CPC Strategy Acquired By Elite SEM


San Diego-based e-commerce agency CPC Strategy has been acquired by digital marketing agency Elite SEM , according to private equity backer Mountaingate Capital. Financial details of the acquisition were not announced. The acquisition is the third for Elite SEM since Mountaingate Capital acquired the comapny in 2017. strategy elitesem merger acquisition cpcstrategy agency design marketing advertising ecommerce

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The Most Misunderstood Facts About Building a Business on YouTube

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Almost every online business I know (eCommerce, online software, mobile games) invests heavily in “customer acquisition” This includes investments often not properly measured (SEO, PR, Social) as well as costs that people measure more precisely (advertising, SEM, FB CPA/CPI ads).

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Why The Haters are Wrong About Growth Hacking

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In essence Muhammad thinks the “growth hacking” is a charlatan term for online marketing that consists of a bunch of everyday tasks that all online businesses should be doing: SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media, Referral Marketing, etc.

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Startup Business Model Considerations


Fantastic post by Christian Gammill - Startup Delta Force… From a competitive perspective (e.g. all the other folks out there that will try to enter the same market) the barriers have been dropping over the last few years.

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Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

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Perhaps the most misused terms I see these days from entrepreneurs involve CAC (customer acquisition costs) and LTV (life time value) and a lack of understanding these critical components is driving many companies to premature failure. Customer acquisition cost.

How Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive Success

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Customer Acquisition. How many through SEM? per click on an SEM basis this is NOT your cost to acquire a customer – you need to add conversion rate. Those two things together would lower your acquisition costs nearly in half to $6.11. You Manage What you Measure.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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RedBeacon went on to sell to HomeDepot in what was considered a very successful acquisition on all sides. But Ethan had left by the time of the acquisition. Let me not bury the lede.

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Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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Not because they didn’t want to do Pay-per-click (they are huge buyers of SEM) but because they didn’t want other people to know what they paid for clicks! Last night I had the great privilege to interview Bill Gross , one of the Internet’s true pioneers.

Sales Kids With Grit – Web 2.0 Paper Routes


Search Engine Management (SEM) – Search marketing can be performed by anyone with a rudimentary understanding of Google AdWords. The key to effective SEM is diligent and vigilant review of the keywords and their respective effectiveness. . What do Warren Buffet, Martin Luther King, John Wayne, Walt Disney, Harry Truman and Wayne Gretzky all have in common?

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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After a year in the market, MakeSpace was growing rapidly and our biggest issue was CAC (customer acquisition costs) relative to payback period (when we get our marketing investment back) and relative to LTV (lifetime value). You may have paid marketing: SEM, Social Media Ads, Banner Ads, email lists, etc. Many startup businesses – tech or otherwise – fail.

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Pour And Stir II – Managing Your Cost Per Customer


Decreasing Your Customer Acquisition Costs. Ultimately, your overall customer acquisition costs should calculated as an average of a variety of marketing channels. Thus, include these unattributed customers in your overall calculation of customer acquisition costs.

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Advertising Wants to be Measurable – An Investment Thesis

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By now we all know that the largest part of the online spend has been SEM (search engine marketing) where people buy CPC (cost per click) links to display alongside the “organic&# search results in the search engine.