GumGum Jumps Into Publishing With New Site


Santa Monica-based GumGum , the developer of computer vision and artificial intelligence software focused on the advertising industry, has jumped into the online publishing business, saying it has started a new online publication call The Visionary.

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Building A Dream Team For Mobile Advertising, with Gradient X


Michael Lum: Gradient X is looking to build the most advanced, programmatic advertising program for mobile. We know that advertisers are looking to reach mobile users, whether they''re on phone or tablets. We have many years of display advertising experience. Launches New Advertising Format

socalTECH , the online humor site which is owned by Santa Monica-based Demand Media , said this morning that it has launched a new advertising product which it says connects advertisers with content "the moment it goes viral." said its new Virals ad product will trigger an advertising campaign on content, when it exceeds a specific threshold of activity. cracked advertising format internet demandmedia demand content

Startup Marketing Should Skip Traditional Advertising

Startup Professionals Musings

The power and influence of paid media advertising, including print ads, TV commercials, radio, and even online digital campaigns is waning, in favor of unpaid earned and owned messaging from your website, social media, key market influencers, and existing customer word-of-mouth.

Nativo Gets $3.5M For Native Advertising Technology


Los Angeles-based Nativo , the online advertising technology firm led by Justin Choi, has raised $3.5M Nativo''s technology revolves around inserting sponsored content into the site of publishers automatically. Sponsored content/native advertising is the technique of interspersing information from sponsors or advertisers within a news stream or forum--in a way that it looks and feels like editorial. nativo venture capital advertising sponsored content

OpenX, YP Team On Display Advertising


Los Angeles-based online advertising technology provider OpenX and YP said this morning that the two are in a new, display advertising deal, where YP will offer up programmatic, digital display advertising based on OpenX''s technology. The companies said the move would allow YP to unify both and a display ad network of hundreds of sites under a single inventory, making it easier for its advertisers. openx display advertising programmatic digital

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Demand Media Targets Food Advertisers


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online content publishing empire of Richard Rosenblatt, announced this morning that it has launched a new, specialized offering for food advertisers. Demand said it has created a special offering--which includes both premium video, contextual integration, and display advertising units--to help reach consumers on its site. Tags: demand media advertising food eating advertiser targeting livestrong ehow

MySpace Signs Advertisers For Music Site


Los Angeles-based MySpace announced a lineup of advertisers who will be sponsoring the firm's new MySpace Music site this morning, saying that it has signed four brands who will be integrated sponsors of the site. According to MySpace, McDonald's, Sony Pictures, State Farm, and Toyota will sponsor the site, which offers music videos, track downloads, information about music, and other music-related information.

SodaHead Taps Digital Advertising Firm Engage:BDR


Los Angeles-based SodaHead has tapped a digital advertising and marketing agency to represent its inventory on a real time bidding platform. SodaHead operates an online site focused on discussions, opinions, and polls. sodahead engage advertising bidding marketing inventoryAccording to engage:BDR, which operates the First Impression real-time bidding platform, SodaHead is adding its more than 10 million monthly unique visitors to its platform.

OpenX Gets $22.5M More For Online Advertising


Pasadena-based advertising technology firm OpenX has raised $22.5M OpenX develops online ad serving software, used by web publishers to serve up advertising on their web sites; the firm also offers up a real-time bidding exchange, OpenX Market, used by advertisers and publishers for deciding what advertising to serve up to consumers. openx online advertising venture capital investment market software

OpenX 152 Relaunches Site, Brand


Irvine-based , the provider of online local business search sites, said this morning that it is in a big relaunch of the firm's flagship site. said the changes are a "massive improvement" over the firm's prior sites.

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Steamboat Boosts Chinese Advertising Firm


has invested in a Chinese provider of online advertising. Yoyi Media provides targeted advertising and demographics to Chinese web sites. Tags: steamboat venture capital ventures disney walt yoyi media china internet advertising Burbank-based Steamboat Ventures , the venture capital firm backed by Walt Disney Co., According to Beijing-based Yoyi Media , it received a Series A investment on undisclosed size from Steamboat Ventures and Gobi Partners.

The Truth Behind Display Advertising: Adomic's Quest For Transparency


What really, is happening when you place that online advertisement, and where does it go, who looks at it, and what''s really happening? All too often, those ads disappear into a maze of middlemen, and advertisers don''t really know who is seeing their ads, and why.

Covario Targets Mobile Web Sites


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing and search engine optimization software, said today that it has launched a new product focused on creating mobile web sites. According to the firm, its new product--Mobile COntent Optimizer--helps advertisers create mobile-friendly web sites. Tags: covario mobile site software

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Couponler Launches Small Business Coupon Site


The new site was created by Baron Miller, Ian Kilpatrick, and Jason Eastwood. According to the site, its customer so far include frozen yogurt chain Golden Spoon, which posted a coupon from Couponler to its 37,000 fans on Facebook. The site is offering up its service for $29.95 advertising share print business small coupon couponlerAre you a small business looking to help drum up some business?

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Hulu Reopens Super Bowl Ad Site


Los Angeles-based streaming television service Hulu has re-opened its Super Bowl advertising site, sponsored again this year by Toyota. The site has been featuring those ads on the dedicated mini-site for several years. Hulu is looking to attract many of the users who primarily watch the Super Bowl for the advertising, rather than the football. hulu adzone superbowl super bowl advertising video streaming commercial commercials

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MySpace Inks Advertising Deal With Orange


Los Angeles-based social networking site MySpace said today along with French firm Orange that they are in an advertising and content partnership. According to the companies, Orange Advertising Network will manage both premium and performance advertising sales for MySpace in France. Tags: myspace orange france telecom advertising

PC Mall Opens Daily Deals Site


The firm had said in May that it would be converting OnSale into an online daily deals site. PC Mall said the new site is rolling out a beta in Chicago, Los Angels, and Seattle, offering off discounts on national brands, local restaurants, spa and salon services, and more.

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8 Reasons Online Dating Sites Are a Business Dead End

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Aspiring entrepreneurs often approach me as an angel investor, touting their innovative idea for yet another online dating site. According to statistics , there are more than 5,000 dating sites worldwide with 1,000 new ones appearing every year.

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Goodbye, Geocities: Final Sunset As Japanese Site Closes


Geocities , the original Southern California internet startup--which was founded all the way back in 1994 in Los Angeles--will finally disappear completely from the Internet, as Yahoo said today that it will shut down its Japanese Geocities site. Geocities--which hasn't been available in the United States for nearly 10 years --apparently had been popular enough in Japan that the site had continue to run for long after its sunset in the United States.

Break Launches Hispanic Site


Los Angeles-based Break Media , the online video and content firm headed by Keith Richman, said this morning that it is targeting Hispanic males with a new site, According to Break, the new site will provide content focused on entertainment, gaming, sports, and culture, all in context of Hispanic males. Break said the new site's premier sponsor is Toyota. The firm said the new site comes due to advertiser desire to connect with the Hispanic population in the U.S.

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eHarmony In Advertising Push, As Warren Revamps Firm


Santa Monica-based online matchmaking site eHarmony is planning a big advertising push, as the firm said it has revamped its management team under founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren. eHarmony explained that they are looking to "further differentiate" the company, and inspire more individuals to come to the site. Many entrepreneurs cite the move towards mobile as opening up an opportunity over such older, web-centric sites as eHarmony.

Advertising Automation Goes Well Beyond RTB

Frank Addante

But RTB isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to advertising automation. RTB is less than half of the total automated advertising market. As I said, there’s a lot more to advertising automation than RTB. The Automated Advertising Industry

Hard to Build Large Advertising Support Business


Found this via Ben Kuo - The math behind Internet advertising businesses The advertising equivalence principle? With these assumptions, we would need a site that ranked fourth globally.

Jetpack Gives a Boost to Mobile and Rich Media Advertising

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Advertising technology is hot with the rise of mobile, evidenced in part by Verizon’s merger with AOL valued at $4.4 The Interactive Advertising Bureau defined a set of rich media units rooted in familiar ad sizes and called them Rising Stars.

ReachLocal Adds Display Advertising


Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal , which operates a service to help small and medium sized businesses place online advertising, said this morning that it is adding a online display advertising product to its mix. The firm said its new offering, ReachDisplay, will help local advertisers place online visual display ads on multiple web sites. Tags: display search online reachlocal advertising

MySpace, Link On In-Stream Advertising


Los Angeles-based MySpace and startup , also based in LA, said today that they have linked in an in-stream advertising deal. MySpace said that beginning today, publishers on the site can create a profile and control what messages they would like to insert into their activity stream. twitter tweets advertising According to MySpace, it will use to enable content creators to reach fans in the MySpace stream. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

OpenX Launches Advertising Marketplace


Pasadena-based OpenX Technologies , a provider of ad serving software for web publishers, announced this morning that the firm has launched a new, advertising marketplace it is calling OpenX Market. The new marketplace uses a real-time auction for impressions on web sites, comparing the ad rates for advertising through its marketplace with a publisher's own inventory, and running the one which will provide more revenue. Tags: openx advertising publishing open source

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Rubicon Project Beats Google In Advertising Reach Report


Rubicon's advertising network and tools are used by web publishers to optimize the return on their online advertising, by automatically steering ad space to the best ad network for their site. rubicon project advertising network comscore google reachLos Angeles-based Rubicon Project said today that it has passed Google in the latest, comScore Media Metrix monthly ranking of Ad Focus properties.

Autobytel Launches Mobile Site


Autobytel explained that Subaru of America will be the sponsor of the site during its launch, and will be the only advertiser on the new website until September. Irvine-based Autobytel is enhancing its mobile website for users, the firm said today, including adding a title sponsorship from auto maker Subaru. Autobytel said it has created a new mobile website "developed from the ground up" to access the firm's automotive information, find local dealers, and more.

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Sometrics Signs Gaming Site


Los Angeles-based Sometrics , a developer of analytics tools for online game developers, reported recently that it has signed on gaming site as a customer. Sometrics said that it is optimizing the way that the gaming website presents advertising offers to members, increasing offer-based revenues at Ijji by more than 30 percent. Tags: advertising software gaming analytics social online ijji games sometrics

Sites 130 Buys Group Buying Site iTwango


Irvine-based , which operates a network of local search sites, said today that it has acquired iTwango LLC , a developer of a technology platform for the group buying and daily deals space. local business search advertising itwango group buying daily deals

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Break Media Analyzes Men With New Site


Los Angeles-based online publisher Break Media is delving into that question this morning with the launch of a new site, called Acumen , focused on pulling insights and analysis on the behavior and trends driven by men. Break said the new site is designed as a new tool for brand marketers, to help them gain "actionable intelligence" about the male demographic. Break Media also said it will be running an ongoing, R&D panel of several thousand men for its new site.

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GumGum Grows Traffic, Targets Brand Advertisers


Los Angeles-based GumGum , the image licensing startup headed by Ophir Tanz, is hailing its traffic and customer wins this week, saying that it now is reaching 65 million monthly uniques, and has been signing up a number of brand advertisers for campaigns. GumGum allows publishers to include fully licensed photos and images on their site, adding small advertisements at the bottom. Tags: images celebrity photography advertising gumgum

Hydra Launches Education Site


Beverly Hills-based online advertising network Hydra is targeting the education market, saying today that it has launched a new vertical website, , specifically aimed at students looking for higher education degree programs. Hydra said the new site will provide information and resources for those students, including a directory of schools and information on schools that might interest them. Tags: hydra media advertising education mydegreefinder