Jetpack Gives a Boost to Mobile and Rich Media Advertising

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Advertising technology is hot with the rise of mobile, evidenced in part by Verizon’s merger with AOL valued at $4.4 Until recently, three legacy providers (Sizmek, PointRoll and Google’s DoubleClick) have dominated the rich media market.

Demand Media Targets Food Advertisers


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online content publishing empire of Richard Rosenblatt, announced this morning that it has launched a new, specialized offering for food advertisers. The firm said it has combined part of Demand Media's network,, and to reach consumers making food-related choices. Tags: demand media advertising food eating advertiser targeting livestrong ehow

Break Media Analyzes Men With New Site


Los Angeles-based online publisher Break Media is delving into that question this morning with the launch of a new site, called Acumen , focused on pulling insights and analysis on the behavior and trends driven by men. Break said the new site is designed as a new tool for brand marketers, to help them gain "actionable intelligence" about the male demographic. Break Media also said it will be running an ongoing, R&D panel of several thousand men for its new site.

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How The Promise Of Social Media Advertising Is Measuring Up For Adly


We caught up with CEO Walter Delph to hear how the promise of social media advertising has measured up to reality, and what that means for brands and marketers today trying to leverage the new reality of social conversations. Why would a brand or advertiser want to work with Adly?

SVnetwork Launches Brand Advertising Network


Los Angeles-based SocialVibe , which was formerly a site focused on social media for brands and charities, has turned into SVnetwork , a new Internet advertising network. According to SVnetwork, it has launched its own, performance brand advertising website which connects brands with over 80 million unique consumers every month. SVnetwork claims its products help connect consumers to brands, delivering a 100 times higher click rate than banner or display advertising.

Building A Dream Team For Mobile Advertising, with Gradient X


Michael Lum: Gradient X is looking to build the most advanced, programmatic advertising program for mobile. We know that advertisers are looking to reach mobile users, whether they''re on phone or tablets. We have many years of display advertising experience.

Steamboat Boosts Chinese Advertising Firm


has invested in a Chinese provider of online advertising. According to Beijing-based Yoyi Media , it received a Series A investment on undisclosed size from Steamboat Ventures and Gobi Partners. Yoyi Media provides targeted advertising and demographics to Chinese web sites. Tags: steamboat venture capital ventures disney walt yoyi media china internet advertising Burbank-based Steamboat Ventures , the venture capital firm backed by Walt Disney Co.,

Specific Media Adds Trio Of Auto Sites


Irvine-based Specific Media , which operates an online advertising network, said today that it has gained three new exclusive publishing partners. The firm said it has signed a deal to gain sole, third party advertising placement access to,, and Specific Media said its Exclusive Publisher (EP) program gives advertisers exclusive, third-party access to popular online properties, and is specifically targeted at brand advertisers.

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How Facebook Videos Can Boost Your Social Media Campaign


We think a good place to start with this topic is on the subject of social media. Social media is popular. Using video for social media marketing is a powerful tool for building your brand and reaching your clients. Social media platforms know you better than you know yourself.

ProfileTree | LinkedIn For Services, Advertisers & The Unemployed

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At the moment, Conolly heads the startups social media team in Egypt while Turdubaev looks after Russian countries and translation of the site. Where does someone who is starting a hairdressers advertise their business?

H Code Links With Argentine Media Company Artear


Los Angeles-based digital advertising company H Code , which focuses on advertising for the U.S. Hispanic market, says it has inked an exclusive partnership with Artear , a media and television company in Argentina. H.Code said it will gain sole access to Artear''s digital advertising inventory here in the United States, including ads on Artear's other properties, Ciudad Magazine, eltrece,, and Todo Noticias (known as TN).

Break Launches Hispanic Site


Los Angeles-based Break Media , the online video and content firm headed by Keith Richman, said this morning that it is targeting Hispanic males with a new site, According to Break, the new site will provide content focused on entertainment, gaming, sports, and culture, all in context of Hispanic males. Break said the new site's premier sponsor is Toyota. Tags: break hispanic media tuvez male content entertainment video

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Evolve Media Launches New Ad Product


Los Angeles-based Evolve Media Corp , which operates such sites as CraveOnline, totallyher Media, GameRevolution, and LiveOutdoors, said today that it has launched a new online advertising product. online advertising media evolve

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Adconion Media Buys Smartclip


Adconion Media Group , the European advertising network firm which as significant operations in Los Angeles, said today that it has acquired smartclip , a European digital video advertising firm. Smartclip adds around 500 new publisher sites to Adconion's network. According to Adconion, it will use the acquisition to help solidify its video advertising business, Joost, which is headquartered in Santa Monica.

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Four Advertising Platforms You Really Should Try

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Native Ads offers a great way to get native advertising – i.e. adverts that fit seamlessly with your website content. StreamSpread helps publishers create portals on their web pages that can then be used to publish tailored digital advertisements. Sta Media.

The Truth Behind Display Advertising: Adomic's Quest For Transparency


What really, is happening when you place that online advertisement, and where does it go, who looks at it, and what''s really happening? All too often, those ads disappear into a maze of middlemen, and advertisers don''t really know who is seeing their ads, and why.

Avalon Ventures Backs Selectable Media


San Diego-based venture investor Avalon Ventures has backed a developer of video advertising products, Selectable Media , to the tune of $2M. selectable media venture capital video advertising avalon

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H Code Media Signs Peruvian Radio, TV Broadcaster


Los Angeles-based digital advertising provider H Code Media reports that it has signed a new partnership with Peruvian radio and television broadcast company Radio Programas del Peru (RPP). According to H Code Media, it will become the exclusive partner to monetize RPP's traffic, and will represent 100 percent of RPP's ad inventory in the US on its various websites. H Code media is led by CEO Parker Morse.

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Evolve Media Debuts In-Video Ads


Los Angeles-based Evolve Media --the parent company of CraveOnline and TotallyHer--has rolled out a brand new video ad product, the company said today. The company said its new advertising offering will reach over 100 million monthly impressions across its enthusiast sites. evolve media video advertising inglide images publishing

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Hydra Launches Education Site


Beverly Hills-based online advertising network Hydra is targeting the education market, saying today that it has launched a new vertical website, , specifically aimed at students looking for higher education degree programs. Hydra said the new site will provide information and resources for those students, including a directory of schools and information on schools that might interest them. Tags: hydra media advertising education mydegreefinder

Reaching Girls With MobiGirl Media's Girl-Friendly Mobile Ad Network


Yet, it seems like there''s no easy way to specifically advertise on those games, or a way for those game developers to monetize that audience. Jennifer Noonan: Mobigirl Media is the only mobile ad network targeting girls. For advertisers, there was no place to affordably target girls.

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CPMs Highest For Newspapers, Sports Sites


Display ad numbers released today from Internet analysis firm comScore shows that CPMs for Internet publishers were highest for newspapers, and lowest for social networking sites. for newspaper sites, and $6.29 for sports sites. Among the lowest CPMs are social networking sites, which garnered only an $0.56 Other high CPM earners are general news sites, at $6.14 CPM, and entertainment sites at $4.75.

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Rubicon Project Beats Google In Advertising Reach Report


Los Angeles-based Rubicon Project said today that it has passed Google in the latest, comScore Media Metrix monthly ranking of Ad Focus properties. Rubicon's advertising network and tools are used by web publishers to optimize the return on their online advertising, by automatically steering ad space to the best ad network for their site. rubicon project advertising network comscore google reach

Evolve Media Partners With Viewability Audit Firm


Los Angeles-based Evolve Media , the parent company of CraveOnline and TotallyHer, said late last night that it is in a partnership with Moat , where Moat will help to audit the viewability of all of its properties. Moat will provide Evolve Media with information on brand metrics for display and video ads, as well as information on viewability, to Evolve. Evolve says its family of sites now reach 95 million people each month.

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Break Media Launches Into CPA Ads, Social Media Marketing


Los Angeles-based Break Media , the online operator of a network of sites focused on men, announced Friday morning that it has launched a new division focused on CPA, performance marketing. Break Media said that Apogee Media Network will focus on customer acquisition, email marketing, and social media for advertisers, on a CPA-basis. Tags: marketing media social advertising break apogee

Demand Media Shifts Ad Strategy


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the publisher of online content, said late Tuesday that it is changing its advertising strategy to exclusively focus on premium programmatic ads. Premium programmatic ads are typically a controlled set of inventory of advertising only made available to brands and advertisers by a publisher through its own private exchange; it''s unclear what exactly the move means in Demand Media''s case.

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24/7 Media Expands Video Formats


Online advertising provider Real Media Group , which is part of 24/7 Media, said today that it has launched three new video formats. The group--which is run out of Los Angeles, and is made up of the former team of Panache--said it has added a new Social Slide Bar, Action Button, and Click-to-Long Play formats, all designed to help advertisers engage viewers with video advertising. 24/7 Media acquired Los Angeles-based Panache in December of 2011.

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Specific Media Ties Into High Gear Media, AutoMedia


Irvine-based Specific Media , the online ad network operator, said Wednesday that it has inked deals with two automotive publishers. According to Specific Media, it has signed High Gear Media, which runs such sites as,, and, as well as AutoMedia, a provider of auto content online, as part of its Exclusive Publisher (EP) program.

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Have you set your social media listening posts?


There is so much information being shot at us daily via social media streams that we should monitor and control that which pertains to our business – and do so with some level of expertise. There is still a great place for traditional advertising.

Demand Media In Ad Partnership With Healthline


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said this morning that it has linked up with Healthline , a provider of health information and technology, in a digital advertising partnership. According to the two, Healthline will create digital advertising solutions and represent categories on LIVESTRONG.COM, Demand Media''s health and fitness site. demand media healthline health healthy advertising online livestrong

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Rubicon Signs New York Advertising Firm


Katz 360 Sales said it is using Rubicon Project's Internet advertising infrastructure to customize content and audience selections for its advertisers. Katz 360 Sales, the digital sales arm of Katz Media Group--which itself is a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications--provides sales and marketing services to the broadcast industry, particularly for radio and television firms. Tags: rubicon project internet advertising

Demand Media Launches New Social Ad Units


Looking to enhance the advertising units on its network of sites, Santa Monica-based Demand Media said today that it has launched a new set of "social feed ads" to its advertisers. Demand Media said its new Social Feed ad management tools allow its advertisers to deliver customized, social media content via live rich media ads. The firm said the ads can include live content from Twitter, or content directly updated by advertisers.

Demand 138 Extends Into Online Media


Los Angeles-based Bid4Spots , which operates an online reverse auction site for radio advertising, has extended into display media advertising, the firm said Tuesday. Tags: bid4spots radio advertising internet display

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Google Shuts Radio Advertising Efforts


Search engine giant Google said Thursday that it is exiting from the radio advertising business, putting an end into the firm's attempt to leverage its online advertising success into other media. Google--which pulled the plug on its newspaper advertising efforts on January 20th--said the move came because the radio advertising efforts did not have "the impact we hoped for." Tags: dmarc google radio content advertising broadcasting irvine

Evolve Media Buys


Los Angeles-based Evolve Media , the parent firm of Gorilla Nation and AtomicOnline, said this morning that it has acquired , an online site focused on homemade baby food recipes. Evolve Media said the site will become part of its Momtastic online community for moms. wholesomebabyfood baby food evolve media gorilla content publishing online advertising merger acquisition