FatCloud Accelerates.NET Application Development, Backed by Elevator Labs


FatCloud , a new startup developing a.NET-focused, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) development platform, said today that it has launched it services, helping developers to deliver their.NET applications. The firm--which is backed by Elevator Labs--said it helps provide scale-out processing, data management, and availability/redundancy for.NET applications, using a cluster/grid of servers to help scale those apps.

FastPay Tops $100M In Funding To Customers


Los Angeles-based FastPay , which provides specialized line of credit to online publishers, e-commerce companies, videogame companies, and other digital media companies, reports this morning that it has placed over $100M in funding to over 100 customers since its launch in 2010.

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Cie Studios Powers Nitto Tires


Long Beach-based interactive applications developer Cie Studios , the developer of the Facebook game Car Town, reported this week that it has launched a new website and online experience for tire brand Nitto Tire. Cie Studios said the mobile-optimized site includes ways for customers to engage with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Signal Sciences: Protecting Web Apps In The Era Of DevOps, with Andrew Peterson


In today's world of web application development, speed is everything. Developers are now turning out code and releasing it live to the world in near real time--what is called DevOps and Agile development. Venice Beach-based Signal Sciences (www.signalsciences.com) has created sofdtware designed for those application developers to help protect those web applications. How does this look like to those developers?

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 4.0 – Wireless is the next big thing – hurry!

Frank Addante

► February (1) Building and Developing an A++ Team ► 2008 (14) ► December (1) Develop a Culture Roadmap ► November (2) Green Week - Save the Environment and Your Cash Creating a Culture of Innovation: Cultural Values.

Get It Delivered With Zipments | Los Angeles Begins Delivery

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The company’s co-founders have a background in mobile application development and together built the first mobile app for one of the largest overnight delivery companies in the United States. Businesses delivering their products & goods to their customers.

It’s Morning in Venture Capital

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Try charging customers for your product when you have 12 competitors giving the product away free finances by $20 million of VC. This article originally ran on PEHub. If you prefer the super short version – I’ve summarized the post in the final section.

App is Crap (why Apple is bad for your health)

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It required content sites to develop totally new content. Everybody and their mothers are coming into my offices proclaiming that their developing the latest iPhone App. Their company, my company and countless others espoused cloud-based applications.

How FatCloud Is Bringing NoSQL To The World of Microsoft


One of the hottest areas in enterprise and cloud software has been the move by the industry to adopt technologies like NoSQL, a way to tap into the distributed nature of the cloud to accelerate distributed applications.

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Nirvanix Adds Nasuni


San Diego-based cloud storage provider Nirvanix has added a new customer of the firm's storage service, Nasuni , a Massachusetts startup providing virtual file server software. Nasuni said it is using Nirvanix to provide its customers with unlimited cloud capacity.

The Los Angeles PHP Developers Group (LAPHP)

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During this hands-on talk, we'll look at the pillars of ZF2 application development, including the Event Manager, Service Manager, and Module Manager, and give you a taste of how applications can be built from existing re-usable modules and customized to your needs. Tuesday, January 15, 2013 -- LAPHP January Talk: Zend Framework 2.0. For our January LAPHP talk we have pretty exciting guest -- we invited Ralph Schindler from Zend to talk about Zend Framework 2.0 (aka

NetDNA Connects CDN To Web Apps, Services


Los Angeles-based content delivery network (CDN) provider NetDNA is making it easier for web application developers to use its CDN services, saying Monday that it has launched a new service to embed web acceleration capabilities into their web services and applications. The company said its new NetDNA Acceleration Platform gives web developers ability to control CDN provisioning--either as a way to resell CDN services, or to help boost their site performance.

MobileCause Partners With Sage


Los Angeles-based mobile fundraising application developer MobileCause has partnered with Sage , to provide its mobile fundraising platform to Sage's nonprofit customers. MobileCause develops products used by nonprofits, political organizations, and others to manage donations communications, and CRM efforts.

Above the Cloud with Dave Linthicum | Shifting Perspectives on SaaS and Enterprise IT

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He keynotes leading technology conferences on cloud computing, SOA, enterprise application integration, and enterprise architecture. Prior to co-founding EdgeCast, he was a co-founder, chairman and CEO of KnowledgeBase, a hosted enterprise knowledge management company with many Fortune 1000 customers. At KnowledgeBase, he worked with EdgeCast co-founders James, Phil and Lior, and as CEO was involved in all aspects of the company and responsible for its development.

Entrepreneurs Should be Respected, Not Loved

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If you’re not going to release the features a large customer is expecting you’d better be prepared to call that customer yourself and take the bullets in stead of your VP of Sales. This pissed off application developers because it became harder to find apps.

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How Sendgrid Makes Sure Those App Emails Go Through, With Jim Franklin


If you're an application developer, sending emails through your application can be a chore. Sendgrid (www.sendgrid.com) has stepped into that void, providing application programming interfaces (APIs) and all the infrastructure required to handle that email delivery.

Q Manning of Rocksauce Studios | Founder Interview

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I joined ranks with an Austin App developer, taking the role of Creative Director and setting up their design team and process. What are your thoughts on what we can expect to see in the mobile application space at SXSW? Take applications like Realmac’s Clear for the iPhone.

Ciena Solutions Acquired By NetSol Technologies


NetSol, which provides business outsourcing and enterprise application development, did not disclose financial terms of the buy. NetSol said the acquisition will allow it to launch a global SAP practice; Ciena's customers include such firms as Southern California Edison and Ticketmaster. Los Angeles-based Ciena Solutions LLC, a provider of SAP integration management services, has been acquired by NetSol Technologies.

Why Hopscotch Is Behind Your Favorite Mobile Sports App, with Laurence Sotsky


We got our start in sports, with a ton of mobile applications for sports fans. We're now the biggest provider of mobile applications in college. Laurence Sotsky: The applications themselves do a number of different things. We're the official mobile app for whatever our customer is. Previous to this, I ran a custom, mobile application development shop. Why are these colleges using you, rather than investing in their own custom applications?

Telogis Adds Driver Assistance Data


According to the firm, the addition of the data will allow application developers using its software to improve driver safety, fuel efficiency, and performance. The new data is part of Telogis GeoBase, the data and SDK product used by Telogis customers to build their own, routing and mapping applications.

Punchcard Shifts To Prizes, Promotions


Punchcard , the mobile, consumer loyalty application developer backed by Idealab, has swizzled its model significantly today, with the release of a new version of its mobile app for iPhone and Android. The firm's app is geared towards helping local, brick-and-mortar retailers gain repeat customers.

Interview with Mark Sylvester, Likeabilitee


The concept is, it's an application that runs inside of Facebook, and for consumers, it gives you an alternative view of your timeline. introNetworks is still going strong and has some of the biggest customers in the world, like NASA and McCann World Group.


Dreamhammer's Dream Of Interoperable Drones


In the world of drone aircraft and robots, right now everyone develops their own, on-board operating systems software to run those autonomous systems. Multiple applications can be used together in a way that is not being done today.

Interview with Bruce Nash, OpusData


You can also share those, and we have a widget server which allows you to republish reports you have developed. For someone who wants to embed data into an application or website, we recommend our Pro Plan, which is $49.00

Twitter’s Acquisition, Chirp & Managing Developer Relationships

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Ultimately to become defensible the client application would want to diversify its “stream&# so would start supporting Facebook, MySpace and perhaps even IM products. Specifically we encouraged vertical applications like financial services and healthcare.

TechZulu Live to Premiere "TZLaw" at 5:15 p.m. PT Thursday, October 7, with IP Attorney Denise Grayson of "The Social Network"

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Technology and IP law are at the forefront of the movie, and themes include common issues in startups regarding cash flow, IP rights, tech development, product design and distribution of equity. Join co-hosts Christina Gagnier and Lisa Borodkin Thursday, October 7 at 5:15 p.m.

I Just Invested in @Burstly, a Mobile Ad Management Company

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Burstly, a Santa Monica based company, provides an open and free ad management platform that helps mobile application developers better monetize their inventory. He’s a natural leader, appropriately competitive, very customer focused and a pleasure to work with. But I believe it’s a very comprehensive solution and our due diligence with large app developers confirmed as much. We think this will create a very healthy ecosystem across developers.