Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc. 500 Hats , February 1, 2010 When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Google Friend Connect for Authentication? Steve Blank , January 25, 2010 10 Tips for Adding Game Mechanics to a Non-Gaming Service - ReadWriteStart , September 21, 2010 Startups & VCs: Learn How to Design, Market, & Eat Your Own. -

Colony Logic: Helping The Enterprise Overcome Legacy Systems


Ultimately, we also offer up all the analytics to help them make better decisions for their business. Andy Vogel: We originally started back in 2010, when Blackstone making investment in companies that weren''t very obviously companies they were going to spin out.

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Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You

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Perhaps the best they can do is to help fund their successors. One of the most influential books of my career is The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clay Christensen. I cannot recommend it enough for people in the technology or media sectors.

Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering?

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As the CEO you can personally help manage deadlines and the Agile process. I recently did a post for startups on understanding sales people. A few people have asked me to try and define the perfect startup organization chart. I don’t believe that one exists.

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Life is 10% How You Make It and 90% How you Take It

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You really can’t help but become pumped up with he’s on stage. And I couldn’t help but noticing the adversity in this article on NY Times interviewing Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures : “Before the sale [of GeoCities], we were completely broke.

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Don’t be a Grin Fucker

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They wanted to be able to say to their senior person (who had hired Accenture in the first place) that they had been good corporate citizens but they had no real intention of actually helping me with me work. Like I said, pleasantries do not help people learn.

How to Ask for Help, Favors and Intros

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An entrepreneur recently sent me an @ reply message on Twitter asking for some help with a decision coming up in his business. In today’s era we’re all asked for help, favors or introductions all of the time. Most of us want to help.

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Startup Sales – Why Hiring Seasoned Reps May Not Work

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As they get really senior they hire people to help them with sales ops, comp plans and creating marketing collateral. They need to hear how you position your company and how your products will help the customers.

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How to Not Suck at a Group Presentation

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Help us to get to know him or her. It’s OK to throw in some facts & figures that people won’t remember because giving people numbers helps them understand the magnitude of the problem you’re solving. Connecting to a trainer helps keep you in line.

How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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Your contractor wrote a great V1 of the product and it helped you get angel funding. They’ll help you ensure that any money you raise doesn’t come with surprise terms that are hidden in legalese.

Journeymen, Mavericks & Superstars: Understanding Salespeople at Startups

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If you ever have to interview, hire, judge the performance of, decide whether to promote, assign clients/regions to them or have to decide whether to fire sales people, I think having a framework for thinking about them is helpful.

Be Careful not to Become a Conference Ho

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It’s about the personal schmoozing and the network that’s going to help you whether you’re current company is successful or not. You know the type. You see them on Twitter, Facebook or Plancast plotting out their next 12 conference.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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Another big innovator in helping manage cloud implementations is Okta , founded by Todd McKinnon, the former VP of Engineering at (who knows a thing or two about cloud services) and Freddy Kerrest who was senior in biz dev & sales at Salesforce and was there from 2002-07.

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Caution 2.0


Oh, and if you want a bit more help on bathrooms for engineers, the following video probably will help (go to 2:32 Just saw this tweet fly by: Unfortunately, this CTO happens to be the CTO of a restaurant chain which was probably the reason that this was tweeted.

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The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams are Less Effective

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In a perfect world they’d be in your home office but this is one area where I feel remote tools can help bridge gaps.

Better Business Bureau? For who?

Eric Greenspan

Your BBB has formed a strategic alliance to help save you money in your everyday costs starting immediately. I have been asked by your Better Business Bureau to help accredited businesses like you keep more of the money you earn. This is my sole objective for January of 2010.

Why You Should Make Your Competitors Your Frenemies

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And in a world where complex ideas are hard to mass markets to synthesize, the simplicity of the message, the differentiation & who is good vs. evil helps journalists, market analysts & customers. Yesterday I wrote about how to talk to investors about your competitors.

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

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And the company that helped websites publish RSS? It surprises me how many really smart people I meet still doubt the power of Twitter. It seems the urge to be a naysayer of Twitter is really strong for some.

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How to Run Better Presentations & Improve Results

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I sit through a lot of presentations. It’s usually people wanting to raise money and/or persuade me of something. Many of these are not as effective as they could be.

Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

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That’s how social can help build customer lifetime value.”. Unlike first-generation social media solutions that focus on building awareness at the top of the funnel, Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform helps brands close the sale.

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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So putting them in place now isn’t going to necessarily help you sell more products in the first year or two but once you’ve cracked the market then your partner will be ready / able to ramp up sales. They help prospect deals together.

Scaling Sales: Arming & Aiming – Objection Handling

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And the only way to do that is to help them calculate the ROI (return on investment) of using your product. This is part of a series on sales & marketing. The original post of this article on appeared on GigaOm in a more concise version here.

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Boingo Get Preload On MetroPCS


The firm said that its Boingo Mobile app--which helps users connect with its WiFi network--will be pre-installed on select, Wi-Fi enabled smartphones through MetroPCS, which provides prepaid, no-contract wireless services.

Bring Me Solutions, Not Problems (I know you think you know this, but …)

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I recently wrote a post on how to ask for help or favors from people. This is a related post that will not only help you get the results you want more effectively but will also help earn the respect of your senior people (whether management or your board).

Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

Do Favors for Others : the law of reciprocity dictates that people want to help other who help them. By being the person that focuses on helping others you’ll instantly stand out among the crowd and will build a bank account full of goodwill that you’ll be able to repeatedly withdraw from in the future. Ten Tips on How to Make it in the Meet-up Scene.

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People Management: Startup Teams Should Dip but not Skip

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I helped make this decision by “triangulating&# between our DBA, lead technical architect and our VP of Engineering (who had a better grasp of the financial costs & development costs of each decision). This is invaluable in helping the management team.

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My Life as a CEO (and VC): Chief Psychologist

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I found that a lot of my time went into spending time with the country MD’s to show them that they were still important to me and that I was still willing to help with sales campaigns. I’ve had a post in my head for months – maybe longer – about the role of a CEO.

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Don’t Sweep Feedback Under the Rug

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I hope that if you take this seriously it will help you grow. There are two things that have really surprised me in my years in “management&#. How few people give their employees real feedback on a regular and formal basis. How much employees crave this information, whether positive or negative. So my message to you if you work in a position where you have people reporting to you – don’t sweep feedback under the rug – even if it’s negative.

Want to Raise Venture Capital More Easily? Clean Up Your Own Shite First

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I normally offer this advice in the capacity of really wanting to help entrepreneurs so please bear with me. It is 2010. That means that they likely raised money at a particularly high price relative to 2010 prices. Clean up your own shite.

6 Tips for Building Relationships with Journalists

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Have a great product – OK, I know I’m stating the obvious, but being friends with or helping journalists will never get you great coverage (if you’re dealing with a high-quality news organization or blogger) if you have a bad or mediocre product or service.

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Is Convertible Debt Preferable to Equity?

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But as an angel you’re usually not only taking risks but also helping the company succeed (through introductions, social proof, coaching, recruiting). In frothy markets (like we’re seeing in August 2010) this happens more frequently.

App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

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I have been pitched by too many companies that want to help every brand discover their inner iPhone self. Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely. I was living in Europe in 2000 when the first WAP phones (Wireless Access Protocol) were introduced. These phones were so over hyped.

The Right Way to Cancel a Meeting

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I always try my best to take meetings like this since my friend had clearly committed some political capital to his friend in saying he could help him get a meeting. Canceling meetings is part of modern day life.