Why the LP Outlook is Good for Venture and Startups in 2017–2020

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That said, of course all bets are off if there are unforeseen world events that cause markets to panic and one has to believe the chances of such a “black swan” are greater under a Trump presidency than any presidency in recent history.

Study: 17% of Tech Workers Are High on the Job


Nearly 17 percent of tech workers admit to being under the influence of marijuana while at work at some point in their careers, according to a new study.

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Google builds its own subsea cable from the US to France

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Over the course of the last few years, Google has also made significant investments in consortium-driven cables that span the Atlantic and the Pacific, and quite a few of these will go online in 2019.

The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An Insider’s Perspective

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Of course it takes time to roll out new scooters and replace existing inventory but this is already having a dramatic effect on the underlying business. Of course. The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An

Why the Former President of Nickelodeon Joined mitú as CEO.

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mitú has been able to amass more than $40 million from Universal/Comcast, WPP, The Chernin Group, Advanceit Capital and of course Upfront Ventures to take on this opportunity we see in front of us. trillion in 2020 (U.S. Why the Former President of Nickelodeon Joined mitú as CEO.

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Girls in STEM and Cyber Security Among Top Startups at Eureka Park 2018


With computer science jobs predicted to increase by 22 percent by 2020 according to the U.S. Their Siggy Robot is a self-balancing robot that rolls on a pink segway and can be coded to dance, go through obstacle courses, and engineered for entertainment.

Overcoming the Cybersecurity Skills Gap


million unfilled IT security jobs globally by 2020. Of course, any approach for solving the skills gap will evolve over time. For several years now, the “cybersecurity skills gap” has been a top challenge for organizations.

Jet Launches Amid High Expectations

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Of course, while these comparisons might be useful to industry observers, their influence on individual consumers is likely to be limited. The plan is to scale up quickly enough to reach 15 million members and $20 billion in revenue from merchandise sales by 2020.

A Look at the Future: The Connected Car Expo

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We’d believe offering consumers as many options as possible is a benefit of course, but it’s worthy to consider just how far this gets us towards the reality of the connected car. But of course, there lies the looming danger of safety and accidents.