What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

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You are constantly faced with decisions and there is always incomplete information. This is part of my Startup Advice series. I had a picture in the office of my first company with the logo above and the capital letters JFDI. (In

How to (re) Approach People (Advice on the Eve of LeWeb)

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When I first read this post I immediately filed away in memory that there was important information to impart on entrepreneurs and led to this post. Business Etiquette Tips for dealing with VCs and Corporates at Conferences. This is part of my ongoing series with Startup Advice.

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Most Common Early Start-up Mistakes

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You can probably get loads of information on Legal Zoom also. Treat this person like your true partner where you share all information with them and involving them in the decision-making processes. This is part of my ongoing series “ Start-up Lessons. &# If you want to subscribe to my RSS feed please click here or to get my blog by email click here.

How to Deal with Skeletons in your Closet

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It’s ok to not admit to snoring on the first meeting but it’s not okay to ask somebody to champion you without complete information. This is part of my series with Advice on Raising Venture Capital.

Converging Technologies for Health Information

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 -- Converging Technologies for Health Information: A New Venture Frontier / Entrepreneurial Opportunities: the $40 Billion Stimulus and Beyond. More is being directed into Health Information Exchanges to provide a means for EHRs to communicate. How can entrepreneurs create value with the explosion of technologies for medical information and the evolving generation, management, and use of electronic medical data?

Information Superbrand Names Tal Golan CEO


Irvine-based Information Superbrand , an Internet marketing firm, is announcing this morning that it has named Tal Golan as the firm's CEO. Tags: sendio golan executive superbrand information Golan was most recently founder of Sendio, and has founded OpticNerve, as well as serving at the Multimedia and Digital Video Laboratory at Pixel Multimedia in Tel Aviv. The firm said that Golan remains on the board of directors of Sendio.

Got 2020 Clear Vision?


Early 2009 I stopped drinking alcohol and putting damaging substances into my body and this has been given me remarking clarity and performance benefits. Model nature, be like the Japanese gardener , and let your vision and the effects you want to create inform your strategy and positioning; and you’ll eventually get there. Folks over estimate what they can do in a year and under estimate what they can do in ten.

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Creating Informed Consumers For Sustainable Health Care

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 -- "Creating Informed Consumers For Sustainable Health Care" TechAmerica. Are your employees informed? In this informative lunch gathering you will hear: Tips in creating a successful culture of health; What others have done and how they fared; Short and long-term incentive program. How about management?

Health Information Technology and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 -- Health Information Technology and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Pease join us as Dr. Joel Kallich discusses "Health Information Technology and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009". This presentation provides information concerning definitions of meaningful use of EHR, demand for electronic capture of health care utilization and costs, and pharmacovigilance data bases and methods.

CoreLogic Sells Unit to Private Equity Firm


CoreLogic said it would retain the remainder of First Advantage Corporation, which it acquired in November of 2009. corelogic merger acquisition real estate mortgage information symphony technology group private equity

ZAM, Sony Tie In Game Information Deal


Los Angeles-based ZAM , and San Diego-based Sony Online Entertainment announced Wednesday that the two companies have tied on a new online site focused on information from Sony's EverQuest II massively multiplayer online game. According to the two, they have launched a site which will gives users access to EverQuest II's database, including information about game items and more.

Why I Don’t Like Board Observers

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That’s what “information rights&# are for and you can promise the investor to meet 1-on-1 on a quarterly basis. This is part of my ongoing series Startup Advice. I wrote recently about the role of Advisory Boards in startups , which I expected to be a bit controversial.

Angel Funding Advice

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But this is all public information that has been Tweeted by people who KNOW this is public information. When you want to find out information about who knows whom it is really not difficult. The information is publicly available. Most Venture Capital “A&# rounds (as of 2009) seem to start around $3 million pre-money and may go as high as $5-6 million pre-money if you’ve made a lot more progress or for some other reason the deal is “hot&#.

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Information Technology Bucks Downward LA Employment Trend


Bureau of Labor Statistics released its March 2010 employment numbers today, showing that the information sector was one of the only employment sectors to buck a further decline in employment in the region in March. percent between March 2009 and March 2010. For Los Angeles, the information sector saw a 6.5 Information's gain in the LA area also countered an overall, national decline in Information sector jobs, down by 4.7 The U.S.

Pour And Stir I – In Pursuit Of The Ideal Business Model


If you cannot offer a trial, capture enough information online so an inside salesperson can readily contact your prospects. Note: This is Part I in a three-part series on The Perfect Business Model. Click here for Part II , and Part III. Authentic, hand-crafted Persian rugs always include intentional imperfections. They are said to be, “Perfectly Imperfect, and Precisely Imprecise.” The same is true with many crafts and architecture created in Muslim cultures.

The Best VC Meetings are Debates not Sales

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I’ll look into it and get back to you.&# It gives you an opportunity to email the VC after the meeting with more information and the potential to continue the dialog. This is part of my blog series “ Pitching a VC.&#. I’ve sat through a lot of VC pitches and having been CEO of an enterprise software firm for many years I’ve also sat through many customer meetings with sales teams.

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San Diego Gas and Electric Partners With Google PowerMeter


The partnership will allow San Diego Gas & Electric customers with smart meters to access that smart meter information via Google and its PowerMeter widget software.

Founders, Ownership and Prenuptials

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They should have access to all the same information. This is part of my ongoing series, “ Startup Lessons.&#. Yesterday I wrote a blog post ( here ) in which I urged people to not have too many founders. Best case scenario in my mind is just 1, but at most I recommend 2. I knew this topic would be controversial because when I tell people this in person it always elicits shock.

2009 Coming To A Close, 2010 Just Around The Corner!

Tech Zulu Event

At the conference, we will explore how companies are using these technologies today, and should be using them tomorrow, for significant bottom line impact in areas like marketing, corporate information management, publishing, customer service, and personal productivity. .

Mahalo: Our Writers Making Over $20,000 A Year


The search site began offering its users revenue share back in June, as the site began looking to crowdsourced information to supplement the work of its employees and contractors. Jason Calacanis, the high profile founder of Santa Monica-based search engine Mahalo , claims that it now has a number of writers who are making over $20,000 a year writing freelance articles for the site.

2009, a new year for innovation

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A report just released by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation says that spending $30 billion in taxpayers' money in 2009 on broadband infrastructure, health IT, and electric grid technologies could create or save approximately 949,000 U.S. We are at a critical juncture for our country. If we are to lead the global economy, improve the quality of life for all Americans and strengthen our national security, we need to invest in science and technology.

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Southern California Deals Total Around $932M For Q2


Surprisingly, the numbers--based on information gleaned from funding announcements, regulatory filings, and other sources--are approximately the same as numbers in Q2 of 2008, which total around $955M, according to our own data. Numbers from those firms will undoubtedly differ, due to sources of information, timing of funding events, and classification of data, but should be close in terms of venture deals tracked. Tags: venture capital investment southern california 2009

SoCal Venture Totals Slip, But IT Shines


Among the few bright spots for Southern California as a whole was the Information Technology industry, which was up both quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year at $222.4M, up from $184.4M Tags: california jones 2009 venturesource southern venture capital investment Southern California's venture capital numbers for Q4 slipped, as did numbers nationally, according to numbers released over the weekend by Dow Jones VentureSource.

Enclarity Gains $5.5M In Series C Funding


Enclarity develops healthcare information systems which help keep databases up to date, including information about physicians and their practices. Tags: enclarity venture information data capital healthcare

Product Management for Startups in Los Angeles – Steve Gilison


It’s the follow-up questions to the responses that really create the dialogue and valuable nuggets beyond the information. It was great to hear from a long, lost colleague the other day.

Social Media for Service Professionals


I did a presentation about the use of Social Media to a great group of people who mostly are different kinds of service professionals (attorneys, accountants, consultants, etc.). I promised that I would do a follow-up post with some thoughts out of the presentation and providing links.

Attorney and Startup Business Advisor – Aaron Shechet


That way when I meet someone who says “I need X,” I can say “I know exactly the person you should talk to,” and I flip through the folder and give the contact information.

Is Strategic Money an Oxymoron?

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They see you as an extension of their competitor and that all information will flow to the corporate parent. This is part of my ongoing Raising Venture Capital (VC) series. Yesterday I had lunch with a really interesting and capable serial entrepreneur who is raising his A round.

You’re most vulnerable right after you win a deal

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Quite honestly they may even resort to feeding your competitor information about your proposal or your product to help them better fight. This is part of my ongoing series, “ Start-up Lessons.&#. Recently I wrote a blog post about how I hated losing, but I embrace it.

Maverick Angels Santa Barbara Arena

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Thursday, October 22, 2009 -- Maverick Angels Santa Barbara Arena. Contact jerry@maverickangels.com for more information.

Maverick Angels Westlake Village Arena

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009 -- Maverick Angels Westlake Village Arena. Contact brian@maverickangels.com for more information.

Maverick Angels South Bay

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 -- Maverick Angels South Bay Arena. Contact mike@maverickangels.com for more information. Angel screening event.

Maverick Arena Meeting

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Thursday, September 17, 2009 -- Maverick Arena Meeting. Contact jerry@maverickangels.com for more information. Maverick Angels investment group.