What Makes an Entrepreneur? (1/11) – Tenacity

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You think that anybody really believed 1999 that two young kids out of Stanford had a shot at unseating Yahoo!, I can’t help it. This is part of my new series on what makes an entrepreneur successful.

Yahoo, Microsoft Deal Includes Up To 550 Employees


Further details on the deal between Yahoo and Microsoft have come out in a filing by Yahoo with the SEC, with Yahoo saying that Microsoft will hire at least 400 Yahoo employees, and potentially another 150 employees to help with the transition, as Microsoft takes over the search engine features of Yahoo's sites. Tags: yahoo microsoft employees search employment

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LegalZoom Adds Former Yahoo President Decker To Board


Decker, the former President of Yahoo!, Decker was president of Yahoo from 2007 to 2009, and served as CFO of Yahoo from 2000 to 2007. Brian Liu, co-founder and Chairman of LegalZoom, said the addition of Decker will help the firm through its next stage of growth. Tags: legalzoom legal documents executive susan decker yahoo Los Angeles-based LegalZoom.com , the provider of online legal documents, said today that it has added Susan L.

A Tale of Two Pitches

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He wasn’t really ready to raise VC but wanted to meet me early in his process and wanted some help thinking through potential angel or seed stage investors. He had spent many years at Yahoo! during the better days and we had lots of discussions / debates about Yahoo!’s

Topspin Media Adds VP


Santa Monica-based Topspin Media , the developer of music and band marketing software headed by former Yahoo Music GM Ian Rogers, said over the weekend that it has added Andrew Mains as its new VP Artist Relations and Services. The firm said that Mains will help artists find their way to the firm's platform. Topspin is developing software tools to help musicians market and distribute their music. Tags: topspin media yahoo music content executive

Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Social networking sites and microblogs are used not only to build company brands, but to foster productivity; social media tools help build communities around the question, "What are you working on?"

Los Angeles Tech Launched - Hot List


The bottom line is that Los Angeles Tech is trying to help find and navigate that content. I'm happy to announce the launch of the Los Angeles Tech Content Community. This is the beginning of a content community that collects and organizes the best content from blogs and web sites. The goal is to create a place where it's relatively easy to find current content and highly relevant content surrounding Los Angeles Technology. To be clear Los Angeles Tech is a jump off point.

Geodelic Ships Application With T-Mobile


According to the venture backed firm, the new software for T-Mobile's myTouch 3G, learns a user's favorite locations and helps them find local retailers, restaurants, and attractions. Aside from Sonnad, who was at thePlatform, the company includes executives from Shopzilla, Yahoo!,

Social Networking Addiction Bears Fruit

Eric Greenspan

We created Superfriends, a group of local entrepreneurs that will gather to share ideas and help each other grow personally and professionally. Jeff was tweeting about needing help organizing and promoting the upcoming #140conf LA Meetup. The first to respond was @robinzucker of Yahoo!

Social Networking Addiction Bears Fruit FAST

Eric Greenspan

We will collaborate on ideas and projects and we created the Superfriends together, a group of local entrepreneurs that will gather to share ideas and help each other grow personally and professionally. I was provided with introductions to execs at Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo!, Yahoo!

NativeTung Takes On Translation, Localization


According to NativeTung, it has developed a product which helps companies translate websites into other languages, and helps them to manage the entire translation process. The firm's founders come from Oracle, Yahoo!, Los Angeles-based NativeTung , a startup developing software for managing translation of web sites into multiple languages, is unveiling itself at the DEMOfall conference today in San Diego.

Topspin In Distribution Deal With INgrooves


Topspin Media , the high profile, Santa Monica-based music startup headed by former Yahoo Music GM Ian Rogers, has inked a deal with independent music promoter INgrooves. Topspin has developed software which helps music artists to market and distribute their music, helping aspiring and established artists to publish, sell, and reach their fans using the Internet.

Once Upon a Time in Jorts

Eric Greenspan

I closed my presentation with an announcement about “ Eric Greenspan’s OSN101 Conferences &# (coming soon) and our new focus to help our customers take advantage of the real-time Internet. 245 people registered, Yahoo!

ReachLocal Adds Display Advertising


Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal , which operates a service to help small and medium sized businesses place online advertising, said this morning that it is adding a online display advertising product to its mix. The firm said its new offering, ReachDisplay, will help local advertisers place online visual display ads on multiple web sites.

VC Confessions: We Passed On Twilio’s Seed Round


We typically do not ask entrepreneurs to visit our offices in Santa Barbara, but Jeff wanted to meet with Kevin, an investor in our Fund who helped us vet opportunities and occasionally invested alongside of us. Also, I'm curious if you could help us out a little.

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Twiistup 6 Highlights

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He got this VC talking so effusively about his entrepreneurial instincts that my wife accused me of having a “man crush.” (I don’t) I think this guy has the chance to be the Digital Puffy if he can amass a team to help young artists own & manage their digital careers.

Perfect Market Names Advisors


Pasadena-based Perfect Market, the Idealab-backed startup which is looking to help publishers monetize their underutilized and archive content, said Wednesday that it has created a new advisory board. The firm said that it has added Darshan Kantak, Chief Product Architect for Yahoo's Marketing Products Division; Larry Goodman, President of White Mountain Media; Jonah Schnel of the Ezralow Company; and Chris Muller, Director of Business Development of Synthasite, to its advisory group.

Global Fitness Media Names CTO


Auld was most recently Senior Operations Architect at Yahoo, and has also served at IBM Corporation and Alchemy Communications. Global Fitness Media recently launched GoodFoodNearYou , an online site which helps consumers find healthy food choices at restaurants, and is in the midst of developing Fitplanet , focused on fitness and healthy living.


Topspin Rolls Out Music Marketing Software, To Some


Venice, California-based Topspin , a developer of software focused on helping musicians market and distribute their work, launched an upgrade to its product Wednesday at the SXSW festival. The firm said that it has commercially released its software, which helps artists generate demand from fans via direct marketing, social networking and other online channels, widgets, as well as email campaigns.

Insights and Opinions: In the Midst of the Nuclear Winter


For our Insights and Opinions section today, we have an article from Andy Wilson Managing Director and Founder of Momentum Venture Management (www.mvmpartners.com), a firm which helps early-stage companies achieve early business results in order to attract funding and create sustainable, successful businesses. He was also previously SVP of Global Product Management & General Manager of New Ventures at Overture Services before it was acquired by Yahoo!

Interview with Josh Stomel, ResumeBucket


Our startup interview this morning is with Josh Stomel , founder of ResumeBucket (www.resumebucket.com), a new web site that is focused on helping people share their resumes with the world. We also provide the consumer a slew of tools, that will help them upload their resume and manage their online identity, plus we also have a resume builder function, detailed metrics on exactly who is viewing their resume, and the ability to create and manage multiple versions of their resume.

When Should Technical Founders Become CEO?

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Somehow in a world of rapid change Mark had been able to right his ship much faster than the highly bureaucratic organizations that places like Google, Yahoo! In a way it seems the model has been bring in professional management to help a company through a growth spurt while technical founders focus on becoming an industry leader in terms of innovation and then when the less experienced technical founder is ready they step back in the role.

Interview with John Nahm, PhoneVite


Dialpad was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, and became the voice engine for Yahoo's VoIP services. Entrepreneurs here really enjoy helping each other. Recently, we spoke with John Nahm, the CEO and co-founder of Phonevite (www.phonevite.com), a new startup in town which recently relocated from Silicon Valley. We caught up with John to learn a little bit more about what the firm's services offer, as well as how the firm ended up moving to Los Angeles. Explain what Phonevite is?

Interview with Idris Manley, NativeTung


One of the firms launching this week there is Los Angeles-based NativeTung (www.nativetung.com), which is developing tools to help web sites translate and create multilingual versions of their sites. Help us understand your technology--is this focused on the automated language translation technology, or on the process of localizing a web site? The last place I worked was at Yahoo. It's another big week for startup launches, this time in San Diego at DEMOfall.

Interview with Peter Lee, Baroda Ventures


David founded Geocities back in 1994, took it public in 1998, and in 1999 Yahoo bought the firm as a public company. From MySpace, to Google, to Yahoo, to other large successful companies like LowerMyBills--all of these firms have built a good presence here, with lots of product and engineering talent. For the outside venture capital firms, having a local group willing to do those investments helps tee them up for bigger investors.

Interview with Eric Hovanec and Steve Reich, LeisureLink


We help them distribute their product, and put it on the shelf, anywhere a customer might buy--whether that's with a tour operator, travel agency, or a travel website. The first, is our platform helps them generate revenue. I became an angel investor after Overture was acquired by Yahoo. We're just trying to grow as quickly as we can and help our customers. Yesterday, Pasadena-based LeisureLink (www.leisurelink.com) announced a $6.2M

Embrace Losing

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We helped the write out their requirements for a system. We felt this was a marquee account and one that would help us take our collaboration tool global as Thames owned assets all over the world. They hired a consultant to help them with the review. There are other great VC’s in SoCal and there is always the allure of the NorCal guys flying down and talking about how they invested in Google, Facebook, Yahoo!

Interview with Peter Csathy, Sorenson Media


Csathy was the former CEO of SightSpeed, which he sold to Logitech last year, and also served as COO of MusicMatch, which was sold to Yahoo in 2004. We have a major expansion not only to SoCal, but also at our offices in Salt Lake City, and will be taking a more aggressive stance than what we are doing today to help harness the power of video through the Internet.

The 7 Ways to Get Traffic on the Web

Jason Nazar

Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK redirect billions of searches everyday. Helpful Resources about Search Engine Traffic : 68 Helpful SEO Tools. Helpful Resources about for Getting Referral Traffic : Top Blogs List (with email contacts).

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As Populist as it May Feel, 98% of VCs Aren’t Dumb

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By 2009 had reduced to around $15 billion in capital from LPs. The best VCs don’t try to help entrepreneurs. But the people whom I consider best in this industry are quite helpful indeed. The best VCs know the buyers and can help guide and manage the process.

Discussion Creation Among Bloggers - LinkedIn, Blogging and Discussion Groups


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Thursday, March 22, 2007 Discussion Creation Among Bloggers - LinkedIn, Blogging and Discussion Groups Ive been participating in a Yahoo Group that are users of LinkedIn and who are Bloggers: [link] Its an interesting group of folks from diverse backgrounds. to help bloggers and blog readers with comments. Ive not found that much use for LinkedIn to help my blogging, but Im starting to think about this. Maybe this meme will help.

63 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs To Be Proud Of

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Features like this, as well as our daily interviews wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of our sponsor eMinutes – a law firm here in Los Angeles that focuses on helping entrepreneurs structure their companies. We want to help them, and will. We need your help.

Toronto Based Start Up Readitfor.me | Reads Books for You

Tech Zulu Event

Google’s current market cap sits at just over $200 billion (Yahoo! founder, Steve Cunningham, this is exactly the thought process he went through when developing a product to help you take in and use information faster. Time is a valuable commodity.

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