Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Claims Commercial Travel By 2022


Los Angeles-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies , one of a number of companies in the LA area working on Elon Musk's concept of a high-speed transportation system, says it thinks it will have its first, commercial travel systems open to the public by 2022. In an interview with CNBC, the company's CEO, Dirk Ahlborn, said at Davos that it expects to have commercial lines open by 2022, with the ability to "try out" its systems before the end of this year.

RealD Extends Deal With Cinemark Until 2022


Beverly Hills-based 3D movie projection technology provider RealD said today with theater exhibitor Cinemark Holdings , that the two have renewed Cinemark's 3D agreement with RealD through 2022. Financial details of the deal were not announced by the two firms, which jointly announced the extension today. The companies said that Cinemark will also be installing RealD 3D systems in all of its new-build theaters during the term.

San Diego Life Sciences 2022: Photos and Takeaways


The list of recent buyouts includes Life Technologies ($13.6 View the Slideshow Making predictions can be a tricky business. Nevertheless, Xconomy recently brought together some of San Diego’s most prominent life sciences leaders to offer their vision for what the regional biotech cluster will be like in five years. They broadly agreed that San Diego has proven itself as a great seedbed for life sciences startups. billion), CareFusion ($14.4

After Successful Pilot, Apprenti Expands Tech Training Program


million new computer programming and computer support specialist jobs will be created across the country by 2022, and as businesses across all sectors become more tech-enabled and tech-dependent, that dearth of talent will only get worse.

Teledyne Wins $10M Contract For Sensors For Mission to Jupiter


Thousand Oaks-based Teledyne Technologies said late Monday afternoon that Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, one of its subsidiaries, has been awarded $9.98M in a contract from the French Space Agency, the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), to support a mission to Jupiter. According to Teledyne, it will provide infrared detectors and electronics for the European Space Agency (ESA) JUICE mission to Jupiter, which is expected to launch in 2022.

Venture capitalists ‘like and subscribe’ to influencers

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Naturally, the next step in Bernstein’s evolution from blogger to businesswoman was a technology startup. Danielle Bernstein is just 27 years old, but she’s been running her own business for 10 years.

10 Business Areas Where Data Is The Key To The Future

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Hence one segment of the opportunity is the need for new database technologies, like Hadoop , a distributed file system originally designed for indexing the Web.

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Smart Audio – A Lucrative Platform… If You Figure Out How To Leverage It


As entrepreneurs think of ways to leverage the explosive sales of smart audio technology, they should take note of the following key takeaways the NPR/Edison Research survey: Rapid Adoption – 39 million adult Americans own at least one Smart Speaker, representing approximately 16% of the population.