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Plug and Play San Diego Finds Home in New Downtown Works Space


Plug and Play San Diego has formed a partnership with Downtown Works, a new co-working space in downtown San Diego, which will give the local Plug and Play program a place to call home.

Ada-AI Seeks to Build a Diverse Artificial Intelligence Community


Take, for example, facial recognition technologies that work best on white people and make the most errors on black people.

At “The Vine,” Developer Builds a Vertical Campus for Tech Startups


In downtown San Diego, a private real estate company best known for its master-planned communities in suburban Southern California has posed some existential questions for regional tech hubs looking to build their own startup ecosystems. 101 West Broadway tower in downtown San Diego.

A16Z Bio Fund’s Pande Sees A.I. as Way to Ride Bio Innovation


As Andreessen Horowitz begins to invest the $450 million the bellwether venture firm recently raised for its second bio fund , general partner Vijay Pande has been talking increasingly about the use of artificial intelligence in the life sciences.

Cybersecurity Startup MedCrypt Gets $750K to Defend Health Devices


MedCrypt, a healthtech cybersecurity startup founded near San Diego, has raised $750,000 in a seed financing round led by Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE ), a private equity fund in suburban Philadelphia that invests in healthcare, fintech, and digital media.

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Synthorx Raises $10M to Expand Use of Synthetic DNA in Biologics


Synthorx, the San Diego synthetic biology startup that expanded the number of DNA base pairs with two synthetic nucleotides, said today it has raised $10 million in a Series B financing round led by RA Capital Management, the Boston life sciences hedge fund.

With $18M, Reflexion Health Expands Physical Therapy Technology


Reflexion Health, a San Diego startup founded in 2012 at the nonprofit West Health Institute, is moving to commercialize Vera, its physical rehabilitation system based on Microsoft Kinect’s motion tracking technology.

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New Leader at Intel Capital Adjusts Strategy as Global Summit Opens


Intel Capital has invested $38 million in 12 technology startups since July, highlighting its venture investment focus on innovations in self-driving cars and machine vision, the Internet of Things, sports and health, drones, and virtual reality. Brooks joined the division in 2014 after spending 23 years as an investment banker in Europe and the United States, but his strategic vision for the future of digital technology and computing is only now becoming manifest.

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Zingle Raises $3M to Expand and Improve Messaging App Technology


The funding, provided by Santa Barbara, CA-based Rincon Venture Partners and Venice, CA-based CrossCut Ventures, represents the first institutional investment for Zingle.

As Drone Navigation Advances, SlantRange Focuses on Farm Analytics


For example, at Xconomy’s Robo Madness forum in San Jose, CA, last month, three companies each presented a different approach to intelligent navigation: — PreNav , founded in San Carlos, CA, in 2013, has developed a separate, ground-based system that uses a pulsed laser (formally known as Light Detection and Ranging, or LIDAR) to precisely determine the flight path for a quadcopter.

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Bio Roundup: Precision Med and Google, Heron, Lilly, Sarepta & More


—Option-to-buy deals are by definition no guarantee, and an agreement between Boston-based Acetylon Pharmaceuticals and Celgene is the latest example. The wait continues.

Harvard’s Springer Gets $51.5M From Pharmas, Others, For Latest Startup


Springer authored a number of peer-reviewed papers (here are two examples ) which helped explain the function and activity of integrins. Morphic was formed by Polaris Partners and Leukon Investments in 2015. Some others investing in Morphic’s Series A include Schrödinger and ShangPharma Investment Group. Inside our bodies, our cells move around, communicate, form new tissue, and heal wounds with the help of proteins called integrins.

Tech Giants’ Partnership To Explore Ethics, Societal Impacts of AI


Each company is investing untold billions of dollars in developing AI technologies, betting on a future defined by computer systems that can perceive, reason, advise, and decide. For example, we’re seeing signs now of algorithms that are trained with data that might have hidden biases in it, and that then, in their whole pipeline, produce biased classifications or analysis or recognitions,” he says.

With Reverse Merger, Miragen to go Public, Get $40M Boost From Investors


A few examples of reverse mergers over the past few years include Tobira Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TBRA ) ( recently acquired by Allergan ), Pulmatrix (NASDAQ: PULM ), Retrophin (NASDAQ: RTRX ), and Halozyme Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HALO ).

How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

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I have never been more optimistic about the impact that the tech startup community is having on cities in America or about the role that cities outside of San Francisco / Silicon Valley can play in our future. We have invested $17.3

Brad Feld Drops Knowledge. Here’s What He Said …

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I owe ya’ a 20 minute call (or in person next time I’m in San Diego). Brad on blogging. How did you start blogging? “My we are not going to invest. If you are outside internet software we are not going to invest. and get investment from U.S.

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Interview with Howard Lindzon, StockTwits


Through Howards investment in betaworks, he also owns early shares in Twitter. Howard is based in San Diego, and spoke to us about StockTwits. For example, you can add $AAPL to separate the post from regular posts, which we pulled into our own search around that ticker.

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Startup Grind Turns the Tables on Mark Suster

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We had a finance group for all of the bank branches based in San Diego, and I wrote programs to download stuff from the mainframe so we could do analysis three days faster than they could send us the data. I did programming for the career center at UC San Diego, trying to build programs for the career center. DEREK] So you go to UC San Diego, you graduate, you start working for Andersen at the time, which is now Accenture.

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Interview with Rob Farrow,


FriendFeed is a great example of a successful aggregator. has done is give you easy access to a domain, for free, and given you enormously valuable software that you can use for free, and which allow you to use the services you've been part of, invested in developing identities on, and allows you to create and promote that identity in You recently moved the headquarters here from Hawaii, can you talk about the decision to move to San Diego?

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Interview with Raph Koster, Metaplace


Today, San Diego-based Metaplace (, which develops virtual world software, is announcing a funding round from Charles River Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, and high profile investors Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. We spoke with Raph Koster, the firm's CEO and founder, about the site and the new investment round. none that feel like the blogging, free commenting, or even anything like Geocities.

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