Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc. 500 Hats , February 1, 2010 When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Google Friend Connect for Authentication? Steve Blank , January 25, 2010 10 Tips for Adding Game Mechanics to a Non-Gaming Service - ReadWriteStart , September 21, 2010 Startups & VCs: Learn How to Design, Market, & Eat Your Own. -

What Mattered in 2010: Bruce Hallett, Miramar Venture Partners


We asked the same five questions of a variety of top technology entrepreneurs, investors, and others, to hear what they're thinking about, and are sharing it here over the next two weeks. Who are the people here you think will most influence the technology world in the coming year?

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Tech Coast Angels Highlights 2010 Deals


The Tech Coast Angels , [ profile ] the largest angel investment group in Southern California, outlined its 2010 deals today, saying that it funded a total of 31 deals in 2010, and had three profitable exits. The TCA said that 12 of those deals were new investments, and 19 were follow-on investments for the company. The group invested a total of $6M through direct investments, with was joined by approximately another $33.9M in other capital from venture and other angel investors.

Zuma Ventures: Creating A New Technology Startup Model


David Carter and Allen Hurff are two startup veterans, who believe they have a new formula to help create early stage, technology companies, through their new "startup studio", Zuma Ventures ( I think it all crystallized in 2010 on the Santa Monica promenade.

Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering?

Both Sides of the Table

Because more technology people probably read startup blogs I’m guessing this post will come under more scrutiny. Still, I believe I’m offering an accurate representation of the ideal configuration of the main technology leaders.

CTO 148

Startup Development


I’ve come to realize that I have lots of posts around startup software development scattered around in different posts. Thought it would be good to capture them in one spot and also include links to related posts from other sources.

Startup CTO or Developer


I’ve been having discussions with several people recently about the role of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in very early stage companies. What technology research is required? What technologies will we use? This is a classic kind of combined product / technology question.

CTO 87

Don’t be a Grin Fucker

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It isn’t always “rah rah.&# Last week I met with a founder who had sunk his personal money into buying a technology asset and hadn’t yet raised money – he was struggling a bit.

Fallbrook Technologies Pulls IPO


San Diego-based Fallbrook Technologies , the developer of electrical transmission technology for the automotive industry, has pulled its IPO, according to a filing from the firm. Fallbrook had originally filed for an IPO in February of 2010.

Never Hire Job Hoppers. Never. They Make Terrible Employees

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Look at some of the uber-successful icons of Silicon Valley / Technology: Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry/Sergey, Eric Schmidt, Andy Groves, John Doerr. This is part of my startup advice series. This post isn’t going to be popular. I’m sure of that. That’s OK.

Geni 107

Startup Sales – Why Hiring Seasoned Reps May Not Work

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This is probably because many founders are product or technology people. A while back I wrote a bunch of posts on Sales & Marketing and have been meaning to get back to that theme for a while.

Sales 96

How to Not Suck at a Group Presentation

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Talk us through how the person using your product is benefiting through your technology. Most people suck at presenting to big groups.

How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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When to get a lawyer - If you plan to be a venture or angel backed technology company (what I mostly write about) the best time to start meeting and getting to know lawyers is long before you ever start your company.

The Four Main Things that Investors Look for in a Startup

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But in my experience as an entrepreneur and now spending my time amongst investors I can generalize that almost all VC investments in early stage technology & Internet investments come down to just four key factors. I obviously don’t speak for all investors.

Journeymen, Mavericks & Superstars: Understanding Salespeople at Startups

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Most technology startups seem to be founded by three types of people: product managers, engineers or biz dev types (MBAs and the like). Very few of them are started, in my experience, by sales people and very few early stage companies really understand sales.

Do you Suffer from the Urgency Addiction? It’s More Common Than you Think

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I wrote out 3 pages of bullet point notes on paper and delivered a 20-minute speech to a crowd of entrepreneurs (which included the Minister of Technology for China).

What Mattered in 2010: John Babcock, Rustic Canyon Partners


We asked the same five questions of a variety of top technology entrepreneurs, investors, and others, to hear what they're thinking about, and are sharing it here over the next two weeks. Who are the people here you think will most influence the technology world in the coming year?

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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I mention this because I believe the layered metaphor for technology development has served our industry well and even if you aren’t technical it’s an important concept for you to grasp.

S3 82

The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams are Less Effective

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There is a core that exists in human connectedness that no amount of technology can replace. In the era of Skype, web conferencing tools and collaboration software conventional wisdom says that distributed startup teams can be just as effective as those that are in person.

Building Products for Mass Adoption

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If you don’t already read Chris’s blog you should – it’s very well written, often takes a strong POV and speaks from an entrepreneur’s perspective but with a huge knowledge of the technology investors as well.

Equity-Only CTO and Equity-Only Developers


And do I fit as a Part-Time CTO , Technology Advisor , CTO Founder , Acting CTO ? Think Again How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen How Much Stock to Ask For When Joining a Startup - Startup Professionals Musings , June 20, 2010 Guide to Evaluating Startup Ideas - Tony Wright dot com , May 27, 2010 Eight Tips To Successfully Bootstrap Your Business Should Founders Be Allowed to Take Money off the Table?

With $18M, Reflexion Health Expands Physical Therapy Technology


Reflexion Health, a San Diego startup founded in 2012 at the nonprofit West Health Institute, is moving to commercialize Vera, its physical rehabilitation system based on Microsoft Kinect’s motion tracking technology.

Coach 31

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

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I think some of this stems from the early days of Twitter when it was presumed that it was a technology to tell people what you ate for lunch. It surprises me how many really smart people I meet still doubt the power of Twitter.

RSS 72

X1 Technologies Goes Mobile


Pasadena-based X1 Technologies , the developer of email and desktop search software, said Thursday that it has rolled out a new, mobile version of its product. Tags: technologies desktop search software mobile iphone apple ipad ipod idealab

CoreLogic Sells Unit to Private Equity Firm


corelogic merger acquisition real estate mortgage information symphony technology group private equity

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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I just want to state that up front because while I believe that this post will apply to most startup technology companies out there, I’m sure there will be exceptions. This is part of my ongoing series on startup advice but also filed under my sales & marketing posts.

73.6% of all Statistics are Made Up

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Fortunately I was mostly a technology consultant, which meant that I coded computers, designed databases and planned system integration projects. How to Interpret Analyst Reports. The headlines in the media are filled with that latest stats. Stats sell.

Immersive Technology Summit 2010

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, October 21, 2010 -- Immersive Technology Summit 2010. On October 21th, 2010, the worlds first Immersive Technology summit will be held at LA Center Studios to showcase industry leaders of immersive technology and collaborate on themes of innovation, applications, and future development. Media will cover cutting-edge technologies and science-fiction brought to life.

Top 30 Startup Technology and Product Posts for September 2010


Great content again in September that meets at the intersection of startups, technology, product and being a Startup CTO. This continues my series of posts: Top 40 Startup Posts for August 2010 Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010 Top 30 Startup Posts in June 2010 Top 29 Startup Posts May 2010 Startup CTO Top 30 Posts for April 16 Great Startup Posts from March Some great free resources listed this month that I thought were interesting.


Iteris Buys Meridian Environmental Technology


Santa Ana-based Iteris , a developer of traffic management software and technology, said today that it is acquiring Meridian Environmental Technology , a developer of traveler information systems and highway maintenance software. iteris meridian environmental technology merger acquisition traffic information software

Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Jason Nazar

The technology meet-up scene is an odd co-mingling of entrepreneurs, engineers, social media mavens, service providers, and up and comers. Ten Tips on How to Make it in the Meet-up Scene. Here are ten actionable tips to make the most of your meet-ups. Meet More – the key to any meet-up is first to meet others. Seems like that would be rather self explanatory.

Tips 34

My Life as a CEO (and VC): Chief Psychologist

Both Sides of the Table

I’ve had a post in my head for months – maybe longer – about the role of a CEO. It originally appeared on TechCrunch as a guest post but just in case you missed it there.

Sales 48

The Yo-Yo Life of a Tech Entrepreneur – A Cautionary Tale

Both Sides of the Table

One doesn’t have to look beyond the most prominent technology bloggers, early-stage Silicon Valley angels or even some of the biggest names in tech (Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman, Marc Benioff) to find people suffering like I have been.