How the Hell do I Prioritize Work, Blog & Find Balance?

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I don’t know Ezra yet but since he’s taking the time to blog (which I hugesly respect) and share thoughts I thought I’d take him up on his challenge and also spill the beans on my secrets. On blogging I blog because I love it. My other secret on blogging?

Why Startups Need to Blog (and what to talk about …)

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Blogs. By definition, you read blogs. People often ask me why I started blogging. I know that I have not yet earned these kudos based on investment returns (although my partners have. My suggestion is to blog about your industry. Blog on that topic.

Interesting New Tech Blog for your Radar Screen

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Over the holiday I became aware of a new tech blog that aims to have deep insights into the next generation of technology, which they call The Hypernet. My favorite post was this one (image above) in which they talked about their 10 hypothesis for technology investing.

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Retailers Turn to Analytics, 3D Tech to Promote Fit, Reduce Returns


One size fits most (at best), and a women’s sizing system created during the Depression doesn’t gibe in an e-commerce business that prizes personalization.

Seed-Stage Deals Show Growing Diversity of Agtech Investments


Fundraising is tough for startups but it’s particularly difficult in agriculture, a sector that has fewer firms focused on agtech investments. While the total dollars invested in 2016 decreased by nearly 30 percent year over year, the total number of deals increased by 10 percent.

Billie, Subscription Shaving Products Service for Women, Raises $25M


The New York-based startup said Tuesday that the new funding round, which is being led by Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing group, brings its total investment to $35 million. Buys Entertainment Blog


Los Angeles-based Media Corporation , which operates the email service, said today that it has acquired an entertainment focused blog, The company is backed by Quadrangle Capital Partners, which invested $35M in the firm back in October of last year. Tags: mail media merger acquisition deadlinehollywooddaily blog content email

Finding True Love Can Be Ruff, But This Startup Could Have Your Match


Too many people treat pet adoption like a one-night stand. You look at a dog, and see his eyes, and think he’s cute,” says Tama Lundquist, co-president of Houston PetSet, an organization that works with about 70 animal shelters in the Houston area.

Saxena: More Than a Tool, A.I. Must Be Used With Society in Mind


startup CognitiveScale and managing director of The Entrepreneur Fund , which makes investments in early-stage machine learning companies, Saxena believes A.I. [ Updated 12/27/18, 9:54 am ] Manoj Saxena is bullish on artificial intelligence. As chairman of Austin, TX-based A.I.

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Retro: My Favorite Blog Post on Raising VC

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On December 2nd, 2006 I wrote the blog post published later in this post when I was CEO of startup Koral about my experiences in pitching VCs. After my company was acquired by I was asked to stop blogging and they took over my blog as an asset in the sale of the company. My blog was wiped out. I had kept a personal blog for more than a year and was new at keeping a professional blog. Remember, I was new to professional blogging.

Chris Sacca Retires from Startup Investing

L.A. Business Journal

Prominent seed-stage startup investor Chris Sacca announced in a blog post titled “Hanging up my spurs” on Wednesday that he has retired from venture capital investing

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From Immigration to Taxes, Execs Talk Trump Effect on Innovation


When it comes to developing and promoting innovation, external factors beyond the control of company founders, investors, and other business leaders can also determine whether a startup succeeds or fails.

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Chartbeat is to Blogs as Google Analytics is to Print Newspapers

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I’ve been using Chartbeat for over a month now to track performance of my blog and I find myself looking at Google Analytics much less these days. I’m not a shareholder and I’m not even actively looking at making an investment.

Public and Open Debate is the Highest Form of Democracy (and Blogging)

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And there is relationship between debating and blogging. I started blogging in 2005 and then re-started blogging about a year ago. The most important experience I have in blogging is the debate it encourages. So it goes with blogging. So it goes on my blog.

Big Deals, Life Sciences Push U.S. VC in 2018 to Dot-Com Boom Levels


Venture capital investments rose in 2018 to levels not seen since the heady days of 2000, the last year U.S. That was about 500 fewer deals than in the year prior, but the total amount invested increased by $47.9

Pensa, AI-Enabled Drones Maker for Inventory Monitoring, Raises $5M


Austin —The grocery store shelf has yet to be plugged into the increasingly digital food supply chain. Instead, inventory is typically tallied by employees by hand in a slow and laborious process. “It’s It’s one big black hole with groceries, not knowing what is exactly on the retail shelf and available for sale,” says Richard Schwartz, president and CEO of Pensa Systems in Austin. Something like one out of eight or 10 items is typically not in stock.”

Bio-JPM Roundup: Lilly Buys Loxo, Sage’s Stock Soars, ALS Cash & More


The flow of biotech news is particularly heavy today, and for good reason. The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, one of the biggest gatherings for the biopharmaceutical industry, kicked off today in San Francisco, and many companies, whether they’re speaking at the event or not, use this time to get their news out. Xconomy is on the ground covering the conference this week. In the meantime, here’s a short roundup of biotech news announced today.

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Finistere Plants Investment Seed in Ireland With $24M Agtech Fund


To that end, Kukutai’s venture capital firm, Finistere Ventures, is joining with the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to launch a new 20 million euro ($24 million) fund that will invest in emerging agtech startups in Ireland. Ireland’s top agricultural exports are beef and dairy products.

Room Service by Robot And Other Ways Tech is Changing The Hotel Stay


More days than not, Michael Colaneri’s home is a hotel room. So innovations like “geolocation” sensors that automatically unlock his room door and adjust the thermostat when he’s nearby make the constant change easier—sometimes. “My My experience has been exceptionally inconsistent,” he says.

How the Rise of Beijing and Shanghai Tech May Impact Silicon Valley


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Plant-Based Burger Maker Beyond Meat Cooks Up Plans for an IPO


We’ll soon find out if Wall Street has the appetite for investing in alternative meat technology. Beyond Meat, a maker of plant-based meat products, has filed for an IPO.

Bio Roundup: NASH News, Merck Strikes, Digital Tokens & More


The growing epidemic of the fatty liver disease known as NASH, which has no FDA-approved treatment, has led to a frenzied race among drug companies. This week, one company, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, solidified its lead. But how much will being first to the finish line mean when all is said and done? Intercept (NASDAQ: ICPT ) reported interim data from a Phase 3 study showing its drug, obeticholic acid (OCA), reduced liver scarring in NASH patients.

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Pineapples and Bananas: Yummy to Eat, And Now Fashionable to Wear


Style trends may come and go but the apparel industry is increasingly accepting that sustainability will always be in fashion. “We

Farm Startup Bowery Lands $90M to Take Indoor-Grown Greens National


Foodies in New York City may not realize it, but some of the tasty kale, bok choy, and other leafy greens they buy trace their origins to an industrial park in New Jersey.

Beta Bionics Secures $63M as AI-Driven “Pancreas” Heads to Key Tests


Beta Bionics, a startup developing a medical device that monitors and manages blood sugar levels in diabetes patients, has closed $63 million to back late-stage clinical tests of its AI-powered technology. The cash tops off a Series B round of funding announced last year.

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Former Biotech VC Steven Burrill Draws 30-Month Prison Term for Fraud


Steven Burrill, once a noted biotech investment fund founder, sought-after conference speaker, and life sciences publisher, was sentenced Wednesday to serve 30 months in federal prison for defrauding his investors and evading taxes.

Henry Blodget Loves to Blog: The remaking of a disgraced Wall Street analyst

From the Venture Trenches

This was in direct response to the implosion of the tech bubble and the fall out of Enron, Worldcom and the questionable research produced by the investment banks in general and Blodget in particular.

Bio Roundup: Alzheimer’s Fail, Drug Price Plan, Gene Therapies & More


Pharmaceutical companies typically raise prescription drug prices at the start of each year and this year was no different. The increases were the latest reminder that, despite President Trump’s fiery campaign rhetoric, the administration had done little to actually lower drug prices. But a new plan aimed at the secretive rebate deals between pharma companies and pharmacy benefit managers could change things.

Next Coast Ventures Latest Addition to Austin’s Investment Ecosystem


Austin —Mike Smerklo, co-founder of Next Coast Ventures in Austin, says his venture firm brings a key ingredient to investing: entrepreneurial experience. “We Smerklo says the firm will largely focus on Austin startups, making Series A and B investments in tech companies innovating in.

Hungry for Innovation, Big Food Firms Seek Alliances With Startups


The firms include stalwarts like Kraft Heinz (NASDAQ: KHC ) , which has an incubator and accelerator program called Springboard , and relative newcomers like the Greek-style yogurt maker Chobani , which operates an incubator that makes $25,000 investments in startups with no equity stake.

Bio Roundup: Golumbeski’s Legacy, CRISPR Moratorium, Rebate Week & More


While all eyes in the biopharmaceutical world are currently trained on Bristol-Myers Squibb’s proposal to buy Celgene for $74 billion , it wasn’t that long ago that another company’s gaze was fixed on the Summit, NJ, drug maker. In the early 2000s, before the FDA approved Celgene’s flagship multiple myeloma drug lenalidomide (Revlimid), Novartis (NYSE: NVS considered buying the company. It passed, unwilling to risk billions on an unapproved drug.

Apple Plans 5,000 Jobs for New Austin Site as Part of Nationwide Expansion


Austin —Apple expects to make thousands of new hires around the country from Seattle to New York, the company announced Thursday, with its biggest growth planned for Austin, TX.

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Graphcore Scores $200M to Scale Up A.I. Chip Production


One of the leading contenders in the A.I. chip race, Graphcore , announced Thursday it pulled down $200 million in a Series D fundraising round that set its valuation at $1.7 billion.

How Do I Feel About the Snap IPO Given I Didn’t Invest?

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Every tech or major news journal in the country is preparing to write their Snap, Inc (creators of Snapchat, Spectacles, etc) stories and many of them seem to want a “How does it feel to have missed this investment story.” But local VCs don’t deserve to get beat up for not investing.

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