When Should You Allow Exclusivity in Deals?

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Before weighing in on the subject I would point out one thing that should be obvious to many of you – the iPhone was originally launched in 2007 in an exclusive partnership with AT&T and this was vital to both Apple and AT&T and was a hard negotiation throughout 2005 and 2006. Summary. In summary, many advisors, board members or executives will steer you away from exclusivity agreements.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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The 30-minute interview of Jonah Peretti is here but my summary in the notes below. Around 2001 Jonah was studying at MIT Media Lab and began running experiments in viral stories in an era before smart phones (2007) and before social networks took off (2004–2007) and before YouTube (2005).

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Why Taking Some Risks in the Sales Process Can Improve Results

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There was a meme that started going around LPs around 2005 that “I’m not sure LA is really its own venture market” and some LPs actually believed that. Summary. Many people are too cautious in sales processes and as a result when they present their solutions they end up sounding milquetoast and undifferentiated from anybody else in the market.

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One Book Every Entrepreneur and VC Should Own

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I was significantly wiser by 2005 when I started my second company. This article originally ran on TechCrunch. tl;dr version: If you’re an entrepreneur or VC or will be working in this industry - buy this. read it. live it.

Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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I shifted my thinking a few years ago after I read Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Workweek (link is to a short summary I wrote). He turned me down for a job in 2005. Email. Ah, email. That great productivity drain that we somehow all buy into.

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Interview: Paige Craig, CEO BetterWorks


Paige is a gifted communicator and my summary does not do him justice. He offers a number of worthwhile tips and tricks that I was not able to capture in the textual summary, so the 14-minute audio file is well worth your time.

Brad Feld Drops Knowledge. Here’s What He Said …

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Or, as always, summary notes available below. In 2004 / 2005 I was starting to get intrigued with user-generated content. But, in fact, I would rather have an executive summary than a pitch deck. Brad Feld is a fountain of knowledge & wisdom.


Want to Know How First Round Capital was Started?

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I think you'll enjoy hearing him, but if you're in a rush check out the summary notes below. Josh and Howard began co-investing as angels and in 2005 they started a $10 million fund. Highlights/Lowlights – summary of key events since the last meeting.

How brain-amputated developers created the social media plague

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