The Power of Torso TV (Why Media is Racing to the Middle)

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Chris Anderson wrote a really influential book some years ago called “ The Long Tail ” that shaped how many people think about emerging Internet markets. The book profiles markets like those for books. When you had physical stores selling books, the bookseller would have to stock the shelves with those books most likely to sell so consumer choice was more limited. Now as an author you can actually publish and be able to sell only a thousand books.

How Laudville Is Bringing Your Entertainment Life Together


We''re now in beta, and are incorporating services like iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu, and will be incorporating more (this) year. You''re trying to tackle everything from movies, to music, to books. People are watching shows and reading books on their mobile phones.

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How I Use Visualization to Drive Creativity

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One of the books that first made me aware of the “creative brain&# was “ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain &# by Betty Edwards. All are known creativity drivers and are covered in the book mentioned above. Creativity.

The Case for In-Stream Advertising

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The topic of whether in-stream advertising has heated up. Let me lay out my defense of In-Stream Advertising because I believe the topic is really important. People feel angst about advertising in any form – I feel the same feeling about advertising as most consumers. But I also accept and appreciate the ads in Hulu because I know that I’m watching shows for free. John Batelle profiles this well in his book The Search.


How to Save MySpace

Jason Nazar

It should be the next generation content/ entertainment portal that leverages millions of user profiles to more accurately provide data to advertisers on what is appealing to specific demographics. Work with the studios to have premium Hulu-ish content prominently branded and for sale.