Can Blip.TV Change The Indie Production Market On The Web?

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If you’re a big supporter of indie films or web series you’re probably checking out your favorites on a variety of different sites on the web. has provided a platform since 2005 for indie producers, distributors and advertisers to provide viewers with this kind of content.

Former NASA Chief Sees Coming “Tidal Wave” in Machine Intelligence


Dan Goldin founded KnuEdge (initially known as Intellisus) in 2005 to realize his vision for neural-based computing—and to fundamentally transform the way humans interact with machines. As he puts it, “a tidal wave is coming. It’s going to be bigger than the Internet. It looks and feels like the early ‘90s—but better.”

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SOA Software Becomes Akana


According the company, which is led by Paul Gigg, the name change comes as the company has expanded beyond its roots in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services, and now addresses API management, cloud integration, DevOps, and other enterprise software areas. The name change is actually the second for the company, which changed its name to SOA Software in March of 2005 from its original name, Digital Evolution.

Why Google Fiber? Moat-widening Endeavor & Future of Computing.

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To understand that assertion, let’s observe how and when Google encroached on each layer of the technology value chain required to access any web service. Web browser – even a functional computer with an OS isn’t enough to access most Google services.

FamilyFinds Launches DailyFinds Email


The first email sent out to subscribers links users directly to news stories from around the web. Matt Coffin sold his last firm,, to Experian back in 2005 for over $330M.

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Google Shuts Urchin, Other Services


Internet giant Google said Friday that it will be shutting down web analytics service Urchin , the onetime San Diego startup which had been acquired by Google in April of 2005. According to a post from Urchin co-founder Paul Muret, the shutdown comes as the software has been overtaken by Google Analytics, which had originally started as an online version of the Urchin software.

TeleSign Gets Patent


The patent was originally filed in October of 2005. TeleSign provides two-factor authentication to web services and applications, to help prevent fraudulent logins and registrations. Los Angeles-based TeleSign , the provider of phone-based authentication and verification services which is headed by former FrontBridge and Vantage Media CEO Steve Jillings, said today that it has scored a U.S. Patent. According to the firm, it was awarded U.S.

KnuEdge, Backed By $100M, Launches Voice Recognition Software

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According to the company, it has developed "neural technology" which is aimed at altering how humans interact with machines, allowing computers, web and mobile apps, and devices to authenticate and understand the human voice. Goldin became head of NASA in 1992, and started KnuEdge in 2005; he also spent 25 years at TRW, and had started his career at NASA in 1962.

Steve Blank Discusses The Origin And Future Of The Lean Startup Movement


He is credited with pioneering the Lean Startup Movement in 2005 via the publication of his bestselling, Four Steps To The Epiphany. The other major evolution of Steve’s thinking is in the area of web and mobile businesses, the latter of which were nascent at the time Four Steps was written.

Interview with Steve Jillings, TeleSign


Steve Jillings has a long track record of running successful startups in Southern California, ranging from such companies as FrontBridge Technologies (sold to Microsoft in 2005 for over $200M) and Vantage Media (acquired in 2007). They started in January of 2005.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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Around 2001 Jonah was studying at MIT Media Lab and began running experiments in viral stories in an era before smart phones (2007) and before social networks took off (2004–2007) and before YouTube (2005). BuzzFeed.

TZ Presents 2013 Startup Forecast

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Before Harrison Metal, Erik was most recently vice president of product management and strategy at TripAdvisor, the largest travel community site on the Web. TechZulu is excited to invite you to the 2013 Startup and Entrepreneurial Forecast taking place on Thursday Jan.

StoryBots And The Future of Learning,With Gregg Spiridellis, JibJab


On the web, parents can upload photos of themselves, family members, and friends, and put them into a video alongside the StoryBots, in classic kids songs. Gregg Spiridellis: We were producing viral video hits in 2005.

Interview: Isaac Garcia of Central Desktop


Central Desktop was founded in 2005 to provide an easy-to-use, SaaS collaboration solution to the SMB market. "Today, web-collaboration means everything from web-meetings, to video conferencing, to Skype, etc.

Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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We had to buy Oracle database licenses, UNIX servers, a Sun Solaris operating system, web servers, load balancers, EMC storage, disk mirrors for redundancy and had to commit to a year-long hosting agreement at places such as Exodus. At least in the consumer & business web.

TVSync’s Open API Uses Video and Audio Recognition Across All Four Screens

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TVSync’s parent company Voible , has provided fingerprint protection technology to most major movie studios and TV networks since 2005. Hyper contextualized advertising and granular measurements (like AdSense is to the web) will be established for TV.

Interview Dan Dato and Bruce Brown, Upstart.LA


That was five or six years ago, 2005 or so. This last month was really building out the detail of the product, and launching our web site.

StoryBots And The Future of Learning,With Gregg Spiradellis, JibJab


On the web, parents can upload photos of themselves, family members, and friends, and put them into a video alongside the StoryBots, in classic kids songs. Gregg Spiradellis: We were producing viral video hits in 2005.

How Frequency Wants To Bring You Internet Video, with Blair Harrison


Blair Harrison: I sold iFilm to Viacom at the end of 2005, and got out of there at the beginning of 2008. You helped define video on the web with iFilm.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Still Love Microsoft

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Cloud productivity services like Office 365 and Office Web Apps are now being used by more than 80 million people worldwide. All we have to do is look at the data, though: Since its launch in 2005, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has sold 66 million copies worldwide.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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We put all of this infrastructure in an Exodus web hosting facility and had to pay for rack space, bandwidth and some management services if a disk failed, for example. When I started my second company in 2005 we decided to do everything differently.

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Interview with Elizabeth Amini, Anti-Aging Games


So I actually started a graphic design company out of college, and got lucky with the web taking off at the right time. Elizabeth Amini: I actually ran into him in 2005, when he was a keynote speaker at a conference. You don't need a CD, or hardware, it's completely web based.

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Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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I first met Ethan in 2005. And in a world where we increasingly log in to personal web time at late hours or on our mobile phones that’s no longer good enough. Let me not bury the lede.

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Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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The city has, however, quietly been home to some of the most successful online companies to date, including CitySearch (sold to Ticketmaster for $260 million in 1998), Overture (acquired by Yahoo for $2 billion in 2003), eHarmony and LowerMyBills (bought by Experian for $330 million in 2005).

Interview with Howard Marks, Gamzee


That would also give them one, unified platform for Facebook on the web, mobile tablet platforms, and so on, so that every time they release a new version of their platform it will work on every mobile phone, whether that was Android, Windows, or Blackberry.

Google Cleaning Out Their Closets

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According to Eichner, Google Mini has been an important part of Google’s Enterprise Search offering since its introduction in 2005 and was helpful however it will be discontinued on July 31, 2012. Another service, iGoogle launched in 2005 will be switched off on 1 st November 2013.


Interview with Brett Crosby and Brew Johnson, PeerStreet


I went and started a company called Urchin Software Corporation, which was an early player in Web Analytics, which was acquired by Google in 2005, and then I was at Google for just shy of a decade.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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I raised money as an entrepreneur, like you, in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005 for two different companies. It’s tempting to want to stay in your offices and fund raise via email or web conferencing. Raising money is hard.

63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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He previously led business development for Affiliate Fuel, leading to its acquisition by Experian in 2005. He is currently CEO of , a web television network he co-founded with Jason Calacanis and comedian/actor Kevin Pollak. Our Best Interviews Via Email: Monthly. Weekly.

Is WebEx “Dead Man Walking?”

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This week I was preparing for my weekly This Week in Venture Capital web show and was researching some of the deals that were announced for the week. Aside from attacking yet another market segment all I could think about is, “Why enter the web conferencing market.

Equity Compensation: A 6 Point Primer on Creative Service Fees

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Other service providers who accept equity as part of their service fee structure include web designers and developers, executive recruiters, business brokers and sometimes even caterers.

Changing The Business Of Media Through Online Video, With Cenk Uygur


I started Young Turks back in 2002, and then, in 2006 and really towards the end of 2005, started daily web streaming for the show. We''re now the longest daily web show, ever.

Seth Sternberg – Meebo

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One of the great joys of doing the web series This Week in VC every week is that I get to spend time with great people debating the issues of our day including how our industry is evolving as well as insights into how companies got started, got their initial traction and dealt with adversities.