Grandparents Day 2015 Gets a Boost from Entrepreneurs

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Users can browse the site for high-def video interviews of each potential caregiver, send and receive payments online and receive daily updates via text message on their aging loved ones. The post Grandparents Day 2015 Gets a Boost from Entrepreneurs appeared first on TechZulu.

eHarmony Launches Site For Spanish Speaking Singles


Los Angeles-based online matchmaking site eHarmony said Thursday that it is expanding its market, and has launched a brand new site, specifically aimed at Spanish speaking singles. According to eHarmony, its new web site is built to serve both Spanish speaking singles in the U.S., eHarmony said the new Spanish site will be launched into several other countries, including Mexico and Spain, over the course of 2016.

Emotional Intelligence Technology To Light Up Santa Monica at 2015 Twilight Concert Series At The Pier

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The post Emotional Intelligence Technology To Light Up Santa Monica at 2015 Twilight Concert Series At The Pier appeared first on TechZulu. Truly a sight to see, TrueCar brings L.E.D. Light Emotion Data) to the Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series. L.E.D.

NewEgg In Major Mobile Site Refresh, Adds iOS, Android Apps


City of Industry-based technology retailer NewEgg announced this morning that it has refreshed its mobile site , with a major redesign and new apps for both Android and iOS. redesign retailer ecommerce refresh site mobile neweggAccording to NewEgg, which sells a wide range of electronics products, the mobile refresh is the "most comprehensive" in its history. The major changes include navigation and search functions, comparison shopping features, and streamlined checkout.

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Rocket Lab Sets Up Orbital Launch Site


Los Angeles-based Rocket Lab , a venture-backed startup which is developing commercial launch vehicles specifically aimed at delivering small satellites into space, said it has set up an oprbital launch site. The company said it plans to build a launch site Kaitorete Spit in the Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island, to support future launches of its launch vehicle.

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Looklist Raises $174,000 For Fashion Site


Los Angeles-based Looklist , an online site which lets users browse curated fashion and hairstyle photos, disclosed today that it has raised $174,000 in a seed funding round. Looklist, led by Shaz Sedighzadeh, provides a Pinterest-like site which can be browsed to see different fashions and hair styles, and also links to e-commmerce site featuring those fashions.

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iZSearch Gets Seed Funding, Launches Internet Search Site


Carlsbad-based iZSearch said this morning that it has raised a round of seed funding, and also launched its web-based Internet search site. According to iZSearch, the company recently closed a seed funding round from the Tech Coast Angels and Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI). Size of that funding round was not announced. According to iZSearch, it has developed an alternative Internet search engine, focused on privacy, minimal ads, and convenient navigation features. READ MORE>>.

Hulu Reopens Super Bowl Ad Site


Los Angeles-based streaming television service Hulu has re-opened its Super Bowl advertising site, sponsored again this year by Toyota. The site has been featuring those ads on the dedicated mini-site for several years. Hulu''s AdZone features all of the Super Bowl ads from prior years, and also will be featuring new ads released on game day. Hulu said it will be adding ads up through Super Bowl Sunday, and will also allow users to vote on their favorite ad spots.

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Dreaming of Mars, the startup Relativity Space gets its first launch site on Earth

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That’s the goal Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone set for themselves when they founded Los Angeles-based Relativity Space in 2015. From the site, Relativity will be able to launch its first designed rocket, the Terran 1, which is the only fully 3D-printed rocket in the world.

Sites 234 Partners With Chinese Real Estate Site


Irvine-based online real estate marketplace said this morning that it has partnered with Chinese online real estate site , which will bring's U.S. real estate listings to China. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. The two companies said the deal will advertise real estate listings from to 2.6 million monthly Chinese speaking users, in both mainland China as well as the rest of the world. READ MORE>>.

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Four ways to find new business in the new year


Owned media comes from the databases you own, such as your company’s web site, email. We think of media advertising as either paid or free – placed by paying a fee or by a PR firm or by you at no placement cost, especially when you provide editorial content beneficial to the publisher.

Dealstruck Gets $58M For Small Business Lending Site


San Diego-based Dealstruck , the small business lending site led by Ethan Senturia, has raised $58M in a combination of debt and equity, the company said this morning. Dealstruck said that it raised $50M in a credit facility from Brevet Capital management, and $8.3M in equity funding from Trinity Ventures, for its small business loan marketplace.

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Upfront Ventures Re-Ups On Appointment Booking Site MyTime


Los Angeles-based venture investor Upfront Ventures has lead another round in San Francisco-based online appointment booking site MyTime , as parto f a $9.25M Series B. MyTime said that the funding round was led by Upfront Ventures, and also included Khosla Ventures, Daher Capital, Accelerator Ventures, and Westfield Corp.

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5 Simple Tactics To Make Freemium Users Pay


A version of this article previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Freemium business models are popular because they allow startups to quickly drive user adoption. Unfortunately, many of these companies fail to properly monetize such non-paying users. Let''s face it.

Sometimes your gut is the best you’ve got.


Add to that knowing that there are three distinct buying seasons each year, and that this site was offering to mix and match sizes to fit, leaving orphan matching skirts and pants – and you can see why my concern.

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Hollar Picks Up $17.5M For Bargain Gifts Site


Santa Monica-based Hollar , a startup which offers up a wide range of low cost, bargain priced gifts, has raised $17.5M in a funding round, according to a regulatory filing. The funding came from Index Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others. Hollar's executives were previously at Honest Co., including David Yeom (CEO, formerly in Business Development at Honest Co.) and tech veteran Brian Lee (LegalZoom, Honest Co., ShoeDazzle), who serves as Executive Chairman of the company.

Oh Yeah, That Powerful Computer In My Pocket Is Also A Phone


The results were recently published in the 2015 Call Intelligence Index. Non-mobile, online channels, such as desktop search, display ads and review sites drive 30% of calls. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

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Hold On, Congress Is About To Handcuff Online Sellers


However, in the hands of government bureaucrats, the definition of "physical presence" can become farcical, encompassing an independent affiliate which links to your site or a company's participation at a trade show. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

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This Super Cool B-Corp Is Changing The Nonprofit World


Our nonprofit partners then use the HandUp site, with their clients, to fundraise for their goals and urgent needs. . A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Rose Broome, Founder of HandUp is rocking the non-profit world.

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Hyperloop Technologies In Deal For Test Site In Las Vegas, Eyes $80M round


Los Angeles-based Hyperloop Technologies , one of the startups looking to bring Elon Musk's grand idea for high speed transportation to life, has inked a deal for a test site in North Las Vegas, as it looks to complete an $80M, Series B funding round. Sacks and others--said it has reached a deal to conduct open air testing on a 50 acre site in Las Vegas, and hopes to start conducting testing in early first quarter 2016.

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Are you an old school customer marketer?


Immediately, seconds after her shopping effort, ads for that same online retailer surrounded her on the other site. “Broadcast the message and they will come!” “Segment my broadcast and I will have better response.”

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Is Time Tracking Unethical?

Eric Greenspan

It might work with a technician on site or a dentist in your mouth, but with accounting pros and lawyers, it’s hogwash to think the time we are billed for is always complete and legit. I just got back from Sage Summit and met Ron Baker and Ed Kless.

You may burn your first professional manager.


Available at and bookseller sites. It seems to be a rule, not an exception. The first professional senior manager that an entrepreneur hires to share the growing workload does not last more than a year.

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Guidance Names New Marketing VP


guidance marketing site retailer executiveMarina Del Rey-based Guidance , which helps brands and retailers build online websites and apps, said Monday that it has named Jeff Hererra as its new Vice President of Marketing and Channel Development. Hererra was previously Head of Partner Marketing at Magento. He also has served at Visa. Guidance says it has helped such brands as Foot Locker, Johnny Was, Relax the Back, TOMS Shoes to create their websites and apps. READ MORE>>.

Blogging for the Hell of It, Not Blogging to Stay Relevant

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I don’t know what blogging will bring in 2015 but I hope to go back to the day when I was just blogging for the hell of it. This is why I can’t really work with editors and don’t work as well publishing on third-party sites. I used to love blogging. For me it was always a creative outlet. I love sitting down – often in “one take” like a classic film – and capturing what was on my mind at the moment.

Prevoty Launches New Products For Java,NET


Prevoty, which is venture backed by US Venture Partners, Plus Capital, MM Capital, Paige Craig, and others, developers cross-site scripting security tools to prevent security breaches in web apps. prevoty java cross site scripting cybersecurity security holes software enterpriseLos Angeles-based Prevoty , a developer of enterprise security tools, said Thursday that it has rolled out two new products, which plug into apps running on Java and.NET.

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Here is The Best Data You’ll Find on the LA Tech Market

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I would be super grateful if you would visit the site and sign up for a newsletter if you felt so inclined. As an active investor in the Los Angeles technology market we’re always seeking to better understand the data and trends of why our market has grown so rapidly since 2009. We look for pockets of excellence where we may have skills that aren’t native in other markets or where our home town may have some unique skills or talents.

Joey Flores On Earbits' Life, Death, and Resurrection


The day after we shut down the site, we got an email from this company, saying they had a big opportunity they'd like to talk to us about. What is it to start up a company, and run it to the brink of shutdown�only to have it acquired and restarted immediately?

Qtee: “We’re the Nike ID of the Fashion World”


Because our tech platform is so robust, we were able to quickly get these lines on our site and begin selling to our customers.”. In an effort to offer their users even more options for customization, Qtee has partnered with a host of new companies for the summer of 2015: Suja Juice.

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All's Fair In Love and War: Textpert's Love and Texting Advisor


We've also been submitting this to app review sites. In the dating world today, your ability (or inability) to text someone with the right words can be the difference between a hot date, and no date at all.

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HowLoud: Making Your Next Apartment A Less Noisy One


Brendan Farrell: This site is free, the way any number of sites now are free. Their rentals now have a sound score on them, and people that pay for Westside Rentals membership and review a map on their site and see the sound scores in the listing.

inviteUP: Moving Mobile Dating Beyond Endless Texting Into Real Life Dates


What we set up to do on the site was to set everything up in advance, so if you wanted to go to a specific restaurant, all you do is post a restaurant date and time and see if any girl is interested. I had gone on dating sites, I was on Jdate awhile back ,and ran into similar problems.

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Interview with Kevin Anderson, Appetize


We ended up between the enterprise, legacy point-of-sale products and a lot of mobile players, who just haven't created something to deal with multi-site, enterprise level hardware at the front end.

Do Not Obsess On Names – Obsess On Delivering Awesome Customer Value


Google was not descriptive of the company’s initial core competency (search) nor was it particularly easy to pronounce or spell when the site was first launched. A version of this article previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal. With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good.” Really?

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ValueMyStuff: Helping You Uncover That Monet In Your Attic


It''s a joy to see what coming to the site, because you never know. How much, really, is that painting stashed in your attic, which your grandfather left to you? And, how much is that ceramic vase you found in your aunt''s garage?

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