RealD, AMC Theatres Renew 3D Deal Through 2024


Beverly Hills-based 3D movie projection technology provider RealD and AMC Theatres said Thursday that they have extended and renewed a 3D agreement through 2024, and also plan on installing RealD 3D systems in all of AMC's new and upgraded theaters.

Silicon Beach Report Jan. 11: SpaceX Explains Plans to Land Three Boosters at Once

L.A. Business Journal

SpaceX explains plans to land three boosters at once, inside LA 2024’s social media strategy for winning the Olympics, and Global Eagle fully rents out a satellite

LA's Olympic Effort Seeks To Tap Into City's Technology Sector To Reach Youth


Is the key to winning the spot as host of the 2024 Summer Olympics the company's growing technology sector? In a panel on Thursday, LA 2024's Gene Sykes , the head of LA's efforts to win the Olympic Games, says that tapping into LA's growing technology sector is key to helping the Olympics reach the youth market. Los Angeles is up against Paris, France as host city for the Olympics in 2024.

Will tech kill your job?


By 2024, ninety percent of the global population will have regular Internet access. Close. Stop me if you’ve heard this story before. “My My job as a (newspaper publisher telephone installer, stockbroker, travel agent, retail store manager) is safe as this economy continues to grow.”

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Human Space Travel as a Platform to Accelerate Biomedical Innovation


A manned mission to Mars is slated for as early as 2024, but there are serious health risks that must be mitigated in order for such a mission to be successful.

Bio Roundup: Rare Disease Showdowns, Prices on TV, Dealmania & More


An April report from Evaluate Pharma predicted sales of orphan drugs to rise 12 percent a year between now and 2024, when they will account for an estimated 20 percent of worldwide prescription drug sales. The market for drugs for rare or “orphan” diseases continues to grow. The field has gotten so competitive that multiple products are on the market for some diseases.

Tastemade, Jaunt Tap Ryan Seacrest, Conan O'Brien For Tour Through LA


The companies said the virtual reality experience was actually created in a partnership with, the committee bidding to host the 2024 Olympic Games. Santa Monica-based virtual reality content developre Jaunt , and Santa Monica-based online food and travel lifestyle content provider Tastemade said today that the two have tied together for a new, virtual-reality trip through Los Angeles, featuring Ryan Seacrest and Conan O'Brien, along with a host of others.

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Digest 6/13-19: Big Raises for Vow to be Chic, Vrse, Exactly; Makers Kit, Branch Chosen for Target Techstars


LA 2024 (@LA2024) June 17, 2016. Follow LA Tech Digest on Twitter ( link ) for news as it happens. **. THIS WEEK’S EVENTS: see full calendar. Monday, June 20. Make in LA (-6/24). SMNT Happy Hr. Art of Fast Pitch. LA Fintech Mix Mingle. Community Hack Night. Make a Documentary.

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Digest 5/16-22: Raises for PatientPop, SpacesVR; Disney VR, Littlstar, Vntana


— LA 2024 (@LA2024) May 18, 2016. Follow LA Tech Digest on Twitter ( link ) for news as it happens. **. THIS WEEK’S EVENTS: see full calendar. Monday May 23. Biz E-Sports Summit (-5/24). Tuesday May 24. FastCo Counter-Conf (-5/25). Space Tech Expo (-5/26). Now Next Why.

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Bio Roundup: Drug Price Debates, NY Bio Blooms & CEOs Take Social Stand


If you missed it, you’ll have to wait until 2024 for the next one. In these politically divided times, Americans this week found near universal agreement on one thing: A celestial event that plunges a summer day into temporary darkness is a captivating experience. The totality of the solar eclipse lasted less than 3 minutes. Those of us who stepped outside with eclipse glasses, pin-hole projectors, or even colanders found a brief respite from the news.

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GPS Tracking Keeps Internet of Things Moving for Vehicle Management

Tech Zulu Event

In fact, TechZulu noted in another article that it’s estimated that 89 percent of new cars sold worldwide will come with embedded connectivity by 2024.

Internet of Things (IoT) – What’s Next in Automotive?

Tech Zulu Event

By 2024, it’s estimated that 89% of new cars sold worldwide will have embedded connectivity. Do you remember movies about the future where everything is controlled by machines? Look back at the Skynet computer from The Terminator, V.I.K.I from I, Robot or Alice from Resident Evil.

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