It's Official: Ross Levinsohn Out At Yahoo


Ross Levinsohn , who has been heading up Yahoo as Interim CEO, is officially leaving the firm tomorrow, according to a regulatory filing by Yahoo. The move is not at all surprising or unexpected, given Yahoo's hiring of former Googler Marissa Mayer as CEO earlier this month.

Yahoo Employees Get Free Lunch, But Not In Santa Monica


Yahoo , which finally has a new CEO, former Googler Marissa Mayer, has brought back one of the most cherished startup institutions: free lunch, at least in Sunnyvale, according to AllthingsD. The move--which doesn't apply to Yahoo's employees in Santa Monica or elsewhere in Southern California--looks to be the first attempt to shift the culture at Yahoo, which has been battling a lengthy death spiral after a series of CEOs.

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Why Google Fiber? Moat-widening Endeavor & Future of Computing.

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So they skipped over those steps of the value chain, and purchased Android in 2005 (launched in 2008) to backwards integrate to the OS layer. 02 per Google search, and provided Yahoo for free. In twenty years, Fiber will be one of Google’s most valuable assets.

When Should You Allow Exclusivity in Deals?

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Before weighing in on the subject I would point out one thing that should be obvious to many of you – the iPhone was originally launched in 2007 in an exclusive partnership with AT&T and this was vital to both Apple and AT&T and was a hard negotiation throughout 2005 and 2006. So the value on the Internet went “up the stack” to portals such as Yahoo!,

Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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The city has, however, quietly been home to some of the most successful online companies to date, including CitySearch (sold to Ticketmaster for $260 million in 1998), Overture (acquired by Yahoo for $2 billion in 2003), eHarmony and LowerMyBills (bought by Experian for $330 million in 2005).

63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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Features like this, as well as our daily interviews wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of our sponsor eMinutes – a law firm here in Los Angeles that focuses on helping entrepreneurs structure their companies. We want to help them, and will. We need your help.

De-risk Your Startup By Doing It Again: The Joy Of Getting The Band Back Together


Alma mater, CallWave: 2005 IPO. Alma mater, Overture: sold to Yahoo. Most of them simply cannot help themselves and are thus repeatedly drawn back to the startup world.

Brad Feld Drops Knowledge. Here’s What He Said …

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In 2004 / 2005 I was starting to get intrigued with user-generated content. So I was on the front line of this very aggressive rollup and I got involved in helping with the technical due diligence…”. “As And they made an early investment in Yahoo.“ “….a

Social Networking and Business Value


Social networking sites and microblogs are used not only to build company brands, but to foster productivity; social media tools help build communities around the question, "What are you working on?" A 12 - year veteran of the online world, he has worked in sales, business development and content partnership functions for Yahoo!, In 2005, Majid coauthored "Data Strategy" a book designed to help streamline information management within organizations.

Interview with Josh Stomel, ResumeBucket


Our startup interview this morning is with Josh Stomel , founder of ResumeBucket (, a new web site that is focused on helping people share their resumes with the world. We also provide the consumer a slew of tools, that will help them upload their resume and manage their online identity, plus we also have a resume builder function, detailed metrics on exactly who is viewing their resume, and the ability to create and manage multiple versions of their resume.

Interview with John Nahm, PhoneVite


Dialpad was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, and became the voice engine for Yahoo's VoIP services. Entrepreneurs here really enjoy helping each other. Recently, we spoke with John Nahm, the CEO and co-founder of Phonevite (, a new startup in town which recently relocated from Silicon Valley. We caught up with John to learn a little bit more about what the firm's services offer, as well as how the firm ended up moving to Los Angeles.

Guide to the LA Startup Community

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It was acquired by Experian in 2005 for $330M. It also was acquired by Experian in 2005. In July 2005 News Corporation bought MySpace parent company eUniverse for $580 M, of which approximately $327 M was the valuation of MySpace. Mediacode was sold to Yahoo.

Interview with


Cramster is looking to create online study groups, to help high school and college students study math, science, and other topics. I built a piece of software to help find solutions and examples, categorized by textbook, and after I graduated in 2001, I figured it could help other students. It took about a yaer to put online, and we went online in 2003 to provide help for college students. You get access to the content, but if you need extra help its $9.95

Interview with Peter Lee, Baroda Ventures


David founded Geocities back in 1994, took it public in 1998, and in 1999 Yahoo bought the firm as a public company. He was basically active investing until 2004 and 2005, and then started getting much more involved in the non-profit space. From MySpace, to Google, to Yahoo, to other large successful companies like LowerMyBills--all of these firms have built a good presence here, with lots of product and engineering talent.

How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague

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How to cleverly integrate your own URI shortener

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