Badgeville Did Not Earn a Badge Checking in at Twiistup 8

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At Twiistup 8 last week ten startups gave their pitches to a panel including a VC, Angel Investor, Advisor and industry expert. Events Social Media Social News Startup Video adena Demonte badge Badgeville Facebook Foursquare funding rewards tech crunch disrupt Twiistup TwitterNo startup recieved harsher criticism than Badgeville. Visit TechZulu for full story.

Media 13 | I am Hungry and Want a Deal NOW!

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John Delacruz and his startup presented a Twiistup 8 and was almost as impressive as the mini cupcakes at their booth. Events Mobile Retail & Consumers Social Media Startup Video applications coupons Deals groupon idealab john delacruz TwiistupThe startup fills a need in the market by connecting restaurants to patrons in real time. Visit TechZulu for full story.

SonicAngel | Music Industry Reinvented

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At Twiistup 8 Bart Becks (prior CEO os Belgacom Skynet) took the stage to present SonicAngel, a startup that is challenging the current music industry business model. Arts & Entertainment Events New Media Startup Twiistup Video a&r bart becks crowd sourcing fanshare lords of acid music industry nokia theater Praga Khan prefunded sonicangel

Los Angeles Startup Weekend August 2011 | The Complete Breakdown

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Some attendees came in a bit later on Sunday as they coded and designed throughout the previous night however everyone was “in the Loft” by mid-morning, along with other guests such as Paige Craig and Francisco Dao ( 50 Kings , Twiistup, and Writer at Fast Company). What a weekend!


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 -- Twiistup. More than just a conference, Twiistup is LA's biggest technology event. Twiistup combines a showcase for innovation, a platform for thought leaders and an audience of entrepreneurs, media and investors all wrapped in a unique, stylized environment that rivals a Hollywood production.

TZ Startup Hot Seat | Brian Mullins & Team Daqri

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Entrepreneurship Events New Media Retail & Consumers Startup Twiistup Video applications a&r Augmented reality Brian Mullins Daqri Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg Spotlight LA Tech Steve JobsThis weeks TZ Startup Hot Seat features the team at Daqri. Brian Mullins and team agreed to answer our questions and tell us why Daqri will change the Augmented Reality space. Visit TechZulu for full story.

Media 14

Can The Next Big Tech Company Be Built In LA?

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During Twiistup 8 a panel moderated by Jason Nazar (DocStoc) and joined by panelist David Travers (Rustic Canyon), Brian Norgard (Namesake), Fouad ElNaggar (Redpoint) and Demian Sellfors (Media Temple), spoke about if the next big tech company could be built in Los Angeles?

The Challenges (& Opportunities) of Starting a Tech Company in LA

Jason Nazar

I recently hosted a panel at the Twiistup Conference about LA tech companies. Plus there are amazing LA tech events put on by DealMaker Media , DigitalLA , Twiistup , and many more.

Interview with Fouad ElNaggar, Redpoint Ventures


I do energy and materials investment, Internet investing, digital media investing, and financial services investing. I want to see more companies doing innovative things with media down in Southern California, which should just own that market.