Top 10 Deals


But the San Diego data was off. million in 19 companies in San Diego. million invested in 23 San Diego companies.

San Diego Innovation Economy Extended Gains in 2015: Connect Report


The Connect Innovation Report found that 405 software, technology, and life sciences startups were created last year in San Diego County.

Qualcomm and AT&T Partner to Use Wireless Network for Drone Flights


Previous PrecisionHawk investors include Intel Capital, Millennium Technology Value Partners, and the Innovate Indiana Fund.

Avelas Bio Raises $20M to Push Cancer-Illuminating Biologic Agent


and San Diego’s Avalon Ventures. Inbio Ventures, a venture capital management company, represented Pharmstandard in the deal.

New Bootstrap Fund Pulls Itself Up in World of Health IT Deals


They came to San Diego in 1996, when Scripps Health hired Balgrosky as CIO and senior vice president. Jean Balgrosky.

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As Drone Navigation Advances, SlantRange Focuses on Farm Analytics


— Swift Navigation , founded in 2012 and now based in San Francisco, is using real-time kinematic (RTK) technology to enhance the precision of satellite-based GPS positioning data. SlantRange, a San Diego company founded almost three years ago, is a drone-related startup already generating sales.

Drone On: 3D Robotics Filing Reveals $45M Financing Plan


After a painful restructuring earlier this year, Berkeley, CA-based 3D Robotics appears to be raising additional capital.

Los Angeles, San Diego Among Top 10 Cities For Startups


today usatoday startup city angeles diego sandiego entrepreneur business venture nvcaREAD MORE>>.

Nervana’s $400M+ Buyout Reflects Key Tech Trend in Machine Learning


Just over a year later, Jurvetson led the Series A round of venture funding for Nervana Systems.

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Inequality and Divisiveness


In Sweden, citizens and entrepreneurs gladly pay taxes because of all the personal and social benefits those taxes produce. Need more convincing?

Three Factors Which Intoxicate Venture Capitalists - Why Your Startup Will (Probably) Not Raise Venture Capital Funding


The Three Enthralling Factors Of Venture Funding. Thanks Mr. Big Firm VC. LOCATION: I Wish They All Could Be California Companies.

PacketSled Raises $5M for Automated Cybersecurity Monitoring System


Two other small funds, Blu Ventures and JHS Ventures joined in the round. The company also has an office in Seattle.

Swarm Aims To Rejuvenate San Diego's Software Industry


It hasn''t been a great few months for San Diego''s software and technology industry, as the city has seen three, big software companies move their operations, and thousands of jobs, to Texas. growth investment industry software diego swarm Others involved in the effort include investor Brant Cooper, and Cooley''s Eric Otterson.

In Wake Of Infamous Biotech Party, 20 Women Join New Exec Training


percent of partners in traditional VC firms were women, Liftstream found. Morgan conference in January. and Europe. At small-to-midsized U.S.

Pharma’s Productivity Problem: Finding More Blockbuster Drugs


An obvious place to look for help is the venture community—Bruce Booth of Atlas Ventures pointed out in a recent blog that venture capital is doing well, and is positioned to do even better in the future.  Yet despite relative plenty in the bio-venture community, pharma suffers from a shortage of drug candidates.

“Stay Lean as Long as You Can,” and Other VC Wisdom from Mark Suster


In San Diego, the complaints often focus on the relative scarcity of venture capital and hometown VC firms.

The Gap Has Two Sides


About two years ago, I was asked to join a Babson College panel discussing the gender gap in venture capital. accepted immediately.

Sofinnova, Atlas Put $35M Into Delinia to Tackle Autoimmune Diseases


Autoimmune diseases occur when our immune systems mistakenly start fighting parts of our own bodies, rather than foreign invaders.

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Harvard’s Springer Gets $51.5M From Pharmas, Others, For Latest Startup


The venture arms of GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and AbbVie are leading a huge $51.5 Based on the work of scientists at UCSF, Pliant launched in February with $45 million from Third Rock Ventures. Inside our bodies, our cells move around, communicate, form new tissue, and heal wounds with the help of proteins called integrins.

Is the Future of Cybersecurity in M&A?


In an ideal world, and from the perspective of a venture investor, this would absolutely be the case. It’s why this market segment is so attractive to venture investors. Last month Symantec announced its plans to buy Blue Coat for $4.7 billion. billion (235 percent growth over 5 years). What we’ve also seen is the increase in M&A.

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Zingle Raises $3M to Expand and Improve Messaging App Technology


The company raised $1 million last year, according to a 2015 regulatory filing. Happy #TBT from our fearless Founder & CEO @fordblakely !

REGEN Energy Finds Funding, Sets Up San Diego Office


office in San Diego. REGEN, which develops wireless demand management and demand response products for the utility industry, said the funding came from NGEN Partners and BDC Venture Capital, and will go towards rapidly expanding its marketing activities across North America. READ MORE>>.

Bio Roundup: Precision Med and Google, Heron, Lilly, Sarepta & More


The wait continues. Will next week be the week a decision finally comes? Next month? Later today? Until then everyone sits, waits, and speculates.

Southern California Companies Raise $2.49 Billion In VC In Q2


billion in venture capital in Q2 of 2016, according to the latest numbers from the MoneyTree Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the National Venture Capital Association, and Thomson Reuters. Nationally, venture capitalists invested $15.3 Southern California companies raised $2.49 READ MORE>>.

San Diego Tech Coast Angels Honor John G. Watson With Memorial Fund


Watson Foundation , which will support entrepreneurism in the San Diego region. and was president of Ionian Technologies in San Diego.

Exit Interview: Lita Nelsen on MIT Tech Transfer, Startups & Culture


Our wide-ranging conversation covered the progression of MIT’s entrepreneurship curriculum and campus resources , the rise of the Boston-Cambridge area as a high-tech industry powerhouse, the prospects for an MIT venture fund , the challenges for university tech transfer offices, the roots of today’s startup culture, and more. LN: Right.

Biotech Roundup: CRISPR’s 3rd IPO, Gender Diversity, Buyouts & More


—French health giant Sanofi (NYSE: SNY ) and life-science group Verily, part of Google’s parent Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG ), unveiled a jointly owned venture called Onduo that will develop diabetes treatments. —Cash For Cambridge Startups: Relay Therapeutics debuted with $57 million from Third Rock Ventures and D.E.

Synthorx Raises $10M to Expand Use of Synthetic DNA in Biologics


Existing investors Avalon Ventures and Correlation Ventures joined in the round. They can’t be made efficiently and at low cost.”.

Southern California Companies Raise $1.46B In VC In Q3 2015


Southern California has seen another, big venture capital investment quarter, with companies raising $1.46 There has now been $4.93

Why Resilient Teams Are More Important Than Big Ideas


This makes a lot of sense because if all you have is an A idea and hit an obstacle, the venture fails. Only a good team can make this happen.

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Ostendo Raising Funds to Advance Virtual Reality Display Technology


Adding to the confusion, the most-recent MoneyTree Report on San Diego venture capital activity shows that Ostendo raised almost $10 million in VC funding during the second quarter. million of a new financing round intended to bring in $62.8 million, according to a recent regulatory filing.

Radicle Accelerator Fund Launches to Nurture AgTech Innovation


Radicle’s physical presence includes sites in San Diego; Palo Alto, CA; Research Triangle Park; parts of the Midwest; and Israel.

How to Raise Money When You’re Not in a Major VC Market

Both Sides of the Table

And I am often approached by entrepreneurs in cities which don’t have a vibrant VC community. I travel the country a lot. Ask SuperCell.

Microsoft Venture Fund Aims to Harness Early Stage Innovation


Microsoft plans to invest more in early stage startup companies through a new corporate venture fund, headed by former Qualcomm executives.

3 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know about Indiana Innovation


Warsaw, IN, is the “Orthopedic Capital of the World.”. People who live outside of Indiana probably know a few things about it: The Indianapolis 500, a.k.a. But people might not know much about Indiana’s economy and its culture of innovation. Their first thoughts likely turn to agriculture and manufacturing. 30, 2015. The results?

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Can Innovation Save Us?


The violence, and nonstop Internet media coverage, is ripping away whatever bandages still covered the wounds from centuries of racism and other isms.

Biotech Roundup: CRISPR’s 1st Trial, IPO Insiders, Zika & More


Rape is a co-founder of San Francisco biotech Nurix. There was some history made this week, and not just in Cleveland, where LeBron James & co. capped off a historic comeback to bring the city its first sports title in over 50 years. Let’s get right to it. Then, in the early hours Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $1.1

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