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Startups Should Focus On Their Net Profit Score Not Potential Promoters


As crazy as this scenario sounds, it is very similar to the “scoring process” companies engage in when they track Net Promoter Scores. The higher a company’s NPS, allegedly the higher its customer satisfaction. A version of this article previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

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Financial perspective: financial statement showing key indicators such as revenue, expense, net income or other measures important to success. Customer perspective: Ratings of customer satisfaction, statistics of customer retention, market share and even brand strength.

Are You an Entrepreneur?


As discussed in Inventors vs. Innovators , most entrepreneurs iterate on preexisting ideas to the point that the inventions represent marketable value propositions upon which sustainable companies can be created. One or both of your parents may have the personality of an entrepreneur, but if their parents were struggling entrepreneurs who put in long¬-hours and netted meager returns, then your parents may have rejected their latent entrepreneurial tendencies.