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Interview with David Sacks, Geni and Yammer


We sat down with David to catch up on what Geni and Yammer are doing, plus got his insights into entrepreneurship and the Paypal mystique.

Yammer Gets Top Prize At Tech Conference


Yammer, a Twitter-like spinout out of high profile Los Angeles genealogy firm, has scored the top prize at the TechCrunch50 awards in San Francisco. Yammer offers instant messaging focused on internal corporate communications, and is the result of work by engineers at Geni. READ MORE

BetterWorks Expands To San Francisco Bay Area


The firm--headed by Paige Craig--helps provide employee benefits and perks using web-based software and technology. Craig's co-founders include Zao Yang, the creator of Farmville, and George Ishii, co-founder of Geni and Yammer. BetterWorks did not give a timetable for opening up in New York and Boston. READ MORE>>.

Betterworks Raises $1.5M


Craig has recruited the co-creater of Zynga's Farmville game, Sizhao Yang, as well as George Ishii, who was co-founder of and Yammer, as co-founders. BetterWorks looks to be scaling up dramatically; the firm currently has eight open positions listed on its web site for everything from engineers to marketing director.

10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency

Frank Addante

HootSuite (Social Networking): Application to consolidate all of your social networking into one place (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, etc.).

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The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups

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And then they decided they wanted to be the Internet retailer of computing services so they created Amazon Web Services. Here’s what I mean.

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Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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RedBeacon was the 3rd winner (year 1: Yammer, year 2: – not bad company. And we wanted a head of global marketing. Nice sweep!

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Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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Let me explain. One obvious example is the OSI model in which we have seven layers ranging from the physical layer at the bottom of the stack (e.g.

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Interview with Jon Ferrara, Nimble


Jon describes how he's creating a "next generation", web-based contact manager which takes into account the social nature of the web today.

Is WebEx “Dead Man Walking?”

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This week I was preparing for my weekly This Week in Venture Capital web show and was researching some of the deals that were announced for the week.

Social Networking and Business Value


He is known for being able to monetize the social web. David Schwartz, Vice President, Corporate Development of Yammer David Schwartz is the Vice President, Corporate Development, at Yammer Inc., a communications tool for enterprises. Yammer was launched on stage at TechCrunch 50 on September 8, 2008 and won Best in Show.

Layoffs Hot Keyword for Second Half of January 2009


Last month we Launched Los Angeles Tech and in the announcement we provide the Hot List for the first half of January 2009. This hot list is based on various social signals of what people are writing about, reading, bookmarking, searching, etc. You can go to the Hot List post to see what was hot then. Here's the rest. Here’s how to do it.

Negative Customer Acquisition Costs - Creative Startup Marketing Ideas - Eric David Greenspan


typical day starts with email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer checks/updates. frequently work on networking through the social web and building new relationships that will foster knowledge gathering or business growth. A day might include a discussion with a finance partner, an investor, a customer or a fusion partner.

This Week in VC with Dana Settle of Greycroft Partners

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Gilt Group is currently the largest private sale web site in US.  Configurable from desktop-based web-based UI.  Time will tell. Huddle. 

This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 3

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And I know that great startups like Yammer are doing well. Thank you to anybody who sent Jason a note on Twitter on my behalf. Really? Really?

What Makes an Entrepreneur (3/11) – Ability to Pivot

Both Sides of the Table beget Yammer.  I could go on and on. If you haven’t spent time over there you should. Great entrepreneurs pivot. But year 5?