Startups Should Focus On Their Net Profit Score Not Potential Promoters


As crazy as this scenario sounds, it is very similar to the “scoring process” companies engage in when they track Net Promoter Scores. However, rather than obsessing on a single metric, entrepreneurs should focus on improving their Net Profit Score.

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Lean on Your Networks When Making Early Hires


Below we’ll outline how to squeeze those last drops of talent out of your own social circles, how to incentivize current employees to lure in potential candidates in their networks, and how to entice “superconnectors” to recruit through their own far-reaching nets.

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Startup Pricing: Are You Selling A Giffen Product?


At Citrix, GoToAssist customers would occasionally ask if they could just pay for our screen-sharing functionality because they didn''t intend to use the product''s other features, such as reporting and session recording. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

What Should You Do with Your Crappy Little Services Business?

Both Sides of the Table

It would not be a big stretch to image a well run service business like this making 15-25% net profit margins. If a customer is faced with two equal choices for companies who can implement – how do they choose one other than references & price?

Interview with Wil Schroter, Fundable


First, which is the most important and gets least reported on, is lots of people can now publicly say they're raising money, and on what terms. Right now, equity tends to fall to the very high net worth and professional investors.

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Boomers are Looking for Another Bite at the Apple

Startup Professionals Musings

News & World Report , people over 40 were key players in 86.6% The article also refers to government data showing that those 55 to 64 and older represent one of the fastest growing groups of self-employed workers.

Are You an Entrepreneur?


One or both of your parents may have the personality of an entrepreneur, but if their parents were struggling entrepreneurs who put in long¬-hours and netted meager returns, then your parents may have rejected their latent entrepreneurial tendencies. They seemed as surprised by their popularity as the reporters who covered Beatlemania. This is a reposting of a ‘classic’ popular post.